For Him

For Him

A Story by xEmix

For the boy blowing bubbles by the slide
For the boy so full of life as he pushed me on the swings
For the boy that built sandcastles on the shore
For the boy who proudly showed off his aced test
For the boy that walked me home from school every afternoon
For the boy who ate his lunch with me in the corner of the cafeteria
For the boy that rode bikes with me on Sundays
For the boy who outgrew me when we were 12
For the boy that playfully teased me with his friends
For the boy with the crooked smile and contagious laughter
For the boy who hid at my house when he wrecked his dads car
For the boy that held my hand at my mothers funeral
For the boy beaming from the crowd as I was handed my diploma
For the boy who slowly slipped between the cracks of my heart
For the boy that cheered with me when we got accepted to our dream schools
For the boy who cried with me when our schools were different
For the boy that slept on my couch the last night in our home town
For the boy who held back the tears when we left each other at the airport
For the boy that called me everyday to tell me how he was
For the boy who slowly called less as he became more busy
For the boy that began to forget about me as the days went by
For the boy who invited me to his wedding, to the girl of his dreams
For the boy that didn't notice when I didn't show up
For the boy who didn't send a card on my birthday
For the boy that never called again
For the boy who was my first love
For the boy blowing bubbles by the slide
For the boy who will never know.

© 2015 xEmix

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What we didn't do or say. Are the regrets we cannot forget. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry. Left something for the reader to think about.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I think a certain creative mark should be given. Its different in sorts. The flavor is there and I see the thoughts connected. Although I do agree that the repetition is a bit overwhelming.


Posted 5 Years Ago


As per your request I have read your writing. This is not so much a story as it is a poem. But it also isn't exactly that. I don't know what to make of this. The repetition in the lines hurt my eyes while reading. I like how there was a progression in here from kids growing up to kids growing apart. Besides that there is not much I can say.



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Posted 5 Years Ago

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