eternal oceans end

eternal oceans end

A Story by dez ali


This is a letter written for the one i love. But it’s addressed to another as they’ll never read it in time.

We aren’t supposed to meet; We aren’t meant to say goodbye either. You and i are destined for treasures far greater than the remnants of this world, fated to sleep in our rusted chains as we sink into the moonlit abyss. We were created as one and bound to forever cross Eros’ ocean. Cursed by our ever fleeting sense of reality we cling to our mast in vain, my hand in Yours as we pray to find a land of red wine and the purest of sins. Your soft nails pierce my armored skins with ease. my being is rendered helpless, only able to watch in horror as you collect the endless amounts of honey that seeps from its springs. With nothing but water left to gather, you release your grip and allow me to recover. my once unscathed temple has been under siege for centuries, losing battle after battle to its only ally. The empire harboring it continues to grow.

Sailing upon the winds of time, we’ve watched mighty men slowly sink beneath our vessel. We smile. We laugh in the face of the great waves and weep as we reach the end of the world lifetime after lifetime. The waters pity us. Our cries for salvation disturb its meditation. Ripples begin to form. Without a word it mends our ship, patches our sails, and casts us back to where we came. The cycle in which we rid our eyes of tears shall be the same our ship loses buoyancy and the winds propel us into the void. Our soul, lost. The waters have died down. They are now still. It’s voice, quiet. Our journey renews itself once more.

As i stare into the bottomless sea the eyes of Narcissus follow mine. In many lives it follows in the form of Aerope, desperate for my attention. You call my name, splitting my gaze from the golden mirror to my shadowed angel formed by the one above. He who has abandoned us here. The reflection fades.

How long have we sailed these waters?

i am not sure.

How many forms have we taken?

i am not sure.

How many lies have we told?

that no longer matters.

How many lies will we tell?

i am not sure.

Do you resent me?

i do.

Do you still love me

i do.

Have your wounds healed?


The men have all drowned and left us here to suffer. Shall we pursue them?
this is what we wanted, no? no? leave me be and i shall ascend; scar me further, aid your discontent. drown us both with the likes of those who have come before. we cannot swim but we may fly to seek leaves of olive. your wings, clipped. mine, unbegotten.

We’ve lived countless lives of forgotten storms, each one swaying our sails to new waters though identical waves brush up against our boat time and time again. i’ve witnessed streams of red and skies of gray as You freely float to reach the palm of my hand. The rains subside. With Your absence comes a drought. i pray we reach the shoreline. Someday. Together.

Irene laughs.

© 2018 dez ali

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Added on March 22, 2018
Last Updated on March 22, 2018
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dez ali
dez ali

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