South Sioux State of Mind

South Sioux State of Mind

A Poem by dillonjensen

My rendition of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind ft. Alicia Keys. (I stopped before the second chorus comes up.)

Yeah, yeah I'm up at South Sioux, now I'm down in Lincoln.
Right next to Osbourne, but I'll be good forever.
I'm the new Joba, and since I made it here, I can make it anywhere, yeah Yankees love me everywhere.

I still rep the 402, substitute teacher, yeah his name is Jeff.
Right there up on Dakota Ave., brought me back to Chinese Chef.
Took it to my favorite spot, 401 East 12th Street, catch me in the weight room like Coleman lifting steady.

Cruising down G Street, tan-looking Chevy.
Driving so slow, lady's looking heavy.
Me, I'm up at South Ridge, chilling with Sean Manley.
Now I live in M'side, digging holes like Stanley.

Say what up to Bobby J, serving pizza everyday.
Sitting courtside, watching Scotty make the play.
Caffeine has me spiked out, I could lift real heavily.
Tell from my attitude that I most definitely from...

South Sioux, there's not another place like it, you'll never forget it.
Now you're in South Sioux, there's nothing you can't do, no one to stop you.
Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for South Sioux, South Sioux, South Sioux.

Catch me at the Mini Dome with my boys at a Cards game.
Snapback Toronto Raptors hat, even though it's kind of lame.
You should know I bleed red, Husker pride till the end,
but we've got some work to do, welcome to the B1G Ten.

Welcome to the melting pot, on the court is where we're hot.
T-Magic and Burkhead on the run, Blackshirts leave you stranded, oh they stun.
Hat back, backpack, dropped my phone, the screen did crack.
Rivals looking on, confused like they don't know what they lack.

Eleven thousand people, all out there forsaken,
city is a pity, half of them won't make it.
Me, I'm having fun, going to school getting knowledge.
Bunch of these kids won't make it past their first year of college.

Coricidin, cough and cold,
made me feel really bold.
Rest in peace Coach Kav,
live your life it's all you have.

© 2012 dillonjensen

Author's Note

Just kind of messing around, obviously I was bored and had nothing better to do with my time. Hope you like it, shoutout to everyone from South Sioux or Nebraska.

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Added on April 18, 2012
Last Updated on April 18, 2012
Tags: Songs, Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z, rap



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