inspired to co-exist

inspired to co-exist

A Story by DiMar4u

a piece of a rough draft of my third term paper for western civ last year--

a piece of the crazy pie:

Inspired To Co-Exist

    We are indoctrinated into the concept of "reality" at a young age.  Even before we learn to speak we detect patterns in the world around us.  Events unfold, sometimes in moments, sometimes hours, days, years, decades.  But, as each cycle finds completion, there are conclusions that are drawn.  As we build a perspective in our minds, we evaluate the current variables we consider important, we cross-reference to what our memory has determined to be real in prior experiences, and then we make assumptions.  At first, an assumption has shallow roots.  We may jump to a conclusion, but, as time tells the story, these conclusions are reaffirmed or dis-proven.  So, in as much, reality, one could say, is a perspective that was devised through pattern observation, current behavior and the assumed meaning behind it, and past experience as the individual has come to believe or accept the final verdict of reality to be in the past.  Observation and assumption or both important skills in the challenge of survival, which, in a very real sense, can be seen as the meaning of life: to survive.

    The perfect ingredient for survival is collaboration. If you want to create collaboration you will need communication. Though communication seems to come naturally, it is, in fact, a learned process. Language is an external idea, it is introduced into our minds and, as we develop the ability to speak in tandem we begin an internal dialogue.  We use the form of idea reference given to us and we grow a persona and many, many opinions. What we should never lose sight of: language usage and communication is, from beginning to end, a skill. And, like any skill, further development/consideration will increase proficiency.  But, just as important as the symbols and sounds, is the idea of believability.  If the message proves unreliable, time and again, then the value of words disintegrate and cooperation evaporates.  That said, it would suggest that cooperation requires credibility. 

Provoking Belief

    It is typical to analyze a problem based on the "proximate" symptoms, but, more often than not, the true disease can be understood by evaluating the cause in an "ultimate" sense.  The old saying "where there is smoke there is fire" might tempt one to suspect smoke causes fire, in reality the cause supersedes the symptom. Perhaps the biggest disease America was facing was, at its core, a lack of faith in its' governing body. The ideology of "for the people" had been overturned and, instead, our own police force had been converted to thugs servicing the selfish greed of wealthy corporate moguls. (Cite the 1918 rail station beatings). Then, "The people" stood witness as Eugene Debs was sentenced ten years for an essay he wrote-and, what of freedom of speech?  Circumvented by a tricky perception of law, he was umbrellaed into the ever infamous "anti-espionage act".  Time and again, American citizens watched the betrayal grow as the principles within the American constitution were cast aside, a deep disgrace to the men and women who built this country.

Keeping It Common

    If you want any movement to be a success, you have to keep your message simple and, more importantly-related and available to all. Convoluted beliefs systems, much like fancy words, create confusion. Confusion is the kryptonite of teamwork. Any behavior or word usage that confuses or separates or oppresses expression or opinion is not "of the people" or "for the people".  Rather than a nation serving a shareholder, the individual, we are designed to serve "the people".  The spirit and sentiment of "The New Deal" created a hope that the nation "of the people..for the people" was reinstating itself. The movements that followed were built on the courage gained from a credible governing body revealing itself. Make no mistake, hope does not arrive overnight, it grows silently, waiting for an environment less callous, as always: timing is everything.  Above all, we need to dissolve our obsessive preoccupation with our innocuous differences. Instead of using absurd excuses to divide, we should accept no other cause but unity. The "Rainbow Coalition" sought to put aside differences.

In The End
    In the end, there is no end. The struggle to survive continues so long as consciousness takes physical form. So long as we all live, we will need to concern ourselves with the daily necessities of life. Rather than trying to escape that reality or deem it a burden, there is a way to embrace it. And, when the moment demands help, one need only be as willing to receive it as to lend it to glean the sheer radiance of re-assuring honor that flows from self-sacrifice. Knowing that you are never alone you need only grant that wish before you collect it and lend a hand to someone in need.  There is no limit. That is what the evidence suggests. History has shown that many of the limits we devise we defy. Working together is the key, the beginning, middle, and end.  The sooner we break out of the shell of a false reality, the better off we all will be.

© 2012 DiMar4u

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