A starry night love

A starry night love

A Story by Dimple Nahata Jain

A Romantic Erotica

Rhea, it will get dark soon let's find a place to stay? Evan was excited about his first trip with his girl, a trip absolutely with no further plans. It was almost dark and they finally reach place where a few tents were vacant and few were occupied by few couples.
After a long walk Evan and Rhea laid beside each other outside one of the tent. Looking at the sky full of stars and moon was no where to be seen, Evan was curious to see the moon.
Rhea and Evan were sharing there fantasies and plans and a drop of rain fell on Rhea's shoulder, Evan wiped it. A few more drops fell and Evan got up to get a towel from the tent.
On returning Evan saw the rain stopped. Rhea was enjoying the weather regardless of getting wet. As Evan started to rub towel around her shoulders to wipe rain drops he saw a drop on Rhea's cheeks too. He kissed them. Rhea was surprised and blushed.
A drop fell again this time on Rhea's lips. Evan was about to kiss , Rhea gulped the drop leaving Evan to wonder about it and tease a little.
Rhea gets up and run. She hides behind a bush. Evan knows how impatient her girl is. Instead of searching for her, he went inside the tent and lit up a oil lamp and made the bed. He kept a pair of lingerie for her on the bed.
After sometime when impatient Rhea returned she was surprised and happy to see how Evan wanted her as well. She changed and wore another pair of clothes on it to bait Evan to work more for the moment.
Evan Returned and he didn't find Rhea in what he selected and was disappointed with the thought that maybe this is not the moment. And Rhea drops a hint by bending a little, with that little cleavage.
She turned back and slowly she took of her extra clothing without looking at Evan. He was tempted with the fact that his girl was being playful. And soon Rhea was in her black laced short nighty, the one Evan chose for her. Her skin was glowing through and Evan's eyes were staring at her back. He moved his eyes from her bare ankle to skin showing through the black Lacy wear with hairs on one side.
He came a little forward and Rhea turned, Evan blinked his eyes and Rhea slowly threw the cushion on his face and ran. He could still manage to hold her hand and pull her towards him. He held her hand softly and looked in her eyes. He planted a kiss on her forehead and moved his fingers to adjust her hair. Slowly his fingers moved down to her neck and then to the rope of the nighty. Rhea was wearing a black Lacy bra with n*****s showing and a plain panty for the comfort. Evan couldn't take off his eyes from her. It was for the first time he was so close to Rhea.
He held her hand and took her to bed. They kissed, kissed like they never have before. Their tounges fighting to explore each other's mouth and lips being locked and a little moan from both sides.
Evan's hand started exploring Rhea's body while they were kissing. He moved his hand towards her breast and held it with care and tender. He unhooked her bra and soon his tounge came towards her neck and Rhea abdicated that little playful resistance, if any.
She moaned softly when Evan's hand were caressing her breast and head was moving down in the same direction. He hid his face in the cleveage and suddenly his tounge started licking upwards direction in the right. Rhea's moans were a little heavier. Evan's tounge started encircling around her right breast and the hand caressing the other one now. He kisses her breast and Rhea moans in pleasure. And slowly he bites her n*****s and moves towards the other. He sucks slowly at the same place on her left breast,leaving a hickey for her.
His fingers run, so does his face. Rhea's voice becomes a little more heavy. Evan plans a kiss at her navel, making her restless and even more excited. His fingers started lowering her panty from one hand, other being on one breast and his mouth licking around her navel. Rhea was exploring her wild side too, with the pleasure she began to feel. She gathered herself and pulled Evan up again. This time she was above Evan and she whispered something in his ears, and kissed them. She licked them slightly and bit his ears slowly to arouse him more.
Rhea moved her tounge down the neck and her fingers rubbing his chest. She pinched Evan's n*****s, slowly and then harder. She kissed Evan. She knew what she is indulging into, and she started to enjoy and appreciate her other side. Rhea planted a soft kiss on his chest and moved down. Her mouth reached near Evan's beer-full stomach, and hand reached to the sides of stomach. She moved her tounge around his belly button and finger were trying to tickle him on the sides. Evan was enjoying this.
Rhea moved down, and unbuttoned his jeans. He helped her to take his jeans off and just when he took of her panty it turned dark. The oil lamp was empty and flame went off. Evan stood up and opened the roof of the tent. It was all starry night and this time the moon was shining bright. Rhea blushed when he looked at her naked body. He held close to hug her, everything felt so right and beautiful like the most beautiful fantasy one can ever live which gave her shivers down her spine.
Evan laid Rhea on bed and this time he moved his fingers from her ankle and gave some pecks on her thighs. She moaned. Evan's finger found a place to tease and give her pleasure too. He thrusts one finger inside her and then two. His hands were working and he kept planting kisses at her lower body leaving her in pleasure. Evan kissed her sex, it was fervid for her. His tounge moved around but when it travelled inside she moaned, her moans very getting heavier and her body was turning hot. She suggested to turn to a 69 position so that she could give him the pleasure too. They changed the place, she closed her eyes and took off his underwear. When Evan saw her eyes closed he asked Rhea to open her eyes. Rhea couldn't. Not that she had never seen a male sex before, but it was in porn she ever watched. She watched porn just once and her knowledge was wide due to her reading habits. Evan didn't want to force her for anything as Rhea told him before in ears that she wants it be more of love than lust and he loved her too. So, he asked her to do what she feels fine to work on.
Rhea touched his sex, it was all hard and felt like a bone. Her eyes were still closed. She kissed it, and ran her tounge around to lick it. And then she took it her mouth and started give a blowjob. They both were working on each other's pleasure so much that their moans were getting a little loud. After a little while, Rhea was done giving a blowjob and finally she opened her eyes. Her face seemed flushed to look at Evan's sex. She immediately closed her eyes. Evan got up and kissed her cheeks. She opened her eyes again and her face turned redden. He told her it was fine. She doesn't have to do anything she doesn't like while looking in her eyes. I love you came from both of them simultaneously. The laid on the bed and cuddled for a while. Rhea and Evan were still aroused and decided to make love. Evan was on top of her and inserted his dong in her sex. She groaned, it pained but nothing she couldn't handle. It was difficult but he kept pumping and they both moaned. Evan slowed yet kept thumping around her sex. They had orgasm but Rhea's face was glowing differently and beautifully, Evan couldn't stop looking at her. They kissed and laid under the sky full of stars that witnessed their love.

© 2018 Dimple Nahata Jain

Author's Note

Dimple Nahata Jain
First try on an erotica!

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A wonderful sensual story shared. It was slow and easy like it should be. Good emotion and proper pace in the story. You did well. Erotic is difficult. You must have a taste for this type of writing. Thank you my friend for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Dimple Nahata Jain

4 Years Ago

I am glad you liked it :)
Do let me know if I can improve my writing somewhere. Thank you, Co.. read more
Coyote Poetry

4 Years Ago

Many ways to write erotic poetry. You were polite and the reader understood. Somethings don't have t.. read more

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Dimple Nahata Jain
Dimple Nahata Jain

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