A Relatable Relationship

A Relatable Relationship

A Screenplay by DJ Adamczyk

A fictional story based on real life experiences regarding a relationship. Would like ideas to help end it. Iffy on the title.


Day 1

Fade in, two people cuddling in college dorm room on a futon underneath bunk beds. Quiet laughs are heard as the two are talking about their future relationship. As they are laughing, they hear movement from the girl’s roommate in the bunk bed above them.

Girl: *Gasp* Shush! *Moderate pause* Ok, I think we’re good

Boy: *Chuckles followed by a short pause* So does this mean we are official than?

Girl: I guess so.

Boy: ... February 28th, that seems like a good date.

Girl: Yeah I like it.

Boy: I know, I remembered you said it would have to be an even number when it were to happen.

Girl: Oh yeah? Well good job.

Boy: *Chuckles* Yeah I’m pretty proud of myself. 

Girl: *Short pause* Can I change my relationship status on Facebook then?

She walks over and sits at her desk to use her laptop.

Boy: I thought we were going to wait on going public till after we told Vince?

Girl: Well I just won’t say it’s you.

Boy: Oh yeah, like he won’t know.

Girl: Stop being so dramatic.

Boy: *Chuckles* Whatever you say, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Girl: *As walking back to lay down with the boy* It’ll be fine

The girl gets on top of the boy. The boy leans up to kiss her.

Boy: I have a good feeling about this.

She smiles at him and they begin kissing again. Pan out, fade out.

Day 2

The boy and girl are lying in bed. The boy is awake but the girl is still attempting to sleep  but keeps moving around. As she moves a few times, she brings herself to cuddling with the boy. 

He begins to rub her arm

Girl: *Groans* Stop.

Boy: *Chuckles and then whispers* Alright.

He shuts his eyes to sleep with her.

The boy is picked up by some old high school friends that go to the university. There is three friends that are in the car; Rob, Darius, Jerome. The boy’s name is Adam.

Adam: *As he is climbing in the backseat of the car* Hey guys, thanks for picking me up, I wasn’t planning on staying the night.

Darius: Must of went good with Marie than huh? *Laughs*

Adam: *Slightly embarrassed* I mean yeah things went good, we’re pretty much together now.

Rob: Nice man.

Jerome: Congrats dude.

Darius: Yeah, we were waiting to smoke with you, thanks for answering.

Adam: My bad man, I kind of had a feeling you were waiting on me since I said I’d be coming back. You guy’s didn’t wait all night did you?

Rob: Nah, we smoked a few bowls and have half a blunt left.

Darius: Yeah, I was too high.

Adam: You guy’s smoked a blunt? What who rolled it?

Jerome: I did, it wasn’t that bad.

Adam: I thought you guys preferred joints?

Jerome: Just decided to change things up a bit I guess.

Rob: Yeah, It was crazy. We were pretty stoned. *Laughs*

The boys return to their apartment. Jerome is at class, and Rob is just about to leave for work. Nick, another roommate, is at the apartment. Corey, the final roommate, spends majority of his time in his room and is seen occasionally when he searches or cooks food. Adam and Darius are watching T.V.

As he is walking around the apartment grabbing necessities for him to leave for his job.

Rob: Alright, Jerome should be home around 8:30 but I’ll leave you guys my key incase you decide to leave and can’t get back in.

Adam: I should be good, I’ll be going to pick her up around 8:00 and I’ll be sleeping there again tonight. Darius is the only one I think may need it.

Darius: They have delivery around here, right?

Rob: Of course they do you f*****g idiot, we have some magnets on the fridge if you want to call.

Darius: I already know what I’m getting. Jet’s BBQ chicken pizza!

Rob: Alright, well we have the number for Jet’s too, you’ll probably need their number. Ok, I gotta get going.

Adam: Alright man, I may not see you again while I’m up here, so thanks for letting me stay here and it was nice seeing you again bro. 

They shake hands

Rob: No problem man, congrats on the girlfriend. Seeya guys.

Adam: Thanks, seeya dude.

Darius: Bye.

Rob exits the apartment. 

Darius: I don’t know about you but I’m ordering that BBQ chicken pizza! Yeah! 

Adam: *Chuckles* Go crazy man.

Adam and Marie are now together in Adam’s car driving around the city/campus looking for a place to eat.

Adam: So where are we going to eat?

Marie: I already told you, I don’t know where anywhere good is. What do you want? 

Adam: I don’t know! I don’t know any of the places around here, you’re the one whose supposed to know that. Let’s go co-pilot, you feed me the intel.

Marie: Oh my god, shut up. 

Adam: *Chuckles* Alright, well what about that place? *He points off*

Marie: That place looks kind of cool.

The couple is now in a two star restaurant that themes Chicago-styled pizza. The two are shown to their table.

As they are getting seating and becoming situated in their booth.

Adam: Well, this place is pretty cool.

Marie: Yeah, it’s not bad.

The two begin looking at their menus. It isn’t long until someone comes along and asks them what they would like to drink.

Waitress: Hi my name is Shelly and I’ll be serving you tonight. Do you guys know what you want to drink?

Adam: Hey Shelly, I’ll have um.. a Coke please?

Waitress: Ok, and for you?

Marie: Uh, I’ll just have a water.

Waitress: And would you like a lemon slice with that?

Marie: No that’s fine.

Waitress: Alright I’ll be right back with your drinks.

Adam: Alright, thanks.

As the waitress leaves, Adam notices Marie is trying to hold back a smile.

Adam: What’s so funny? 

Marie: The way you spoke with her, you seemed so engaged.

Adam: *Chuckles* Well thanks, I guess? I don’t know, I guess that’s something I picked up from my dad. He’s always friendly to the waitresses and waiters when we go out, granted he know’s almost everyone of them at the restaurant my grandma and him get breakfast at every morning.

Marie: They go every morning?

Adam: Pretty much, I think at least. I’m always still asleep when he wakes up and leaves.

Marie: Yeah you wake up really late.

Adam: I know, it’s better then skipping class and work though.

Marie: Listen, my boss loves me alright? She tells me I’m her favorite student-teacher, and class... eh well it’s not that big of deal.

Adam: *Laughs* You’re ridiculous. So what are you getting?

Marie: Um I don’t know... what about you?

Adam: I’m thinking the chicken parmesan, I’m not really feeling pizza.

The waitress returns with their beverages.

Waitress: Coke... and a water. Did you guys still need a minute to look over the menu?

Adam: Yeah, we’re still debating, we can’t seem to make up our minds. *Laughs*

Waitress: *Laughs* Well alright, I’ll give you guys a few more minutes.

Adam: Thank you.

The waitress leaves.

Marie: I thought you knew what you wanted?

Adam: Yeah but you didn’t.

Marie: Yeah but... eh, I don’t know what I want. I don’t want to pick something too expensive.

Adam: *Chuckles* It’s not that big of a deal, honestly. It’s my pleasure.

Marie: Hm... I’ll go with the macaroni.

Adam: Macaroni?

Marie: What, you don’t like macaroni?

Adam: Nah, not the biggest fan of cheesy meals. I’m a bit of a picky eater.

Marie: Yeah you are.*Short pause* So I may want to leave tonight instead of tomorrow.

Adam: Oh, well alright. You don’t want to go bowling?

Marie: Not really, I just want to go home pretty much.

Adam: Alright, we can do that.

The two are on the freeway headed home from the University. It’s late, about 11:30 and they still have about an hour’s worth of travel ahead of them.

Adam: You just think you’re so funny.

Marie: What? You don’t like it when I talk about that?

Adam: Oh no, I love hearing you tease me about your past hook-ups at school.

Marie: I’m just kidding around. So dramatic.

Adam: *Chuckles*

Marie: I’ll stop if it really bothers you.

Adam: I doubt that, you love messing with me.

Marie: I mean it’s pretty easy. Can we change the music? I don’t feel like listening to the same artist.

Adam: Go ahead, I’m only going to tell you this once though, you can change the music whenever you want. I’m giving you that power now, I don’t care what you put on.

Marie: Ok?

Adam: I’m just saying because whatever I put on people don’t necessarily enjoy, but I don’t mind whatever else is played. *Marie begins fiddling with the radio controls and there is a short pause between the two* This drive back is going pretty quick with you, it was so long on the way up here. 

Marie: Well that’s because I’m so amusing

Adam: Alright, no need to get cocky over there.

Marie: I’m just saying.

She continues to search for a suitable station.

They arrive back to Adam’s house, and quietly head downstairs to Adam’s room in the basement. Marie is on top of Adam as they begin becoming intimate. Pan out, fade out.

Day 3

Adam and Marie are back in Adam’s car, he is driving her home. When they arrive, they find no one is home. Marie gives Adam a small tour of her house after he helps her with her luggage. 

Adam: Well I should get going, when can I see you next?

Marie: Tomorrow, maybe. 

Adam: Ok, sounds good.

They kiss goodbye, and he leaves.

Day 9

Marie is having second thoughts about the relationship with her and Adam. After a whole day texting about the topic, the two end up going to the movies and eventually talk it out in person. Back in Adam’s car, the ride is very quiet and sensitive.

Adam: So is there anything different I could do? Anything that might help things?

Marie: I don’t know. 

The couple is now in the theater. As people are loading in the theater, a strange old looking lady sits next to Marie. Adam finds the situation funny because he can see Marie tense up as the old lady sits by her.

Adam: *Whispers* Lucky.

As the movie is more than half way done, Marie reaches out and grabs Adam’s hand, the first contact and forward progression of the evening. After the movie the two are driving back to Marie’s house. The ride back is mostly silent.

Marie: Can we go for a walk when we get back?

Adam: Sure.

The couple is walking around Marie’s subdivision as they discuss their relationship. Adam is struggling with the cold while it hardly affects Marie. 

Marie: Like I honestly don’t think I can be good to you, I feel like I’m such a s****y girlfriend to you and you deserve so much better. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to make you happy.

Adam: But you do make me happy.

Marie: Why do you even like me? I still feel like you just like the idea of having a girlfriend more.

Adam: I... *Becoming a little frustrated* I like you because you can make me laugh. And when things are good, things are great. Like, I find so much enjoyment when we are just laying down, cuddling. I’m happier in general when I’m around you.

Marie: I just don’t know if I can handle a relationship right now. I... I don’t know.

Short to moderate pause.

Adam: So what’s going to happen? Because I’m afraid I already know what’s going to happen.

Marie: I don’t know. Like, I don’t want to break up with you right now but I feel like I will within the near future.

Short pause.

Adam: How did we get here? *Chuckles* It’s only been a little over a week.

Marie: I don’t know... If you wanted to call things off though I would totally understand.

Adam: I’m debating in my head right now if I should. I probably should, but I really don’t want to give up on us. I told you before, I’m in this for the long run.

Marie: What does that mean?

Adam: I mean I want us to last as long as possible, I really like you.

Marie: I like you too, I just feel like this isn’t a good time in my life for a relationship.

Adam: *Attempts to say something but falls silent after a sigh*

Moderate to long pause.

Marie: *Nervously laughs* So can you say something?

Adam: I don’t even know what to say.

Short pause.

Marie: Well do you know if you want to end things now?

Adam: *Chuckles* I really don’t know, I don’t want to give up on us but I’m starting to feel like I should.

Marie: So is that a yes? Or?

Adam: *Sighs* I don’t think I could, I’d regret it too much if I gave up, especially this early on. I’m still in it.

Marie: Ok, can we change the subject then, something more happier?

Adam: *Chuckles* Yeah, like that’s possible right now.

Marie: It is, look we’re almost back to my house so you don’t have to complain about the cold anymore.

Adam: Oh wonderful, that means I have to leave soon.

Marie: No you can come in if you want.

Adam: Are you sure?

Marie: Yeah, we can watch some T.V. or something.

Adam: *Small sigh* Alright then.

As the two sit on the couches in Marie’s living room, they sit separated on the same couch. Adam is weary of making contact with Marie until she begins making contact and starts cuddling with him. She kisses him first and the two become more intimate from there on. 

After kissing, Adam is on top of Marie.

Adam: Wow... well looks like this night just made a whole 180.

Marie: Yeah, I’m sorry about all that early, I don’t know what was wrong.

They smile at each other and Marie pulls him closer to kiss him.

Adam is grabbing his belongings to head home. He is standing near the door as he puts on his jacket and Marie is standing near by waiting for him to leave.

Adam grabs Marie by her hips and pulls her in close to kiss her.

Adam: So when can we hang out again before you head back?

Marie: Hm, I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow.

Adam: Alright, well just let me know.

They kiss passionately goodbye and Adam exits the house, closing the door behind him.

Day 10

Adam is at home, he wakes up to see a notification alert on his phone. He opens his phone to see that Marie had sent him a text apologizing for last night.

Marie’s Text: I’m so sorry about last night. I really don’t know why I was acting like that. I really like you and care about you a lot and I’m glad you decided to stay around. 

Adam smiles at the text, locks his phone, and goes back to sleep.

Day 15

Adam is hanging out with Vince. Vince and Adam have been best friends since middle school. Marie and Vince are also best friends, which has made the whole situation a little uncomfortable for Vince, being stuck between his two best friends dating each other. The two are in Vince’s basement.

Adam: Alright dude, I think I’m just done talking to her now. I don’t want to get in a fight with her. Does she always get like this?

Vince: Yeah, that’s one reason why I would never date her. When she gets mad she doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say. 

Adam: Yet everyone thinks you like her.

Vince: I know, it’s annoying.

Adam: That’s because people just don’t really know you two and your relationship. I try to explain it to them, that you guys are like brother and sister.

Vince: Yeah.

Short pause while Adam stares at his phone.

Adam: So did she tell you about this internship?

Vince: Sort of, just that it’s in Texas and she would be selling books.

Adam: And that she would be working solely off of commission. I was trying to explain that that could be tough since commission isn’t a guaranteed paycheck. She told me I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Vince: *Laughs* You worked in sales.

Adam: Exactly! I was thinking to myself “what the f**k?” I do know what I’m talking about, no need to take things out on me.

Vince: Yeah, we should stop talking about her like this. I feel bad.

Adam: We’re not really saying anything, but alright, that’s fine.

Day 19

Marie is still away at school. Adam and her are talking on the phone about her internship that would have taken place in Texas. Due to the qualifications of the internship, Marie is unable to take the internship because she would have needed permission from her parents allowing her to go. 

Adam: Well I’m sorry you couldn’t have taken the job, but I’m also kind of glad you can’t either. *Chuckles* 

Marie: Yeah? Looks like I’ll be stuck here this summer.

Adam: Lucky me, considering the summer is all we really have. If it makes you feel any better I didn’t get my internship either.

Marie: Why not? What did they say?

Adam: Oh you know, just some usual bullshit they say. Pretty much they just were going to continue on with other people, but they’ll keep me in their records.

Marie: Yeah, just makes me mad how my parents don’t think I’ll be able to handle myself down there.

Adam: Well I mean there’s nothing you can do about it now, so. *Short pause* What are you up to?

Marie: Just walking.

Adam: You sure do love your walks.

Marie: Yep. Could I call you back real quick?

Adam: Sure.

Marie: Ok, bye.

Adam hangs up the phone.

Day 22

Adam and Marie are in Adam’s car driving back home from the university. Adam was in the area due to film festival meeting he had and picked Marie up on his way home. While they are driving back, Adam receives a long text from his friend Tori because she is upset that Adam will be missing out on bowling night; Thursday nights where Adam and some friends go bowling and get drunk.

Marie: Wow, she like really hates me.

Adam: She’s just being f*****g ridiculous. I cannot believe she thinks she has the right to get this pissed off at me for missing one bowling night. I’m about to call her. Can I call her?

Marie: Uh no, could you be mature and handle this like an adult?

Adam: What do you mean mature? She just went off on a seven page text saying how I keep ditching them for you, which never happened before, and referred to as a s****y girlfriend multiple times. I don’t even want to go bowling now.

Marie: Well you are, because we’re not hanging out.

Adam: What? Why? Because of this?

Marie: Yeah, you guys hang out every Thursday, I don’t want to get in the way of that. I don’t need them hating me anymore then they do now.

Adam: This is all Tori, she’s been ridiculous lately. She says it’s all of them but I know it’s just her. If anything, it’s her and Nick.

Marie: Regardless, I’m not hanging out with you.

Adam: I... *sigh followed by a short pause* I swear I’m gonna f*****g let her have it when I see her.

Marie: Oh my god, no. Could you stop being immature?

Adam: How am I being immature? Because I’m pissed she decided to run her mouth? 

Marie: And that you’re about to start a huge argument with her that won’t settle anything.

Adam: That’s how I work, I get things out in the open. Once we have it out I’m sure things will be fine afterwards.

Marie: Or you could be mature and just tell her you’re going bowling because she is right.

Adam: I can’t believe you’re siding with her on this. I love too that all my thoughts and reactions are childish and wrong, or “immature” if you will.

Marie: Because they are, you’re being such a baby right now.

Adam: I... Alright then, whatever.

Moderate pause.

Marie: Can you just text her and tell her you’re going?

Adam: No, because I really don’t know if I want to now. And I’m driving.

Marie: Well you are, can I just text her and say, “I’m sorry, I’ll be there,” or something?

She begins to reach for Adam’s phone.

Adam: No, no, seriously. Please don’t.

Marie: Why not?

Adam: Because it’s going to seem like I’m at fault and giving in and that’s just going to piss me off even more.

Marie: Oh my god... Well what if I said “hey my meeting went quicker then I expected so I’ll be there.” 

Adam: *Hesitates* Fine, yeah.

Marie types the message into the phone and sends it.

Marie: See that wasn’t so hard

Adam: *Chuckles, still a bit on edge* Yeah.

Moderate pause, silence until another message is sent.

Marie: Oh she replied back.

Adam: What did she say?

Marie:*Pause as she’s reading the text, then laughs* See she feels so bad now. *She begins typing again*

Adam: Good, as she should. I’m still gonna have to have a talk with her.

Marie: Could you please not? Like everything is fine now.

Adam: I can’t promise that, it’s still bothering me.

Marie: *Under her breathe* Such a baby.

Adam just smiles and shakes his head as he keeps his eyes on the road.

Slight pause as another message is received, Marie reads the message.

Adam: What she say? 

Marie: *Smiling but doesn’t answer the question* Would it be ok if I went with you guys now? I kind of want to go.

Adam: Really? All this could have been avoided if you said you would come when I originally asked you.

Marie: *Finding the scenario funny* I know, but I want to go now. I don’t want to bowl, will we be able to get alcohol?

Adam: *Laughs* Yeah, I told you, they are tight with the people at the bar there and don’t get ID’d. If you were to go to the bar with Tori you wouldn’t have a problem.

Marie: I think I want to go now.

Adam: *Chuckles* You’re ridiculous.

Marie: Oh shush.

Everyone is at the bowling alley now. While Marie is at the bar with Tori and one other girl, Adam talks to Nick about what Tori had texted earlier.

Adam: I swear dude, if it were just me when I got the messages, I would of gone off on her.

Nick: That’s fine, I told her if you said you were coming she would have seemed like an a*****e and that she should apologize.

Adam: So you don’t think I was blowing you guys off.

Nick: No I understand, I said if it were like in the summer and this was a regular thing then yeah I’d be pissed.

Adam: Ok I can understand that, and that wouldn’t happen. I’d love to bring her out with us and mix her in. It’s just her, she’s afraid of social situations. Very socially awkward.

Nick: Well it’s going good now isn’t it? She’s down at the bar with Tori and Deena.

Adam: Yeah, I’m glad she is too. Get a couple drinks in her and she’ll loosen up a little bit hopefully.

Nick: Yeah, you’re up dude.

Everyone is still bowling. Marie is sitting in the back by herself, intoxicated more then she is used to. Adam sits down in the seat next to her.

As he is sitting down.

Adam: Hey there, how’d it go down there?

Marie: Huh? Oh, it went well I guess.

Adam: Yeah? What did you have to drink down there?

Marie: Um, I don’t know, a couple shots.

Adam: Nice.

Slight pause.

Marie: So is this game almost over?

Adam: Why you want to get going?

Marie: I’m just really tired, I drank more than I’m used to.

Adam: *Chuckles* Lightweight, but yeah there is a few more frames left in this game, then there is another one after.

Marie: Oh...

Adam: Did you want to leave before the second game?

Marie: *Hesitates* No, that’s fine. I’ll be alright.

Adam drives Marie back home, on the way back she becomes more awake and lively after grabbing some Taco Bell.

While already eating Taco Bell

Marie: Could we make another run to Taco Bell?

Adam just looks at her in puzzlement.

When they arrive back to Marie’s house, Adam helps bring in her luggage. He doesn’t stray to far from the door for he knows she is tired and is going to go straight to bed.

He grabs Marie by the hips to pull her closer and kisses her once.

Adam: So I get to see you tomorrow?

Marie: Yeah, maybe.

She begins kissing him again. Their kissing gets intense to the point where Adam has to pull away.

Adam: Ok, I gotta go before I’ll want to stay even more.

Marie: Ok, bye.

She kisses him once more before he leaves.

Adam: Bye, sleep good babe.

Day 23

Adam and Marie spend the whole day together. Starting off with walking around at a mall that Adam has never been to before. The two visit Build A Bear Workshop so Marie can make two bears for her Littles at her sorority. The worker that helps them with the two bears makes Adam and Marie go through with the ritual steps when a little kid is building a bear (spin in a circle, shake it high, shake it low, etc.).

As they are walking through the mall.

Adam: Wow, this place is amazing.

Marie: Yeah, it’s so pretty. It’s so much better than Lakeside or Partridge.

Adam: Can I just say I’m glad I’m doing this with you. I want you to be the one to take my Somerset virginity.

Marie: Oh my god, shut up you’re so annoying.

Adam: *Laughs* Nah.

As they are leaving Build A Bear Workshop.

Marie: Wasn’t that fun?

Adam: That was... interesting.

Marie: We should get going now though or I’m going to be late for my doctor’s appointment. 

Adam: Ok, we can get going then.

Adam is waiting in the waiting room for Marie, it has been almost an hour but Marie is about to come out. Adam has just been staring at the T.V. that has been stuck on HGTV. When Marie walks out they leave right away.

Adam: Damn that took a while.

Marie: I know sorry, I was just sitting there most of the time. Hold on I’m going to use the bathroom real quick. *She hands him the papers she walked out of the doctor’s office with*

As she turns for the bathroom.

Adam: Alright go for it.

As Adam waits outside the door, he tries to pass the time by looking on his phone. Once realizing he is holding her prescription he decides to read it over. He finishes right before Marie walks out. He hands her the papers and they leave the office.

The couple is now at a restaurant, Marie is focused on her phone and Adam keeps trying to make small talk.

Adam: What about her, is she your type? *He points to a waitress*

Marie: Hm, no. She looks like she’s been around.

Adam: *Laughs* Alright, I guess I could see that.

Their waitress arrives at their table.

Waitress: Have you guys decided what you want yet?

Adam: No, we’re still waiting on one more to make up their mind. *He looks at Marie*

Marie: I’m sorry.

Waitress: No worries, I’ll be back shortly to check up on you guys.

Adam: Thank you.

As she’s leaving.

Waitress: You’re welcome.

Short pause.

Adam: What are you doing on you’re phone over there anyways?

Marie: Looking up movie times.

Adam: Movie times for...?

The couple is now at the movies to see an animated kid’s movie. They are cuddled up in the theater chairs with the arm rest between them thrown up.

Adam: Is that Diba Rashid’s voice? The best friend from Parks and Rec?

Marie: No, that’s Emma Stone.

Adam: Oh! You’re right, yep.

Moderate pause.

Adam: And that is... ugh the guy who played the Green Lantern.

Marie: Ryan Reynolds?

Adam: Yep, him.

Marie: ... yeah you’re right.

Adam and Marie are now at Marie’s house, both in her bed. They are watching an indie-romance film. After realizing how late it is, Adam get’s ready to leave.

Lying in bed together.

Adam: Geez it’s already 3:00? Does that mean I have to get going soon?

Rolls over to Adam, slightly on top of him.

Marie: Yeah, you should probably get going.

They begin kissing and once they are done.

Adam: Ugh... alright I’ll get going now then.

After Adam grabs his belongings, he pulls Marie closer to him and kisses her.

Adam: Since I probably won’t see you before you head back, I just wanted to say I had a lot of fun today and bye in person before you left.

Marie: Yeah, it was fun.

Adam smiles at her then kisses her one last time.

Adam: Ok, bye.

Marie: Bye.

Day 26

After talking earlier in the day, Adam is aware that his relationship with Marie has come to an end. However, he has prolonged the eminent break-up by working on a friend’s short-film. On his drive, home he tries to call Marie but there is no answer. After he returns home, he receives a call back from Marie.

Phone rings several times before being picked up.

Adam: Hello?

Marie: Hi, could I just come over there?

Adam: What? You’re going to drive out here now from East Lansing?

Marie: Yeah.

Adam: I mean-

Marie cuts him off.

Marie: I really want to talk in person.

Adam: Um, yeah I guess.

Marie: Ok, if my phone dies before I get there, I should be there by 1:30.

Adam: Ok.

Marie: Ok...

Adam hangs up his phone.

After time has passed, Adam receives a text from Marie telling him she is at his house.

As Adam lets her in.

Marie: Is anyone home right now?

Adam: My dad is asleep, so it’s ok.

They walk downstairs into Adam’s room. You can see Marie is hesitant. Adam sits on the far end of the bed and Marie sits on the opposite side. There is a moderate pause before either say anything.

Marie: So are you ok?

Adam: I don’t know what I am.

Marie: Are you mad at me? 

Adam: I honestly feel nothing right now.

Marie: You probably hate me now.

Adam doesn’t answer.

Marie: It’s not like I wanted to do this, this isn’t easy for me either.

Still no answer from Adam.

Marie: Can you say something?

After a short pause.

Adam: What is there to say?

Marie: Whatever you want to say.

The two talk out why this is has to happen. Marie is in a position where she’s not ready for a relationship. She also feels that she is not good enough to Adam and that she won’t ever be able to make him happy. As Adam tries to keep them together, he can see that she has clearly made up her mind. She tells him that this will turn out for the best.

Adam: *Sigh* God damn this week is going to f*****g suck. It’s all down hill from here for me.

Marie: It sucks but it’s not going to be that bad.

Becoming more angry.

Adam: No, this s**t is just going to sit in the back of my head and it’s all I’m going to be able to focus on. It’s just going to build and build until I f*****g explode!

Short pause.

Marie: I should probably go, I feel like me still being here is making things worse.

Moderate pause. Adam stands up and slowly walks over to his desk, Marie gets up preparing to leave. Adam grabs a few pieces of paper to give to Marie.

Marie: What is this? *She reads the paper*

Adam: Your prescriptions.

Marie: Oh, thanks. So do we get one last hug? Or high five?

Adam doesn’t answer, he slightly shakes his head.

Marie: Not a funny joke to lighten the mood?

Adam: No, not really.

Now at the door.

Marie: Ok, well bye.

Right before she leaves, Adam grabs the back of her shirt and pulls her towards him. She turns and hugs him. 

Adam: *Whispers* So do I get to see you tomorrow?

Marie: *Through tears* No, I’m sorry.

As Marie is walking out to her car, Adam chases after her.

Adam: Marie!

As she turns around to see him, Adam kisses her one last time before she leaves.

Marie: I have to go now.

Adam stands where Marie left him as she gets into her car and drives off.  

© 2013 DJ Adamczyk

Author's Note

DJ Adamczyk
Would like help/tips on to ending the whole thing.

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Added on April 30, 2013
Last Updated on April 30, 2013
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DJ Adamczyk
DJ Adamczyk


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