Psychotic Writing I: The Design

Psychotic Writing I: The Design

A Poem by D.j.

This delves deeper into the realities of life, and the dualities and paradoxes we are faced with every day as human beings, like that everything is a paradoxically designed simply complex idea.

To understand is to think, to think is to examine words passing through your brain and instantaneously link them, one word to another, as a sequence of thoughts emotionally attaching to ideas, and ideas to a defined understanding. These words are made up of specific, small, black repeating letters of “a” through “z”, which are purposefully designed to make your blood pump faster, by continuously repeating the letters into a certain pattern of words that makes it more interesting to read, as the slight differences, yet strong similarities of periodic words being read narrowly tightens your arteries, increasing your rate of breathing and accelerating the beat of your heart. And as your heartbeat and breathing start to align, you simultaneously release the chemical emotion of dopamine from the endorphins inside your mind, resulting in a human being in this space and time experiencing an awareness to the universe, survival, and life that’s meaningfully alive.

From nouns to verbs, these rapidly read words and syllables are identified by specifically precise designated sounds being thought by a human life, and as they continue to read they choose to think in a certain pitch, tone, depth and rise that sounds like the person they’ve been, thought and spoken as their whole lives. A certain word to them means a certain thing, but in a different language words, sounds and letters with similar meanings sound random. These words are just pixels on a screen, they’re words that stand in a single filed line left to right, side by side, line by line, in a work of poetry, these words are read by me, you, him, her, he and she, and was and will be read by anyone temporarily existing and reading in a different space and previous or future time, with a different heartbeat and breathing pattern from your own, creating a separate complex pattern of emotion in another human being that leads to a different yet similar interpretation, introspection and meaning of this poem.

Yet we all can relate to this writing, which takes into account what the human mind expects to next think and what rhythms, mixing them poetically to create a emotional feeling that can be empathized by any being with the ability to move their eyes from left to right, reading and understanding a collection of words, that’s self-consciously describing the reality to life, while also being at the same time the easiestly read, mentally accepted and predictably expected words to currently next start to exist, given the last previously read words insight to what might foreshadow reality’s proceeding possible infinite congregation of things existing in English.

© 2020 D.j.

Author's Note

I believe this is part experimental and part philosophy, either way it’s probably the most conscious thing I’ve ever written.

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Added on August 15, 2020
Last Updated on August 15, 2020
Tags: Psychotic, Rambling, Life, Design, Reality, Paradox




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