Another Day

Another Day

A Poem by Paul Okeke

This is a write up based on the hard struggles in Nigeria.


O black that breathes every dawn

Stretches up with a yawn

Everyday for the fears of the sun

The grasses are green

The maiden on white dress you’ve seen


Your shoe is your master

Tie up those shoe lace and bow

Your mind was born to succeed faster

Each ball you foot becomes a foul

Today is another day, the chicken crows


Imagine the tortoise as whom you serve

Imagine the clouds melting on him

Imagery is what is set in, to brief

Save me from this clouds falling

If only you save me with your eyes close

Then I’ll pay you, your master speaks


Another day to suffer

An enjoyment to thy master

Impossible task on this green grass

The white collars struggles to achieve

The maiden on white dress you’ve seen

But your eyes are close before you kiss

Thence tortoise pays thy maiden a visit

In secret


Another day to get paid

A day of query and motivation

“Don’t layoff” the HR has been paid

Perhaps your maiden insists, motivation


It is a flu on this green land

Lift a rock and weigh thy wallet as sands

She is beautiful, she is rich, and the world is a fan

But her children in agony


So I saw the child of another woman

On this green grass of Abraham

Thy child, this green grass seeds obeys

The maiden on white dress you’ve seen

Our maiden we see no more, oh woman of green


One day to live, another day to die

One day to fight, another day to be calm


Chinedu, olusegun and Zuleiha seeks

The journey of that salty water that seized

Mourning of wasted old strength

That from the birth of this green

Songs of sorrow heard, dreadful pictures seen

Another day of budget

A day the grasshoppers commits Theft


Yet today is another day we hoped better

Living up with quotes that protest

Don’t surrender it says first

Secondly, you can climb the ladder

But how much can life get harder

With this green white leader


Another day to say Another day!!!!!

© 2015 Paul Okeke

Author's Note

Paul Okeke
Scrutinize this write up. What do you think?

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There are so many good lines in here and the rhyme does not mess around tangling up the meaning but compliments it. "Your shoe is your master" ok, I can so roll with that an my shoes, like I can walk somewhere to an own the land thus, when it is safe their I feel free, walking, I am so thankful to walk. "even the chicken crows" it's like a rooster; there is a comparison between women and their children which is something and reminds the woman to be mindful how they are able of where their children will be and how provided for. ...This is so upbeat and makes me feel like I can conquer any challenge.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on November 27, 2014
Last Updated on February 10, 2015
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