Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

A Chapter by The old me

Chapter Seven : The Start
The beginning of their first chat was like any other that was normal for that site, but something deep down made both of them want to chat more.Unfortunately the man had to leave for some random night out of the town with friends. And the way the site was set up, you couldn't never chat with the same person. So the man asked:

Man: Hey, I like talking to you, can we continue on a different media?
Woman: Well I don't have any type of social network. But we can email, if you want?
Man: Sure

So they exchanged email so they could talk at a different time. The woman was really nervous about it at first, cause she didn't know if she wanted to talk to a stranger, but she thought it over and thought she would give it a shot. The man and woman lived far from any other. So both didn't really think anything could happen before them. But the two still ended up talking to each other.

So the next day, the two started their chatting with:

Man: Hello :)

Woman: Hi :) Here is my picture

Man: You're very pretty. Here is me, the girl in the picture is one my best friends :)
He saw the picture and thought, wow she looked like a Greek goddess.

Woman: Nice, I can't say I'm a fan of that team though if I'm reading your sweatshirt correctly. Haha ;)

Man: Yeah, its that team. At least I didn't send the picture of me in full school colors face painted.

Woman: Haha yeah as interesting as that would have been... I'm glad you didn't haha. Oh well, I don't hate that team, I just strongly dislike them ;) ultimate question who do you want in the Superbowl?

Man: Black and yellow :) you? And I don't mind you disliking that team, as long as you dont like their rivals lol

Woman: Haha don't worry I hate their rivals, they are much worse than your team :) and Black and Yellow definitely! How can anyone not like their safety?that hair... haha my dad is from green and yellow team area though, so my black and yellow appreciation is secretive haha :)

Man: I'm glad we are on the same page. I will wear his jersey with pride. What are your other favorite teams in each sport?

So the two exchanged their favorite teams, having some in common.

Woman: Ah that would suck, I promise I have never been and never will be a fan of that rival team haha so at least I'm on your side. ;)

Man: Thank god, I finally have an ally :).Changing the subject, what kind of music do you like?

Woman: I'm kind of all over the place with music haha I really like: kid cudi, radiohead, kings of leon, avenged sevenfold, the offspring, mgmt, jason aldean... I could go on forever. What about you?

Man: OMFG, finally I found a girl who knows and likes avenged sevenfold :D. They are my all time favorite band!
Is it too soon to ask you to marry me? just kidding.
I like mainly rock and metal. kid cudi is my favorite rapper, i like atreyu, disturbed, and a day to remember.

Woman: Haha I feel honored to be the first girl you know that likes avenged sevenfold. ;) it's awesome they are you're favorite band. One of my brothers got me into them so you should thank him :)

Man: He deserves a medal or something. I saw them live and it was like the best thing ever lol.

Woman: I will give my brother a medal from you. Haha kidding. And ohmygosh I'm so jealous of you for that! :) you lucky duck!

Man: They were amazing live. Disturbed, halestorm, and stone sour played if you heard of any of them.

Woman:They sound familiar, I will have to check my iPod to make sure haha. I will get back to you on one... ;) So what are you up to tonight? (I really suck at asking questions) lol

Man: Ok, yeah tell me whenever if you heard of them, i only liked Disturbed and Avenged played.
Not much going on tonight, I'm going to my friend's work later where we get to do firefighter stuff and get to chill in a fire truck surrounded by hobos, so it normally can get a little interesting lol. What are you up to?

Woman: A firetruck surrounded by hobos? That is something you don't hear everyday haha. It's already nearing midnight here in new York, I believe I'm 3 hours ahead of you. I'm actually currently at this coffee place working on this insanely boring paper for school. So anyways I was trying to focus and this guy probably like 25ish is just flat out eye-f*****g me. It's so obvious and so creepy. I'm trying to plan my escape in which he doesn't follow me as I walk home. :( literally it's been like 20 minutes of full on staring...

Man: Yeah, the fire truck is in a area filled with gangs and hobos so it isn't safe. Yeah your three hours ahead of me.
That guy seems creepy, what I would suggest, you fake it by going outside like your on the phone and if he follows you just go back inside and if he doesn't follow, run like hell lol.

Woman: Haha um my paper is on a debate about the legalization of marijuana. It's for a really boring English class. I tested your theory out. Yeah he followed me out... Or obviously I'd still be running. I think I might call one of my big strong guy friends haha the firetruck thing sounds kinda scary, so you be safe too lol

Man: Yeah, does sounds like a boring subject to read a paper on.
That guy is too creepy, I wouldn't have thought he was going to follow you out, normally pervs are shy lol.
thanks, i think ill be safe, we have guns and the last crackhead I saw like went crazy and ran into a wall and was passed out till I called guards to get him lol.

Woman: That's what I thought (about the shy thing) lol I was thinking if I had to fend him off or something I would use my athletic skills. Basketball: I'm fast, but the speed isn't gonna help if he's got ahold of me or something... The only other thing it taught me was how to shoot threes (not helpful) gymnastics: okay all I have kept from that is I'm really flexible and bendy lol. So basically the only person I could get ahold of to rescue me is my ex-boyfriend. This will be awkward...

Man: I'm you know how to own your skills and use them to fight off pervs, in seems like this may have happened before lol.
The shooting threes only works if you have something to hit him with, mostly something round. Bendy and flexible are good skills to escape.
Or you can just kick him really hard in the balls, that seems to work on any guy lol :)
Sucks you dont live here, I would help, I could come in the firetruck and hose him lol. I also know a lot of rednecks and this seems like the only thing they would be useful in helping me with something lol.
btw good luck :D

Woman: This has happened before, as awesome as this city is there are some major creepers. My dad and bros wanted me out of the city. But they live here... Hypocrites. Haha thanks for the help- if we lived closer thing haha and yeah I wouldn't mind those redneck friends of yours assistance ;) another thing that I thought could help me out is that I'm kind of a screamer (oh god I did not mean that sexually) haha you know what I mean.

Man: Yeah I heard that city is one of the most unsafest cities for women. Maybe you should carry mace or knife, I have seen my friend's girlfriend with a knife and that scared me enough to never f**k with her, EVER!
Being a good non sexual screamer is a good plus then, but remember scream "fire", not anything else, cause people wont help if your getting attacked and scream "help im getting attacked", a******s lol.

Woman: That screaming thing is interesting, I think I would help someone of I heard 'help I'm being attacked' but I could see why some wouldn't. Haha I'm a very clumsy person so I feel like giving me any sort of weapon wouldn't be a good idea... I'd probably just injure myself lol

Man: I would help the person if I could, I'm a good fighter but if its like 5 to 1, ill just call the cops. Yeah if you're clumsy then mace or a knife maybe a horrible idea lol, it would be sad if what you used for protection helped them lol.

Woman: Ah I'm sorry, I had left just after I had sent the last email so I didn't get this one until now... Lol, I made it home safe. My ex came in and tried to kiss me, haha I turned my face though all he got was my cheek. I don't know of he was just playing the role of picking me or up or he was serious. Either way, awkward... Hah. Hope you are having fun (but safe!) :)

Man: I would imagine that would be awkward, its like he sent that creeper just so he would get a chance to see you lol, just kidding, hopefully.
Man: I'm glad you made it home safe, I was thinking about it when I was in truck with no dam internet lol. I also made it home safe, no hobo or hooker got me.

Woman: Haha I'm glad you made it home safe too :) I thought about it this morning when I was getting ready. And I would definitely be disturbed if he went through all this trouble to send that creepy guy just so I could see him... That would be kinda messed up haha

Man: That would be really messed up. So I never got to ask about what kind of school you go to, like is it a 2 year or 4 year? do you live on campus? what are you thinking of majoring in?

Woman: Oh I go to major college in the city... I'm kinda a smartie shh! (well actually i think the main reason is i went to a catholic all girls high school and the boys were across the street, so there wasn't much distraction) haha I'm not exactly sure what I want to do, I've always wanted to be a teacher, but I have to learn how to be less inappropriate around kids haha. What about you?

Man:That is cool. In school girls didn't distract me, I'm just a underachiever. I go to 2 year community college at the moment And I'm only taking business class cause I have absolutely no clue on what I should do with my life lol.

Woman: That's cool, (I definitely wouldn't be a good businesswoman haha.) I think i have to much energy to be an underachiever... All girls school was pretty much no fun haha except our senior prank... That almost got me kicked out of school :/ I don't know if I want to tell you what it was... Kinda gives me a bad reputation lol

Man: You kind of have to tell me your prank now, you cant say its good and not say lol. I wont think too bad, your rep will be safe.

Woman: Haha okay well me and 9 other senior girls may have been suspended for 'indecent exposure' for a certain incident that occurred over at the guys school across the street where we ran down the hallway possibly with only our skirts on....
The woman was nervous to tell him this, not cause it was embarrassing, but cause it was a personal story and didn't know if she should be saying those things to a new friend.

Man: Well just saying, if it did, then it sounds like something that is not a prank to the guys, more like a treat lol. But in my mind, its not a bad rep thing, your rep went up in my mind lol.

Woman:Haha they weren't creepers... I guess once they saw me half-naked I wasn't just the girl they talked to football about lol oh you asked me if I lived on campus and I forgot to answer. I kinda live on campus, not in the dorms... But I can see some of the buildings from my apartment. I live with my best friend, just friends. Two separate bedrooms! Haha
She wasn't sure why she clarified this. Was she starting to like this guy? She felt weird saying that.

Man: WOW. Your city is just fulled with creepers lol. How could you ever think its a good idea to hit on a girl right after that

Woman: Haha his friends were definitely there... I think the most awkward part was some of my guy friends took at as a chance to hit on me the next day lol

Man: Yeah I would imagine family or a boyfriend response would be different lol. I don't think I would mind my girlfriend doing that, unless she did in front of my friends, cause they would bring it up everyday that they saw my girlfriend's b***s.

Woman: Haha mhmm thats a total guy response... :P you can imagine my dad and brothers responses were definitely different then all the other guys, ooh and my boyfriend at the time wasn't too pleased. I guess guys don't like when their girlfriends run topless through the school in front of everyone... Who knew? Lol

So the two continue there chatting. Day after day, night after night. I won't go into what they talked about, just your normal, getting to know a person stuff. The man even gave her a nickname, Blondie, based on her clumsiness and sometimes acting like a typically blond. The woman and the man both exchanged all their past good or bad stories. Ending up with the woman always saying she was messed up in someway. By the end of a couple of weeks, they almost knew everything about each other. During this time of chatting, the woman's ex marine boyfriend moved into her and her bestfriend's apartment. That was extremely awkward for her. She didn't know if it was cause she was starting to like the man and she didn't want the man to get jealous. Or that she didn't like the marine anymore and didn't want him there. She still told the man that she moved in, and the man wasn't jealous, because he didn't think he had the right to be. The man was also starting to catch feelings for the woman, but he was realistic about it. He knew that the distance between them wouldn't allow it to work out. But after a couple of weeks, the woman decided to tell the man, that she liked him.

Woman: Hey, I have something to tell you, I have been thinking about it for awhile and it needs to be said.

Man: What is it?

Woman: I like you.

Man: I like you too. What do we do next?

Woman: Nothing, there isn't anything we can do.
She knew that her secret would never allow her to get a chance to be with the man.

Man: Why not? I know the distance is long but we can deal with it.

Woman: We just can't. I don't want to talk about it now. Ill talk to you later.
She didn't mean to snap, but she was trying to fight back tears.

Man: Ok...
He didn't know what was going on, he achieved a girl liking him but it still didn't matter.

So the man waited to hear from the woman. He didn't know what to expect. The next thing that happened changed the course of this story forever.

© 2011 The old me

Author's Note

The old me
ignore grammar issues.

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You need to fix the dialogue. Only put interesting stuff or just dont put naything at all

Posted 9 Years Ago

Okay...I have to admit that I skimmed through this's really realistic and sounds like an actual online chat--you did a great job with that--but I personally just can't read an entire conversation like this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Aw :(
I can't wait to read this next chapter x3 Good story you have going here

Posted 10 Years Ago

love the suspense at the end.

Posted 10 Years Ago

i love it derek :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

wow. Profound.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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