The Dragon Escapades of Sir Erudite. pt 2

The Dragon Escapades of Sir Erudite. pt 2

A Story by SirErudite

Sir Erudite records his captivity in a dragon's cave.

Entry No. 27

It is day three of my captivity. The dragon spends most of his time upon a bed of jewels. As to how a creature could find a pile of such a substance comfortable eludes me. He keeps a large rock to high to scale in front of the entrance, I have tried scaling the interruption in my transverse out of the wretched den, but to no avail. I sought another entrance but there is no evident means of escape other than the single entrance. Really! Do dragons never keep a backdoor?

Entry No. 28

It is day seven of my captivity. I have been unable to write in my precious journal for the dragon kept it from me, believing I was plotting my escape. I retrieved it but now it smells of smoke and bad breath! I almost wish the dragon would do away with me, and wonder he hasn't already. Is he preparing me for a special occasion? A grand feast perhaps, or a present to his mate?

Entry No. 29

Day eight of my captivity. It stinks of dragon. 

Entry No. 30

Day nine of my pitiful captivity, my terrible predicament! I have been living off of mice and rats, my nights are tormented by the snoring dragon, and I don't have my sword! Really I mean does the dragon really think I would kill him? He is my only way of shifting the boulder, and there are a thousand things in this cave that could be used as a weapon! I fear I weary myself in vain

Entry No. 31

Day ten of my captivity. There is some hope, the dragon left the boulder cracked open, I believe I can pry the opening wider and make it through, but first I must slay the dragon. I am happy I saved this pointy stick. 

© 2012 SirErudite

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The Dragon is my favorite character.. I imagine him stealing the journal and wagging his finger saying "ah ah ahhh" That would be brilliant. He thinks a book will help the poor man escape. You should make him more human like. That could be very entertaining. What color is the dragon? Purple? Why has he not killed the man already? lol

Posted 10 Years Ago

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