Dear dragon,

Dear dragon,

A Chapter by SirErudite

The first letter

My dearest Ryuu, or as some call "Billy The Dragon"

My Title is Sir Erudite, I am 5'11 two-hundred and forty pounds without armor, I am 

an exceptional fighter, singer, actor, I am very attractive, and very popular with 

the maidens. although my achievements already stun those I meet, it has come to 

my attention that I have not slain a dragon in quite some time now, and I think that 

in order to secure a fashionable appearance about my castle, I need

to requisition a new dragon's head. To survey my options I began

sending messengers to the farther reaches of the realm. Thankfully they all 

returned full of news and charred clothing. No doubt you had your fun. so after 

browsing through my options of dragons I have selected you as my target. I have 

located you to be in the vicinity of the mountain Kaz' ax and will travel there on 

horseback shortly. Please make this easy on yourself and stay put. I will allow you 

to put a show on but struggling will only make it worse so once again I must remind 

you now to make this hard on yourself. If I were in your position (and I never would 

be for this is a terrible predicament I would never fall into) I would threaten some 

peasants to send word to your hatch mates with your goodbyes. 

Do not bother sending them regards yourself. 

anticipating your demise,

Sir Erudite

© 2012 SirErudite

Author's Note

how can I improve the format???

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so in other words: Hey dragon, I'd like to tell you in advance that I want to kill you... I just thought you should know because I am awesome that way... :P

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 5, 2012
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