The Nightmare of Filthas Dengotta

The Nightmare of Filthas Dengotta

A Story by Kathryn Jenkins

This is a short story that features one of my characters from my in progress novel, "Tarzinea". He is our heroes villain, and this short helps see inside his character. Enjoy.

He looked out over the hall. It has been a long time since he got to see the sun shine through stainless glass windows. Filthas looked at the images that danced across the floor. There where wolves, rabbits, horses, soldiers, and beautiful flowers prancing around the room.
“Ye enjoying the scenery, me lord?” Scottie asked.
“The happy animals, they disgust me” Filthas sneered. ”What do they have to be happy about? They are just food for my belly.”
“Oh…” Scottie whimpered.
“What’s the matter boy?” Filthas snapped. “You like the little animals.”
“Yes,” whimpered Scottie.
“Well then how about we have a game of sport” Filthas chuckled. “Go catch me a rabbit and I’ll show you a trick of mine.”
The boy Scottie looked at him hesitantly. Filthas found himself intrigued by the young lad. Scottie must have known he couldn’t get out of doing what Filthas asked.
“Umm…yes, me lord I’ll go fetch ye a rabbit” Scottie stammered.
Filthas found himself amused watching the little fifteen year-old run out of the room. If only he knew what he was getting himself into. Filthas continued to look around the room. But, seeing all these happy images were started to really enrage him. He was contemplating on braking the windows when Scottie came running through the doors.
“I got ye the rabbit like ye ask me lord” Scottie gasped between breaths.
“Good” he sneered. “I was wondering if you had a brain enough to catch one.”
He watched the boy cringe at the insult. Apparently, the little town idiot has a brain to register an insult at least. Filthas pulled off his glove and admired his hand. He always hated looking at himself in the day light. When the sun hit him he showed his true form, the form of death. Filthas could see the chunks of skin falling off the bone leaving nothing but a bare skeleton behind.
“Hand me the rabbit boy” he said.
Scottie looked at his hand, “Master Marthred said not to touch ye hand me lord.”
“Oh did he now” Filthas growled. “Did he also tell you that you can’t hand me things neither.”
Scottie shook his head.
“Well then boy hand me the damn rabbit!” Filthas snapped.
Scottie made a whimpering noise as he handed Filthas the rabbit. Filthas held it in his gloved hand watching the fear fill its eyes. These stupid animals know when death is upon them. He watched the boy squirm till his amusement was spent.
“Adorable little creatures rabbits are” he stated. “So, sad that they are so fragile.”
Filthas took his skeleton hand and gently poked the rabbit on the nose. A few moments past when it started to thrash and scream in pain.
“What ye do me lord!” Scottie cried.
“My touch dear boy” Filthas sneered. “Is death itself to any stupid enough to come in contact with.”
Filthas tossed the lifeless rabbit at Scottie’s feet. He found himself extremely amused at the boys tear filled face. “Take the rabbit to the kitchen and have the cook make something delicious.”
“Yes, me lord” Scottie whispered.
It didn’t take long for the boy to scurry out of the room. “Awww…the pain and suffering of others is beautiful, it almost makes me want to cry.”

© 2013 Kathryn Jenkins

Author's Note

Kathryn Jenkins
I welcome any critique and if you see grammar issues please share so I can make correction. Thank you.

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this is like old lord of the rings stuff right not bad

Posted 5 Years Ago

Kathryn Jenkins

5 Years Ago

yeah I love lord of the rings...the movies I love...the book I have yet to finish all of them. But, .. read more

5 Years Ago

yeah hon the Nightstalker is a Knight but i prefer horror and vampires
Ok i officially hate Lord Filthas, so I hope that is what you were aiming for. :) Good writing though, I was impressed.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Kathryn Jenkins

6 Years Ago

Yeah...that is what I was going for with his character I'll be posting more stories which feature ch.. read more

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Kathryn Jenkins

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