A Small pain in my chest

A Small pain in my chest

A Story by Dreamgirl23732

A resounding crash shattered the tranquil silence as the car skidded swerving violently, temporarily illuminating the night with a shower of sparks. Shielding my body with his, my father had borne the majority of the impact, leaving me with just a few deep gashes. Minutes later, faint sounds of screeching sirens could be heard at a distance.

“Dad! Dad! Are you okay?” I asked panicked beyond belief, as I hurriedly scrambled over to his where his body lay.

“Don’t worry Elle”, he rasped softly, “I’m fine. All I feel is a small ache in my chest.” When I reached him, I watched in horror, as blood pooled on the front of his shirt where a large glass shard had pierced him. As I fumbled desperately, removing the glass, my   father took my hand in his, squeezing it gently. “Who knew that big, strong daddy could be defeated so easily by a small ache in his chest, huh?” he said, managing a watery smile. “Look at the stars, they’re getting dimmer.” He muttered. “I’m so tired Elle, I think I should rest a while” he said before his eyes fluttered closed.

Sobs wracked my body as I threw my arms around him - my instructor, my guardian angel, my closest friend. Even while he his life drained out of him, all he had tried to do was bring a smile on my face and for this, he would always be my greatest inspiration. As ambulances and police cars approached closer and closer, I hugged my father close and could feel our wounds pressed- the large one in my heart against the small one in his chest.  

© 2015 Dreamgirl23732

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Added on March 3, 2015
Last Updated on March 3, 2015
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