Little Fluttering Birds

Little Fluttering Birds

A Poem by Dreaming

So this is my first submission and my second poem ever. This kind of plays with the falsities of human life but at the same time the beauty of life and living it so. . . well to be truthful I don't even really know what inspired this and I'm not to enthra


Emotions are like little fluttering birds,
You hold them close,
Trying hard never to let go,
Treasuring them for ever.
To keep them you trap them in your chest,
They flutter wildly in an attempt to break free.
Just like little fluttering birds in their cages.

But you hold on in vain,
despite the pain,
We all want to keep the beauty to admire.
Even if it begins to beat on your chest demanding its freedom,
you hold on,
unable to surrender,
Because it’s so beautiful.

But just like the little fluttering bird,
Emotions are not meant to be caged.
They are meant to be free,
And to be willingly shown and felt.
So let your own little fluttering birds free,
And prove how beautiful you can be on your own.

Because no matter how we try to hide it,
we collect the rarest and most beautiful emotions,
if only to show we can,
if only to prove that we can be beautiful to.
Let down your facade,
Show your true face to the world.

Let your true emotions free.
Not the caged fake, and hopeless emotions.
Let the world see what beautiful,
You have because they are yours.

We gather all the emotions we can to prove that we can fit in too.
But then our true emotions, little fluttering birds
Are neglected and they wither and eventually die.
Then we truly become the same,
Part of a failing world.

But when we realize that the fake life we have created is not what we want,
We must face our own little birds.
We must learn to make amends and,
Set our true selves free.
Because only then will the world around you,
Truly become beautiful.

© 2008 Dreaming

Author's Note

I'm not good at poetry, and this is my first semi-decent poem so any comments on the form and um beat(?) or any pure poetry comments will be lost on me. =p Aside from that please tell me what you think.

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I like this speaks the truth...but really it reminds me of a storyline on some parts...and needs work on the flow...but other than that it is really good :)
Great Job :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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This is a wonderful poem, with some excellent advice. Loved the line emotions are like fluttering birds. Well done.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I found this poem a pleasure to read, the metaphors - fantastic....well done! Thanks for sharing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Charlton, MA, MA

...I am so bad at these about me boxes, for someone who like to avidly write you would think a little blurb about myself would be the literary walk in the park, though depending on your park that coul.. more..


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