Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Dreaming

Yellow-green eyes watched the approaching caravan with distinct dislike and suspicion, it was to early in the year for the traders and to late for the fur mongers. She shifted against the tree keeping her focus strong so that her magic didn't lose hold sending her tumbling onto the ground, which lay more than a good hundred hirs away. They passed by her on the road and she frowned at the healers symbol on the side of the caravan, it was a startling yellow, someone inside the caravan was deathly ill. They must be looking for Elder Samson, he was a well know healer through their small province. Curiosity assuaged she slowly began the decent down the large oak tree she had been using to spy thanking it as she slid down and apologizing for any broken branches or dislodged leaves. Closer to twenty hirs she heard the snapping of twigs and peered around the expansive trunk of the tree. A boy stepped out green eyes sweeping the forest looking for her no doubt. She grinned and shifted into view,

    "Chayim!" she called out and he looked up. One of her favorite thinkgs about her friend was his smile, oh yes, his entire face lit up when the boy smiled.

    "Asha! There you are." he replied moving closer and still grinning, "Elder Samson wants everyone back in the village, I think he saw something unerving in the woods. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?" he said extending his hands as wide as they would go and his green magic stretched between. She let go of the tree, landing softly in his net, grinning,

    "No I wouldn't know anything about that and certainly didn't see a caravan with a yellow healers mark on the outside." she replied struggling as his sticky magic clung to her, He clasped his hands around her and the green glow vanished. He sombered a bit,

    "Yellow, maybe we should head back then. Especially if its something catching." he said. She grinned devilishly,

    "I'll race you to the point, we can watch them come in." she dared him and then took off. He laughed and chased after her,

    "Cheater!" he called with a goodhearted laugh. They were well matched his height gave him the advantage of a longer stride but she was compact and quick not to mention that she knew this forest better than she knew herself. While branches tugged at his clothes and short brown hair she flew through unhindered black hair flying out behind her in a fan. They emerged from the woods the sudden cut off that marked the perimeter of the village, the point was a small overhang above the road.

    "I win." she murmured laying low to avoid being seen. He joined her laying parallel,

    "You cheated," he replied equally as quiet, "We should go too the village... You know were not allowed to see strangers unless they need our skills. Mostly your skills." he continued as always playing her voice of reason. She shushed him, the elder had appeared standing at the gate, the old wrought iron gate was filled with an old magic that kept them safe from most harm. As the caravan approached they could see that there were three people walking beside it and two leading the horses from the seats, the rest of it was sealed and marked to keep whatever was inside from getting out.

    "Hail Elder Samson," greeted the best dressed of all of them, presumably the caravan leader, "We come bearing the hope that you can help two members of our caravan that have fallen ill with an unknown sickness." he said digging about in his pockets he brought out a small bag of gold.

    "You want me to risk my or one of my healers lives to save one? We are not so plentiful here good sir." Elder Samson replied cooly but not without compasion, he completely ignored the offered gold. The strangers face collapsed completely into a horrible array of desperation and pain,

    "Please Sir! One of them is my son!" he cried stepping up to the gate clutching at the bars. The gate didn't tolerate this behavior glowing a steady red the man let out a cry and released the bars his hands blistering. Elder Samson waved a hand and the mans hands were enveloped in his blue magic healing the burns,

     "I apologize but we can't risk it. Please go elsewhere. You are welcome to remain outside until morning but then you must leave." he said turning away from them. Asha watched in mute horror he was just turning his back on these people? She stood and ran down the point,

    "Elder Samson, you can't just abandon them! Can you?" she demanded looking back at the caravan, the pathetic man stared at them his blue eyes swimming with tears. The elder turned her around and pulled her along. Chayim was standing by the road looking embarrassed, and nervous they shouldn't have even been there.

    "Listen to me Asha, remember your early lessons, sometimes it's better for the person in need to let death take it's path. Simply because we can cure most ills does not mean we should." he said kind gray eyes watching her face. The young girl frowned and shook off his arm,

    "I do not agree." she muttered and took off towards town. He shook his head and waved to Chayim who bowed and ran off after his younger friend. He caught up with her at the lake which should have been teaming with people but was surprisingly empty.

    "Elder Samson must have told everyone to stay inside." he murmured looking around for her. A splash in to lake made him turn, she had jumped in clothes and all.

    "You know your going to have to clean those later right?" he asked walking over to the edge watching her with an amused smile. She looked at him angrily,

    "Why! Why would he do that? Just abandon those people?" she demanded unable to understand the reasoning behind that cruelty. "We don't even know where they came from or how far they traveled to see him. And he just blew them off! Like they didn't matter." she sunk lower in the water blowing bubbles. Yellow-green eyes watching him intently.

    "I don't know Asha." he replied sitting down at the edge slowly removing his shoes and socks, "Maybe he couldn't heal whatever they have and didn't want to admit it?" he suggested.

    "He could send them to someone else then! He knows all the healers in the area... maybe their beyond help from a healer." she whispered, he froze in mid motion of removing his shirt, lowering his arms slowly. His sun tanned face had gone completely pale.

    "Don't even suggest that Asha, there haven't been any possessers in thousands of years." he whispered. She looked at him,

    "That we know of. What do we know always secluded in this stupid little town." she muttered angrily.

    "We're safe here." He replied mechanically, pulling off his shirt but leaving his pants on. She splashed him,

    "Don't act like them Yin, I know you can think for yourself." She scolded and he grinned jumping in after her making a loud splash as he entered the water.

    "So I can." he replied swimming closer to her, she watched him a little confused, "Why do you hate it so much here Asha?" he asked moving still closer making her move back a bit.

    "I feel trapped here Yin, you know that. There's only one role I fit into here. I want more than that!" she replied blushing as her back connected to the shore with a wet squishy noise.

    "You have a good life here, a good family, people who care for you" he murmured closing the distance trapping her between his arms, "Someone who loves you." he whispered barely audible. Closing the final distance kissing her, there had always been a certain catalyst between them but this...This was amazing. A loud screaming explosion intereupted them,

    "Oh god...That sounded like it came from the gate..." she whispered frightfully his hold on her tightened for a moment as they looked toward the rising black cloud.

A/N: Holy wow its been a long time since I updated this huh. =P Oh well life happens. right? XP

© 2009 Dreaming

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