A Story by Broken Hero

Back in school o had to write a story based off of a picture, a snapshot. so i went to my grand-dad and pulled one. this is the result...


James Jubinville                                eng; writing 3
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     I still cant believe we have made this far. Between all the sweat, blood, cold steel and hot lead there was a point when we both just wanted to lay down in one of our trenches and die. It was their skilled bullets against our pethetic ones, the only reason for our counter fire is that of fear and impulse. Draged through the mud, thrown over piles of bodies that even i might have killed, but I give him that tendency to find a pride in it, a sence of worth and duty and at times, power. Power that even god has, the power to choose who lives and dies and i know that between the both of us we will pull through.
    when we first meet he was a bit skiddish, wich was to be exspected. His name was George, he was strong willed guy and treated me well. every night he tells me how im his only friend and how together we will be unstopable so long as we stick together and take care of eachother. George wanted to make sure we culd acomplish anything, so we trained and trianed hard, he took care of me by keeping me in prestien working order, if i jammed up he was always there and knew waht to do. i never ran out on him and i always followed his every command. Granted i was never as good like the longshots i still hit my target.

    Back in the trenches, running and fighting for only ourselfs we found that we were not really alone but still fighting what seemed to be our own war, a war of friendship that was consisted of the enemy and there guns versus Georege and me. He knew this was a losing fight as well did i, thats when i remembered.

    Before we even got to the fronlines Geroge treated me like a king, he held me up wile he walked through the icy cold ponds and steams, instead of eating when we made camp he would talk to me and made sure i was full, he even stayed up all night with me so that i was alert and ready.

    Were pined down! Not a sign of help from anyone, its been two days and im on my last mag! Geroge got wounded, got shot in the gut! as for myself i have jammed a few times and out of all we have been throug we still havent even made a dent. Geroge told me he has had enough and i hate to say it but I agreed. We rushed in, spraying hell all over the place, the enemies droping like flys but still getting shots off. In the midst of the cracking of gunfire i can hear the grunt and moans of geroge's pain i knew it wasnt long befor he and I were finished. Round after round I fired killing every last man i was pointed at, there was one left...i jam. George starts to fall, hes dead and as im released from his grip and start to fall i feel like i betrayed my best friend and all of a sudden he moves. There is still a chance, as i hit the ground the bullet in my chamber accidently goes off and drills the last enemy between the eyes...i have found redemtion!

© 2011 Broken Hero

Author's Note

Broken Hero
fuck grammer, the development of a story is more important.

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Added on June 6, 2011
Last Updated on June 6, 2011


Broken Hero
Broken Hero

lowell, MA

My name is jimmy im 22, my life experiences has tought me much, alot so in fact that its really all i need. im verry open-minded, yet still my mind is hard to pick. im easy going, laid back and i neve.. more..

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