A Poem by Broken Hero

explination of Fear.



Fear is but a word, a word that catagorizes even the strongest person as weak and defenceless and the weakest person strong and capable.

Fear is a word that by taking its definition into effect you can gain everything but misunderstanding it, you can lose everything.

Fear is the word that spiked the medevil ages and has been since the word that has doomed the the twenty-first century.

Fear is the word used to name the soul that is entwined into mechanisims that promote pain and anguish, it is the gun against your head and the blade at you throat as well as the shadows in you mind that you refuse to shed light upon.

Death walks in the shadow of fear for Death knows that without Fear he is all but useless. One must face and surcome to Fear before Death can take his prize.

 Fear is but a feeling, a feeling that in its darkest moments it brings fourth the true colors of man. It is the feeling that was bestowed upon humanity to help us live and see the truth, this is why even God respects Fear because without Fear God is only but flesh blood.

Fear is flawless on its own but to mortals its useful and dangerous, for it can shatter humanities iron wall of will, it can burn to ashes our loves and desires then drive ones faith into the ground.

Fear knows no end, has no limit and is not forgiving. Those who weild fear as a weapon are those who have been overcome by it and now odey it. These are the people that see the true world, these people maybe broken but they are the upmost powerful.

  Fear's only weakness is truth, irony is, to achive truth you must be fearful first.

© 2011 Broken Hero

Author's Note

Broken Hero
Fear doesnt care about grammer, neither do i.

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Added on June 10, 2011
Last Updated on June 10, 2011


Broken Hero
Broken Hero

lowell, MA

My name is jimmy im 22, my life experiences has tought me much, alot so in fact that its really all i need. im verry open-minded, yet still my mind is hard to pick. im easy going, laid back and i neve.. more..