Social Biohazard

Social Biohazard

A Story by Broken Hero

Its what I am...

   I am a Social Biohazard. This simply means that i say and do the things
that most wouldnt because they are either afraid of outcome or just dont
have any balls. These actions and words that i speak of will most
likely make the reciever uncomfortable, angry, depressed or all out
irrational. what i speak of is Brutal Truth and Fighting. Truth that
most dont want to hear but already know, Fighting for youself and
standing up to those who are scum among humans. Its a fucked up world
out there people, you can not afford to let others control you. Free
will, look it up, because the truth be told its all you really have.

© 2011 Broken Hero

Author's Note

Broken Hero
last time i checked, my self worth meant much more to me than this thing called grammer... ... ...yupp, it still does!

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Added on June 13, 2011
Last Updated on June 13, 2011


Broken Hero
Broken Hero

lowell, MA

My name is jimmy im 22, my life experiences has tought me much, alot so in fact that its really all i need. im verry open-minded, yet still my mind is hard to pick. im easy going, laid back and i neve.. more..

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