A Poem by Billy

I guess you could say that this is a slightly different look at: "im nice, caring, loving, respectful but that doesnt help it just causes pain"


Even if I am sweet, and caring, and the like, why do I care?

Knowing others think that, should be more than a reward.

I don't want popularity, I just want to help others.

Making someone else smile, it's a great feeling,

and for now, the happiness of others dictates my life.

I don't feel I have much to be happy about anymore,

so, I look to my friends.

If they are happy, I can at least be glad that they are,

but if not, then I feel sorry about it,

I wish I could do more, and help them.


So, this is where the problem lies...

If making someone smile,

is such a great reward,

why do I cry each night?

Why is there always a pain in my heart?

Why am I so discontent with life?


I must want something else,

and I'm just not being honest about it.


that is true.


I want it

It has always eluded me

I've thought I may have come close at times

but always mistaken...


How does one emotion

control me so easily?

I'll admit

I am a hopeless romantic

I dream of love

I long for love

I can not find love


I know, i know,

I'm 19, and I have pleanty of time left to find it...

But still...

In my mind

I would much rather find it now

and go on with a growing love for years


find it 40 years from now, and have less time

with the one, should she ever come around




if I found love right now

this moment

I doubt it would work

I dream of love, true,

but it is just that, a dream

I have it all thought out in my head

but i dont know the real dynamics

i only know the happy story book in my mind


no matter what i do

it always comes down to this


always on my mind

never in my life

but maybe

it is the dream

that keeps me going

and who am i to give up on a dream?


I don't have much going for me,

So a dream can't make things worse.



the thought of it sends my heart aflutter

gives me hope

makes me go on


I state this now

for all to read

I will never let go of this dream.

I am determined

that someday

I will find love

Or at the very least

someone to love,




© 2008 Billy

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This is a very touching poem. Very well written, congrats.
I think with this poem you have managed to capture emotions that we all experience at times, whilst keeping it very personal and specific to your own experiences. I like the change the poem undergoes after the opening stanza - the shorter line length and shorter stanza make the reader read much more quickly - and as a consequence the words seem almost as if they are flowing straight from you - almost like free writing.
This is a great write - as with everything I have read by you you have mangaed to capture your innermost feelings and thoughts. One suggestion I do have for you is that maybe you could consider how the way you feel affects otehrs or perhaps you could make use of pathetic fallacy (if you don't know what it means I will let you look it up), its an interesting writing tool which I feel would suit you and your writing style - this is however my own personal opinion.
Sorry for writing an essay of a review. Keep up the good writing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 4, 2008



Astoria, OR

I would hardly consider myself a poet, a novelist, even a writer. What you read on here, is all me. My real thoughts, my real feelings. Do keep in mind however, feelings and thoughts may change. more..