A Poem by h d e rushin

a fee for the peddle of bullshit!

"they will come for our guns"
they will invade us.
they will pretend not to have stolen our smart phones.
they will appear in our parks unannounced. 
they will crash

our gated communities holding slogans.
they will torch our cities
with democratic acquiescence 
Portland, Kenosha
will be

their Pickett's Charge"
their Somme of total futility. But
we patriots have a knife up our
sleeves' a glistening
Scapa Flow by which

we camouflage our intentions,
wrapped our wounded souls
in the red of Old Glory to
pierce the Capitol of the town
and in the process

make a map for the "coming man"
and we will be welcomed with open arms and
with the egis of God. the fallen
will become our martyrs. 72 eternal
virgins will await us

by the edics of our sovereign Suras.
the women we capture will be our wives.
they will offer up their sacrificial sex
and name it sex for Jihad. and we

save dozens of our close relatives from hell. 

© 2021 h d e rushin

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television is the final unverifiable strata. What comes into our homes unannounced usually doesn't even pass the smell test. I wish I could say I quit but i am the care giver of a 91 year old who cares more about what Matt Dillon says than what President Biden might say in a million years. And aside from me standing in front of her 25-7 sigh a comedy routine, tv will have to suffice as both information and arbiter in one. We cant reason with one another much less sit together for a cup of coffee. The tribe is far too important to political correctness than it is to exact representation. Biden, to his credit, is just keeping a low profile after the tumult of the last four years. That's a smart move on his behalf. But something is wrong with America that he alone cant cure....thanks Margie......much appreciated. dana

Posted 1 Month Ago

I quit TV 2 years ago & I dropped out of almost everything 2 months ago, in favor of immersing myself in writing, but I do read an online article now & then . . . this morning, just read a sarcastic article about how people respond to this low-key non-bragging not-all-about-me prez . . . being rated for his speech the other day (which I missed but saw a summary of) . . . contrasting his style to the way so much of the populace is pumped for drama, blame & resurrection these days. You use great details & you express it all in original ways (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago

I hate the people in Washington. Still fighting over helping the people in need. Need to pass the bill. Feed the poor now. I tell people. Ain't the President, the problem. It is the multi-millionaires running our government. Our world need help now. Europe helped their people. I see so many people barely staying a a-flow. I pray for better days my dear friend. Powerful and needed words shred my friend.

Posted 2 Months Ago

h d e rushin

1 Month Ago

forgive my tardy response brother.. But the wealthy are not the friends of the masses. They are only.. read more
Coyote Poetry

1 Month Ago

I agree dear Dana. The men and women in Washington D.C. Just twister of words.
This is about the size of it....all in the name of MAGA....

Oh sure, save us from the democrats and the new President....they will drive us to socialism....
we will become the next Soviet Union of the United States.
and those poor wives...God love em all.
this is pretty incredible...as Delmar expressed the combination makes this perfect "satasm"----

I'm sorry, I am a little slow as I am still trying to find out who won the election.


Posted 2 Months Ago

Tearing apart my dictionary I can find no portmanteau word that combines "sarcasm" and "satire " so completely and seductively as does your poem. Woe and alas, we live in a time where we are reduced to but two choices: we are compelled to either "Preach to the Choir, " or "Cast pearls before swine."
I can only say "This baritone loved the new necklace." Thanks so much for this wonderful poem.

PS Let me call your attention to a poem, " The Cavalry" by rew.

Posted 2 Months Ago

h d e rushin

2 Months Ago

dearest: a revelation: If you want the masses to read a poem that you have written, write it to the .. read more

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Added on January 28, 2021
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h d e rushin
h d e rushin

detroit, MI

black american poet living in detroit. more..

I've. I've.

A Poem by h d e rushin

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