The Purpose of Movies

The Purpose of Movies

A Story by E.Potter

A short essay I wrote for a film appreciation class I'm taking on why people watch movies.

Why do people watch movies? That is an interesting question, and one that I think has as many answers are there are people to give them. For me, there are two primary reasons.
Part of the appeal of movies is the social experience. I know that, for me anyway, some of the best and clearest memories of high school are the regular movie dates I had with my friends and the discussions we had while eating after. It was a way for us to escape the monotony of our lives into other worlds; a way to meet new people. And while it is true that, as the lecture said, movies "Invite the individual to be a part of the whole," they also invite huge amounts of individuality in each person's interpretation, making the discussions to be had after viewing something to treasure.
There is also the preservation of, and exposure to, cultures and times we may never be able to experience otherwise (or necessarily want to). In our search for zombie movies that we hadn't seen yet, my husband came across a German title that quickly became a favorite of mine. The cultural differences were prominent and greatly enhanced the subject in our eyes. I've yet to see an American zombie film use Mozart in the climax, an idea that worked beautifully with the storyline Rammbock: Berlin Undead followed.
To spend a few hours at a Gatsby party, in a Roman city, a dystopian future, in the Spanish countryside in the midst of civil war, all from the safety of your own home, holds enormous appeal.
Movies are appreciated because they are another form of art meant for that specific purpose. The reasons for watching them are innumerable, but the feelings we get from watching them are universal. 

© 2014 E.Potter

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This post was entertaining and informative, absolutely loved it!
You should consider guest blogging! You have an excellent voice and you know how to get straight to the point too!


Laurara Monique
( )

Posted 7 Years Ago

Nice synopsis. I feel like there is, or should be, more to this "essay". Is there?
It's a great topic: the purpose of movies and why we watch? Well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I never expanded because it was just a short early assignment, but I may have to revisit this one. T.. read more
I'm a big movie watcher so your title caught my eye. I enjoyed your writing and especially your last line.

Posted 8 Years Ago

What a great little piece! I liked that you presented this essay in the first person, since we gain pleasure from them for personal reasons. First person seems the obvious choice, but I can tell you that many would have tried to use third person, and they would have failed. The way you wrote it adds volumes to the piece.

I realize this is a short essay, but I would have gladly read this work if it was much longer. Your personal writing style, and passion, make this a wonderful read!

Thank you for posting it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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