A Poem by Christopher James

{Original Poem Based on Mark XV}

In the beginning of the day, the aged rulers and their cohorts of wickedness consulted one with another concerning the proceedings of fate,

After which Emmanuel was bound to the vessel of His going down unto darkness,

And was delivered unto the Enactor of His Father’s will, which was illuminated through His spiritual body.

The Enactor inquired of Emmanuel,

Art Thou not His Majesty of the Israelites?

And He replied in the Spirit, Thou sayest it.

And to many asseverations upon His Name, He spake not a word;

For the winds of the Spirit blew through Him,

And by this, He knew God’s words were made silence in that place.

The Enactor then spake unto Emmanuel,

They rail a storm of accusations against Thee, O Emmanuel,

Dost Thou dare not speak any words unto them, the setters in motion of Thy demise?

Still, Emmanuel uttered no words from His lips,

And the Enactor was astounded from awe at the sight of this action without action;

For God’s words, through the silence, enraptured the Enactor.

Then there commenced a great feast in honor of the God which once was, but had by that time become a mere shadow of that which was to come.

According to the custom of this feast, one held in bonds by the aged rulers was to be released unto the people,

Which did also enact the will of the Almighty.

Now the Son of the Teacher lay in his cohort of former rebelliousness;

He was bound in chains made of metal, as the chains of Emmanuel the Word were so made,

And the two now were captive in the same place whereupon Emmanuel the Word was to suffer for the sake of righteousness.

Now the people insisted upon this:

The handing over of one prisoner held by the aged rulers,

According to the custom of the feast, which had now become quite boisterous.

The crowd had a tempestuous desire for a response,

And so, the Enactor spake unto the people,

Be it according to your will that I release the man which hath done no wrong?

For he knew by which cause Emmanuel was handed over to him;

It was the cause of envy,

Which was itself a disease spread among the aged rulers and their cohorts of wickedness in that time.

The Enactor expected not that the people would cry out for the end of breath in the lungs of their King,

Yet they clamored, and begged, and pled for the life of His body;

For the aged rulers and their cohorts of wickedness had inspired the people to change the direction of their viciousness away from the Son of the Teacher and towards Emmanuel.

The Enactor knew not what to declare,

So once again said he unto the people,

Be it according to the will of the body of this nation that I release the man which hath done no wrong?

And the people cried out,

Seal Him with the mark of death;

The people shouted this with enough covetousness to burn the air with their harsh judgement.

Then spake the Enactor unto the people,

If ye will that I shall release the Son of the Teacher unto you,

Then what shall become of this other man’s future?

And the people answered him,

We are certain that the death of this man will bring about the will of our God upon the earth,

And we shall glorify in the sweet absence of His Spirit through the law, which was given to us by the man of God.

Then spake the Enactor with his God-breathed breath,

Why do ye call for the death of this man? Hath He done any wrong unto you all?

And they cried again, Seal Him with the mark of death.

And so the Enactor, filled with the will of the people, released the Son of the Teacher unto the people.

Then was Emmanuel scourged,

And He was delivered into the hands of death by the Enactor of His Father’s will.

Then He was led away by the shepherds of death into the tabernacle of the prince of the power of the air,

Whose power had not only corrupted the powers rooted in the Uncircumcision,

But had also corrupted the powers rooted in the Circumcision.

Then was Emmanuel robed in the hue of kings,

And a crown of thorns was placed atop His head;

For this was the foreordained station of Emmanuel, as it was in accordance with the will of His Father concerning Him.

Ave, Rex Iūdaeōrum! Shouted all shepherds of death at Him;

For just as they sought to quench the fires of His Spirit,

So too did they seek to edify their own cruelty, which descended from weakness.

They mocked the physical motions of repentant prayer in order to taunt Emmanuel, and they beat Him, and spit on His head.

While they did bow themselves before Him at the final moments of His earthly life, confessing themselves to be strong,

So too did they kneel down before the prince of the power of the air, who had made them believe the lie of their strength.

Then was Emmanuel stripped of His majestic enrobing,

And His own garments were put upon Him;

For it was told afore by the Word of the Father that He would die as a lowly man, and not as King, or anything like it.

One man was then chosen by the shepherds of death to be compelled to carry the instrument of Emmanuel’s death.

It shall never be known to the ages whether this man knew of God’s use of him in the ordinances of fate;

Yet even in the midst of this doubt, the ages shall remember this man’s name for aeons.

And to a hill named the place of a skull was Emmanuel led by the shepherds of death, and He was carried by the man who was chosen to bear Him.

And upon the shoulders of the man who was compelled to bear Emmanuel rested the weight of eternal life for all humanity.

The shepherds of death then poured into His mouth wine,

Which was imbued with the essence of a plant that He had received from a wise traveler upon the day of His birth:

But He imbibed not the concoction; for He knew that which sanctified His birth would stain the purity and wisdom of His death.

Then as all shepherds of death saw fit,

They tore His garments,

And every man took that which he desired, according to the course of the world.

And when the third hour arrived upon the hill,

Emmanuel was crudely joined to the implement of His earthly undoing by the hands of the shepherds of death,

And the reconciliation of creation unto the Master of all things had commenced.

Inscribed above the head of Emmanuel were these words,


Which signified the mockery and shame He endured in righteousness.

On both sides was He accompanied in death by those who had sinned;

On His right hand was unrighteousness, and on His left hand was also unrighteousness,

Both of which were translated from the abode of darkness into the abode of life.

Unto this occurrence was the unfolding of all things bound,

That the enablers of unrighteousness would know that God hath reserved for one and all the riches of the circumcised heart, renewed in life;

This was revealed unto the unrighteous by His promise, that the earth and heavens will dawn in the glow of a new age, wherein shall dwell righteousness.

The mocking crowd spake biting words unto Emmanuel with malice in their hearts,

For they had imbibed the venom they had produced to inundate their enemies,

Thus poisoning themselves with their own iniquity.

The words were these,

If thou destroyest the temple, and buildest it in three days, save Thyself, 

And divorce Thy flesh from the wood which hath girded the foundation of Thy destruction.

So also declared those of headship from the Aaronic bloodline,

He breathed the breath of life into others; yet into Himself can He not breathe it.

They said this amidst the remainder of the cohorts of wickedness that the aged rulers had amassed.

Let the Anointed One, the Lord of the Jews descend from upon the heights of death,

So shouted the roaring crowd with a rancid fervor, 

While the unrighteous ones on both sides embittered themselves against Him.

And when the sixth hour arrived upon the hill,

The beginning of darkness arrived in a great wave,

And it endured in the sky for three hours, blotting out the sun, the moon, and the heavens that are above the earth so greatly that they appeared as nothingness in the skies.

And when the ninth hour arrived upon the hill,

Emmanuel exhausted a gust of the wind in his lungs, and cried, Why hast Thou forsaken me, Father? 

Then thought Emmanuel to Himself, Thou forsakest me even in the present time, Father; what shall stop thee from forsaking me for ever?

The crowd then thought they to themselves,

Lo, He calleth upon the first son of the prophets,

The one who also brought life back from the domain of death.

Then did one filled with weakness that expressed this fullness through cruelty come,

And he embittered the mouth of Emmanuel,

Thereby taunting his salvation.

And with a loud cry,

The Son of God among the living was no more;

It was the last time the voice of the Holy One was heard during His natural life.

And along the height of the veil of the temple descended a great wound to rent in twain that which was once whole.

While this once was the earthly shroud of God’s abode,

The new home of the Almighty Father needeth no covering.

When he saw the exclamation of Emmanuel, the shepherd of death that stood facing Him began to pontificate,

And pontification directed him then toward the revelation of the Word of the Lord, and He declared,

There is nothing in this life that I believe with more strength than that this man was Son of the God of this strange land.

From afar off watched the women of Emmanuel’s family while they mourned: 
among whom was one of the most dedicated hearts that Emmanuel had known, while there beside her stood watching the mothers of Emmanuel’s brethren.

They rendered due their service to Him in Spirit in order to fulfil His purpose even in the midst of His earthly death; 

And it is by their service that He bestowed unto them the knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of God.

Then came the eventime.

As the day of death faded from the sky,

The service of the law was required in order to prepare the day of rest to come.

And an esteemed man of the council went in unto the Enactor and boldly petitioned him for the body of Emmanuel, even though he would be falsely sewing the Name of Emmanuel onto his earthly family, rather than sewing his earthly family onto the Name of Emmanuel by this deed;

For this man waited earnestly upon the installation of the kingdom of light, and he knew that the earthly vessel of his Redeemer needed to be prepared before the day of rest; this deed left undone would delay the permitted time of the anointing of the corpse under the law until the end of the following day.

And the Enactor pondered thereon the certitude of Emmanuel’s death:

And he called unto himself the shepherd of death that had made observation of the true nature of Emmanuel,

And he asked the shepherd of death concerning the estate of the Son of God’s life on earth.

When the Enactor had been informed of Emmanuel’s death,

He brought himself to remembrance of his role in the death of the Son of the Holy One,

And he granted the body to the esteemed man of the council.

The man of the council used cloth wherewith to wrap the body of Emmanuel,

And laid His body in a sepulchre for the purpose of burying the dead.

Afterwards, he sealed the tomb with a stone that he rolled upon its entry.

There in the far reaches of the land wherein the Son of God was laid to rest stood the ones bound joyfully in servitude to the glory of God and His Son through the Spirit.

These were Madonna, who was Star of the Sea, and the highly-entrusted Magdalene, who was one of the most dedicated members of Emmanuel’s heavenly band.

And the two women beheld where the body of the Christ Pantocrator was laid to rest.

© 2021 Christopher James

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