“Dominium Dei”

“Dominium Dei”

A Poem by Christopher James

{Original Poem Based on I Clement XX (non-canonical biblical text)}

In perfect peace reside all things under the dominion of the Holy One,

Which lasteth for ever and ever.

By the ordinances of His will the heavens are guided.

Day completeth the night, whilst night completeth the day;

For these worlds of time adjust themselves continually upon their circuits by the direction of the everlasting charity of God.

And the wholeness of their being in mutuality makes them peaceable one toward another.

The motions of the celestial bodies of the heavens, which are ordered by the Master of all things, visible and invisible,

Have all been appointed from old,

And do not cross one over another, are not desirous of one another, nor are a plenitude of them even knowledgeable that other variations of themselves even exist.

There is no place for dissension from the good pleasure of the will of the Almighty; for it is an impossibility.

It is by this principle that all things are upheld, and all things know their stations and the circuits upon which they travel.

It is through the will of God Most High that fruit hath been borne, and all living things upon the earth have their meat from the Holy One.

The bounds that He hath appointed for that which is seen extend also to that which remaineth unseen.

His ordinances have extended unto the ends of darkness, just as they have unto the ends of light.

The visible seeds that grow the good pleasure of the will of the Father, which are the sun, the moon, and the heavens blanketed with every star, are as of just much import to God on High as the invisible seeds of faith, hope, and love,

Which can be said to be the brightest of God’s creations, yet they arise in complete dimness from within the regions of the abysses and all deep places, the dominion of terrestrial darknesses.

The Spirit of that which joineth the visible and the invisible aboundeth in the sea.

It is boundless, shapeless, and formless;

For underneath the waves reside the bonds of perceptible and imperceptible things.

When the Lord of all things created the sea,

He created a bound that its waves could not cross;

For in the occurrence of precipitous reaching across boundaries are the fixtures of creation drawn to degrade themselves inwardly, eventually fading away into themselves.

That great and wide sea, which enlargeth itself tempestuous in the ages of foreordained discord,

Is directed by the instruction of the Master.

All of His decrees extend unto the ends of all the worlds, which can all be seen through their reflections that are upon the waters.

The seasons of the year also obey His commands,

Which dare not to step one upon another;

For winter, spring, summer, and autumn all abide in the ways bestowed unto them by the God of tranquility and bliss.

Roaring fountains and rushing winds merge themselves with quietude,

And all fixtures of being are thereby placed into balance;

For by no other means doth the earth bestow life unto its surface.

The Lord of the heavens and earth hath bestowed His goodness unto all His creation;

For if the Master and Ruler of all things, visible and invisible, had not architected all things within the vision of a perpetually perfect arrangement of goodness,

Then He would not have delivered Himself in His lowliest form unto a people which He knew from the foundations of eternal life would betray Him in order satisfy their own covetousness.

Glory be unto the Holy One that we praise in perfect Majesty,

The Christ Pantocrator, the Son of God, the Firstborn of All Creation,

And let His infinitude encompass all Spirit, and let the seal of charity be sealed upon all hearts. Amen.

© 2021 Christopher James

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Added on September 24, 2021
Last Updated on September 24, 2021
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Christopher James
Christopher James

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