“Armageddon (New Heavens and a New Earth”

“Armageddon (New Heavens and a New Earth”

A Poem by Christopher James

{Original Poem Based on II Peter III}

The Word of life speaketh through His beloved apostle, Petros, unto the beloved of the Almighty these things,

Lo, the church will be enlivened through the heavenly authorship of its foundation.

By the device of the Spirit, I call upon the illumination of your hearts through Christ Almighty:

For the seal of truth is upon the words of those who came before, just as it is sealed upon the words of the Christ, 

Which both call you to reconcile your hearts to the Father of lights.

Ye know we have now been translated into the end of the present age in these last days,

And that the arrogant, the spiteful, and the embittered who reside at the left hand of the Accuser labor for nought, save their own covetousness, which is idolatry.

‭‭They are desirous to know concerning the end of the present aeon:

They proclaim the pleasures of their aimless direction of life, and they say in their hearts unto themselves,

Where is the promise of the Parousia after which we have been seeking? Where is the ultimate rejuvenation of Spirit that God hath claimed to provide us in the last days? Creation travelleth ever upon its foreordained circuits, and nothing shall ever change.

Both from within and without of the waters of the deep doth the earth abide in the present days, and the heavens were alway of old time by the Word of God;

The spiritual rot of sin causeth the wicked to collapse inwardly upon themselves, and they attempt to reestablish any semblance of inwardly-turned direction, as is in their nature, only to reveal that they have not even ownership of themselves; 

For it is God alone that may bestow the fruits of His abundance unto His creation.

The world that once was, the world that once grew life from its bowels, perished by the righteousness of the deluge that Noah and all his house did withstand,

So that the world could be remade, reformed, and remolded in the eyes of the God of all graces,

And the world that was home to the sons of God never witnessed the light, or the darkness, again.

Now the heavens and earth which have their being presently,

And have their being by this selfsame divine ordinance,

Have by this command been reserved unto the blazes of the fire for judgement and destruction of the godless ones.

You are all my beloved ones, 
And I enjoin you to be knowledgeable of this one thing,

That one day for the Holy One is an entire aeon, and an entire aeon for the Holy One is merely one day.

Some sons of man may count to their benefit their imagined slackness from the Father of all;

But the Almighty is not slack concerning the reconciliation of any object of creation unto Himself.

By His will doth He ensure that all things are appointed unto their proper stations, as those of His children unto whom He hath reconciled Himself find themselves transformed into that which they know is righteous to become.

As a thief in the night, the Lord will come;

Thereby the heavens of the present age shall pass away with a great noise, 

And the earth and all the fullness thereof which we see presently shall be burned away.

The one who is guided by the ordinances of the world shall try to recover that which they know cannot be saved;

For it is only through holy conversation and godliness that the objects of one’s true spiritual appetite are sanctified and enjoyed in the kingdom.

The present world will perish in the last days: then shall the bliss of righteousness overtake the foundations of the old world in its wake.

Engage yourselves in discussion concerning the coming day of the Lord,

Wherein the elements shall be melted with a fervent heat, and the heavens shall be burned up.

This is the day whereupon ye shall know the bonds of your salvation; 

Through the flames, ye shall perceive purity from within itself.

Righteousness dwelleth within the new heavens and the new earth for which we have been searching.

Amidst many trials and temptations, still we gaze into the future for the sign of the end of the present aeon, according to the sign of His promise.

At the initiation of the Parousia, declare your faith before His Holiness at the sight of His physicality made manifest in Christ.

Consider also, my beloved ones, the estate of diligence and its virtues;

For there is no honor in growing slack in the Spirit:

Maintain your Spirit through blamelessness, spotlessness, and amity in your hearts,

And ye shall be crowned with perfection, at the coming of the Lord.

The perseverance that the Lord doth possess is salvation;

For in wisdom did He send unto you all the spiritual shepherd of Christ’s grace;

For this beloved brother is a chief ambassador of Christ, sanctified in the unified body of the church.

The spiritual gift which is the wisdom that this beloved ambassador hath bestowed unto us is a treasure,

And within the written wisdom of this beloved brother, there be many instructions which can be interpreted by God for the ones who read it,

Or they can be destruction unto the foolhardy and ignorant ones who read it and choose which beliefs to adopt according to the course of the world.

Fall ye not away from the light which ye perpetually seek;

For when wickedness hath muddied the waters of your configurations of Spirit,

Do what ye must to secure your own steadfastness, watching for the coming of God alway.

Grow ye your roots in the grace of our Father, the most generous God on High,

Grow ye also your branches of knowledge through Christ the King, His Holy Son and Redeemer of the world.

To Him be gloriousness both now and for ever. Amen.

© 2021 Christopher James

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Added on September 24, 2021
Last Updated on September 24, 2021
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Christopher James

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