“My Messenger (Malachias)”

“My Messenger (Malachias)”

A Poem by Christopher James

{Original Poem Based on the Prophet Malachi}

The burden which hath been carried by the messenger of the LORD

Who is the LORD of the heavens

Unto the nation laden with the burden of God, O mighty Israel.

The LORD hath great love for His people,

Yet they beg of the LORD to reveal unto them His love, despite Him having loved them from the beginning of the world.

The LORD hath love for the seed of Israel,

But he hath none for the seed of Edom.

For the nation of Edom and the bloodline of Esau hath been laid to waste by the most righteous God on High.

The dragons of the wild places shall inhabit their lands, and feast on the dust of their bones.

Edom hath declared its intention to build up, and to heal its own wounds,

Yet the LORD hath sworn everlasting indignation unto the seed of the one who robbed himself of his greatest inheritance.

The LORD of Lords shall cast down every wicked tower built by the descendants of the lesser son of Isaac.

Yet from the seed of Jacob the LORD hath forged his own magnification.

His preeminence shall be declared 

And it shall be gazed upon by every eye.

The citizen awaiteth the commandments of the law, and the child awaiteth the commandments of his parents.

If these things be so, should not the priests await the commandments of God?

The priests provoke their God to wrath, for they keep that which is unspotted for themselves.

And they have put forth their spotted offerings

As though they were without blemish before the LORD.

For by these profane offerings, God hath condemned the priests, because they hath declared their contempt for the LORD.

It is evil to offer the sightless unto God in the hope of gaining sight.

It is evil to offer those without health, and without bodily power, unto God in the hope of gaining health and life.

Offer these things unto thy governor, and thou shalt not have a room in the palace.

Beseech the LORD that He should give us grace in His sight:

This hath been your means given to you by God,

Yet will he regard the degeneration of the goodness of his kingdom, which is in you all?

Would ye close the door to the palace for no reason under heaven, neither under the earth?

Ye kindle fires upon my altar, ye that have profaned the tabernacle, (the abode of the covenant of the fathers), so saith the LORD.

The LORD accepteth not your corrupted offerings, nor doth ye the will of His good pleasure through your hearts.

As the sun riseth up, and unto its going down, shall the name of the LORD be known by every Gentile, and every child of Israel!

A pure offering of incense shall be made in every place unto the great name of the LORD, who hath forged all of creation.

Those who have not known my name in their hearts will know me by my Name; I Am That Which I Am, so saith God.

Ye have profaned the table in calling it profane,

For this is iniquity, and a great evil,

And with fullness of your Spirit (which ye have turned into corruption) ye say the fruits of the LORD are contemptible.

Ye have grown weary in your duties, ye have grown a cursed tree which groweth evil fruit:

Ye have profaned the sacred table with the rancid stench of the immolated creatures of spot.

Should the LORD be provoked to accept this offering at the hand of a slothful and odious priesthood?

God forbid: for the sons of Levi which have, and give not, are accursed in every age hence.

My name is dreadful among the Gentiles, so saith the LORD.

I am a great King above all things, visible and invisible.

O ye priests, 

This message cometh unto you all

From the mouth of God!

The LORD shall send a curse upon thee, O vain and unrighteous priesthood,

If ye should not lay it unto your hearts

To praise the Holy One of Israel: Provoke Him not to anger, O wicked ones!

Your seed shall be corrupted, and dung shall be smeared upon your faces!

Ye shall all be taken away with it,

Even with the dung of your solemn feasts!

The LORD hath sent a commandment unto the sons of Levi, which are your brotherhood,

And ye shall know it by and through your hearts.

The commandment from the LORD of Hosts is that His covenant might be with Levi, in the Spirit.

His covenant is the covenant of life and peace,

And it was with him.

Therewith was the bond sealed by mutual fear.

There was to be no iniquity upon his lips, there was to be no sin in his heart,

For he was a man of God’s measure, and the law of truth was to lie upon his tongue

(As it became him as a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek).

The lips of the priests should keep knowledge, and dispense it with wisdom at heart.

The priests should speak as messengers of the LORD of Hosts

And should search for the law with every word they so utter.

The way hath been departed from by a treacherous people,

As they have betrayed their nation by causing it to stumble at the law;
The covenant of Levi is corrupted.

And so it shall be, as it must be, that the sons of Levi shall be made low according as they have not kept their covenant with God.

For they have only been partial in the law

And in so doing hath not kept the ways of the Holy One of Israel.

There is one Father and God of all things, seen and unseen,

Yet we have profaned the covenant of our fathers,

We have dealt treacherously, and in so doing, have dealt treacherously with our own Spirit.

Judah hath been exceeding treacherous,

And there hath been committed an abomination in the land of Israel, and in the City of God.

Judah hath divorced from the LORD and married the daughter of some strange God, and in so doing hath profaned the holiness of the LORD which he loved.

The master and the scholar both that doeth this shall be cut off by the LORD,

And every one of them that maketh an offering unto the LORD of hosts shall meet their end

Through being cast off from the tabernacle of the seed of Israel.

With tears and woe ye have covered the altar,

For no longer ye regard the offering made unto your Father.

Ye have done it once more; it is a sore travail!

Wherefore, ye say in your hearts,

Because the LORD hath been the witness between you and the wives to whom the cleave,

And ye have dealt treacherously against Him, the Holy One of your covenant, and your companionship.

He hath made one, yet he had a residue of the Spirit.

This is to seek a godly seed, a seed of the LORD.

Let none deal treacherously against his wife: take heed to your Spirit.

The Holy One of Israel hateth divorcement; it is an abomination in His eyes.

Take heed to your configurations of Spirit, that ye deal not treacherously before the countenance of God.

One shall not cover violence with his garment, so saith the LORD of Lords.

The LORD hath grown weary of your words, and ye believe not that ye have wearied Him.

Ye have cast asunder the boundaries between good and evil; ye have attempted to usurp the scepter of righteousness.

Ye have doubted the presence of the Holy One, and by this have ye wearied God in the Spirit.

Lo, my messenger cometh, and the way before me shall be prepared by him, so saith the LORD.

And in a tempest, my messenger shall arrive in his temple, and ye shall delight in him.

Lo, my messenger, the one who I send before me, shall come in a blaze of fire.

In the first, the LORD cleansed the surface of the earth with water: In the present age, His messenger shall cleanse its bowels with fire.

Who shall withstand the great and fervent heat of the Lord? Who shall lack need for purification at the hand of His Messenger? In the day of his coming, who will abide unspotted in his fire?

By the hand of God, through the good works and the faith of His Messenger, the purification of all things is attained, and all members of the body submit to their unification under one will, which is His and His alone.

And the silver, to which ye have been likened, shall be purified by the Messenger of the LORD.

The Messenger of the LORD shall purify the sons of Levi

That they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.

In that day, the offering of Judah and Jerusalem shall please the LORD.

This is that which was ordained of old time;

It is that which is of the former years.

And the LORD shall be a swift witness against every rebel and usurper of God:

The sorcerers, the adulterers, whosoever sweareth false oaths, whosoever is an oppressor of the widow and the fatherless in their wages, whosoever casteth aside the stranger, and whosoever hath not fear of God

Shall be drawn nigh unto judgement by the LORD of hosts.

I Am That Which I Am;
For I change not, saith God on High.

Therefore, the sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Even from the days of old time, the ordinances of God were ignored:

Even in the days of our fathers, the commandments of our LORD were discarded by the priesthood of God’s people.

Yet as Israel returneth unto God, the God of our fathers returneth unto Israel.

Will a man rob God? Is there any greater offense to the Almighty than this?

God hath been robbed by His priesthood:

He hath been robbed in tithes and offerings.

God curseth the priesthood for this iniquity; yea, it is evil, and a sore travail which they have committed.

The wretched priesthood hath robbed God on High;

The accursed sons of Levi have robbed the entire nation of Israel:

They have betrayed their own brothers and sisters.

The storehouses must be filled with the fruits of the tithe, for the house of God hath need of the surplus of His people.

For in making this very thing so, the LORD shall bless ye with exceeding abundance and heavenly riches.

Thou, O Israel that I love, shall see every one of thy spaces filled entirely by the ripened fruits my grace, so saith the LORD.

The one who devoureth will be rebuked for the sake of the nation,

And the fruits which abide in the heart of Israel shall not be consumed, so saith the LORD of Hosts.

Her vine shall not cast fruit before the time in the field cometh, so saith God on High.

And all nations shall call my beloved blessed:

For my bride shall be exceeding prosperous, and she shall be plentiful in her fruits.

The God of the heavens hath placed His beacon of righteousness at the center of the world, to be adored by all peoples.

The words of the heavenly bride hath been stout against her LORD;

Yet the heavenly bride desireth to appear blameless, and so saith she,

What words were spoken by us against our LORD?

Ye have questioned the heavenly purpose of the covenant between God and our fathers,

And the only thing which ye have sought is thy own benefit.

Ye have expected a superfluous reward for doing what ye so must do in any wise.

In the present times, the proud are called happy,

For the wicked are propped up: yea, their light shineth in the sky as doth a blood-drenched sun, crimson and profane.

Even they who have tempted God are delivered from their iniquity, which should pierce through them as though they had fallen on their own swords.

They who are fearful of the LORD spake one to another,

And the LORD heard their murmurings,

And a book was written with the names of each member of the fearful ones, who thought fondly upon the name of their Master, recorded therein.

And they shall be mine, so saith our God, the God of our fathers, and the God of Israel.

The LORD shall spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him,

He shall spare them in that day, wherein the LORD God maketh up His jewels.

In that day, the nation shall return and discern between the righteous and the wicked,

Between obedience to God and the usurping of His authority;

The scale shall be balanced; for every righteousness, and every wickedness, shall be revealed as the elements melt with a fervent heat.

Lo, O ye iniquitous and perverse nation, which have heeded not the inclinations of the LORD your Master, take ye heed.

The day cometh wherein the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and all that do wickedly shall be burnt up,

For neither root nor branch of the wicked tree shall withstand the purifying fire of the Holy One of Israel.

Yet unto they that fear the Name of the LORD shall a crown of righteousness and rejoicing in the Spirit be bestowed,

For the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings,

And they that fear the name of the LORD shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall.

The wicked shall be trodden upon by the righteous and the just,

For they shall be ashes when the time appointed for the world’s purification by fire cometh.

In the day that God shall make every crooked thing straightened, the wicked shall be as dust under the feet of the heavenly populace.

Remember ye the law of Moses, the man of God, which was given unto him by the LORD for the sake of the heart of Israel.

Set to heart his statutes and judgements, that ye may find rest in the peace of the LORD;

Be ye servants of God on High as was Moses, the giver of the law.
Lo, O mighty Israel, listen ye closely with a devout ear:

The LORD shall send His prophet Elijah before His great and dreadful day,

And in so doing shall seal the times upon the circuits of their stations appointed by the LORD God of the heavens.

For He shall turn the hearts of the fathers unto their children,

And He shall turn the hearts of the children unto their fathers.

And if this be not so, the earth shall be accursed by the LORD, and smote by it. Amen.

© 2021 Christopher James

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