Nothing to see.

Nothing to see.

A Poem by dukovan

This is a revised version of "At the end" Just ended up taking on new meaning over time, this are the lyrics generally sung, the whole format is more fit for the song.


I cut out your body,
from a letter you wrote.
It read like the future,
of you and your ghosts.


Tomorrows paper,
was left on my porch.
Its a black and white sea,
that could swallow my soul.


I saw the distance,
as far as I know.
I think theres a difference,
wherever we go.
I don't know.

Someone followed me home,

to a place I don't know,

a way I don't normally go.


I heard our parents die,
and our knocking demise.
I talked to my mother,
she says, "I think that we fly."


There's a fear in the name,
of a man I cant see.
I opened the door,
and was struck by the breeze.


If you can touch it,
then It must be real.
There's nothing to see here,
its just how we feel,
I feel.

Someone followed me home,
through a way I don't know,
a place,
I don't normally go.
These layered equations
are telling a joke,
of the bodies and bundles
of my families old clothes.


The tree's are the arrows,
pointing them home.
Living in stages,
how far did they go?


The tree's are the arrows
of my quivering hope.
Flying away,
how far did they go,
I don't know.
Someone followed me home.
Its a way I don't go;
a faith I don't normally know.
The wind through the trees,
the roots and the branches,
break like my knees.

She's dying through me.
So give me a sign;
the wind through the trees.
If you can touch it,
then it must be real.
There's nothing to see here,
its just how you feel,
I feel.

© 2012 dukovan

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Added on April 10, 2012
Last Updated on April 13, 2012



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