That girl.

That girl.

A Poem by Karissa.

smile for me baby


 At times I find myself screaming.

But as I look around I see no one is effected.

No one is disturbed.

No one even notices.

I feel as if I’m in this bubble.

Yes, people can see me.

But they can’t hear a word that comes from my mouth.

It’s moments like these that I question the people that surround me.

It’s funny how in my mind I can be upset as can be

and on the outside I‘m the usual girl that they see every day.

Smiling, laughing, and overall happy.

Once your portrayed as that character there’s nothing left but that image in other’s minds.

Most know me as the girl who they’ve

never seen stop smiling.”

I myself hate being that girl.

Now I have to be that girl.

That perfect girl.

That one that everyone says they like but secretly hates.

That one who shows no emotion.

That one that has so many problems in the inside

but won’t tell a soul to maintain their lifestyle.

I am tired of being that girl.


© 2008 Karissa.

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Be whoever you want to be! If you don't like the way you're labeled(which no one should do to you), then change it!
Amazing poem, great emotion, keep up the awesome work!


Posted 12 Years Ago

What has not written a poem like this? I can honestly say those I've known and read all have, whether they publish or no. (mostly no.) A poet must write, and how better to get out angst than in such a harmless form. You have done this well. Cheers.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Then don't be it. But the true problem is that most people around you won't care or notice that you changed either (if you do). Good poem though. A scream in silence is still a scream.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 7, 2008
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San Diego, CA

I'm Karissa. I'm 15 years old and I have a lot to say. Lets get to know each other. Beauty In The Breakdown - The Scene Aesthetic more..

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A Poem by Karissa.

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