The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna

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This is a paper I wrote discussing the spiritual implications of the Big Kahuna with Danny Devito.



Colt Vaughn
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Senior Capstone
The Big Kahuna
            The Big Kahuna is a very interesting film that grants to its viewers a glimpse into the world of a Christian business man. The film shows the adventures of three business men, each one completely different from the other. There’s Larry the eccentric, seemingly cocky loudmouth that knows a little something about everything. There’s Phil who looks like he is going to burst into tears at any moment. Phil is a kind, gentle, and completely broken man. His life is in shambles and he seems to be losing his will to live at all. Then there’s Bob. Bob is a young, ambitious, optimistic Christian who is just starting to get his feet wet in the business world. He is cheerful and eager to leave his mark on the world and within the company. This film brings up an important issue for our generation, and that is what role does One’s faith play in the workplace, and should it play one at all?
            Just prior to the climax of the film, Bob discovers that the man he spent the night talking to was the big Kahuna. He was the president of the company that the three business men were sent to Wichita, Kansas to convince him to buy products from their company. Bob did not know who the man was and spent the night talking about, dogs, family, and most importantly faith.
           Phil and Larry discovered that Bob had talked to the big Kahuna they sent him to the private party to leave a business card. This is when the film gives us something to think about. Bob never even mentions his company while talking to the man, because he does not want him to think he was using his faith to get close to the guy to make a sale. He shares his faith and goes back to face Larry and Phil. Larry (just prior to physically attacking him) tells him that he was insincere because he did not do what he was supposed to do. I have no problem with Bob sharing his faith. I think that is a lesson we can all take from him. We all need to share what God has given us. It is our primary vocation while on earth to win others to Jesus; however we can learn something from Larry as well.
            Bob was not dealing fairly with his colleagues or his company when he refused to even give the man a business card. He did not even have to make the pitch himself. All Larry and Phil wanted was an opportunity to sell their product. I know why Bob did not give him the card, but I think he could have been true to his faith, colleagues, and company if he would have given the card to the man. That would have probably been a better testimony to his coworkers than not doing business at all. As Christians we need to heed to the lesson offered by Bob, but also to the one offered by Larry. Be true to your faith, your friends, and your employer. This will give you a spotless testimony for all to see.  

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Great job !!! Very informative

Posted 9 Years Ago

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