Today's Poetic Meanderings

Today's Poetic Meanderings

A Poem by Paladin4life

Just a thought or two


Goodmorning world I'm here again.

Slumber held sway for a few hours but I'm back

What do you hold for me today

Better yet what do I hold for you

Ah this life is so swiftly it flies

I can't keep up with the sun

His daily circuit already well underway

How many times will I see the sunrise

How many nights will I watch the moon appear

How many times will I search out Orion's form

The perpetual hunter in celestial garb

I am not depressed nor do I speak in fear

This life is just the first page of the novel of my existence

Yet in this knowledge I still want to run

To chase attach an anchor to the fiery timekeeper

To slow the sun in his daily passage

I long to do as Joshua did in days of old

When he he called on God to pause this world

Ah but at the thought could I truly ask for such a thing

The day's of my youth are another's old age

Further still there are other souls yet to be born

How can I this world bar from them

So now I know why the sun his course does ride

This life truly is a shepherd's drive

We all are born with one set goal

We shall pass through the vale

Death holds sway at life's end

But that is just a simple door

Nothing more than a turn of the page if well prepared

Salvation is free to all who call on Christ now

Don't wait  for pardon at the Great White Throne

Other thoughts I have as the day continues

I see  the suffering of this world and my heart crumbles

Most days A hard exoskeleton to the world prevent this

But not today

The fly swatter of observation busted my shell

Thus the world flooded in with all its woes

I see children hungry for attention whose love will wither and die

ParentsI view trying to reach out to orcish children

Their hearts too shadowfilled to see Mother's tears

I see murder and rape abound

Cruel men torture and mame all who wonder too far from home

Oh what a world this must have been when Adam first felt God's breath in his lungs

When all things were new and life had no antithesis

My hope lies in one simple fact

That all that has been damaged will be made new

The shards of creation crushed by corruption's power

will once again be made anew

Anyways these are the wonderings of my mind on this day

Take them for what you will.



© 2009 Paladin4life

Author's Note

Hope you enjoy.

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well written poem.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 3, 2009
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Kingsport, TN

Greetings! I am a 28 year old born again Christian, preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as the owner of a B.A degree in Psychology. I read the Bible more than anything else, because I base.. more..

Beloved Beloved

A Poem by Paladin4life