My Friends

My Friends

A Chapter by Mudkipz

The chapter all about my 7th grade friends.


My awesome friends are mentioned in this chapter, I'm still friends with most of them.


Laura Wolfskill- My writing buddy. She has a Writerscafe account, and she wears glasses, has blue-green eyes, and strawberry blonde, shoulder length wavy hair. She also has cool looking green braces.


Sarah Schulz- Also has a Writerscafe account. She always gives me good advice when I need it, I've also known her for a very long time. (since about second grade.) She has dark brown wavy hair, just below her shoulders, and brown eyes.


Lori Neff- Over the school year, I became her friend. She is very nice and me, her, and Laura used to talk in social studies a lot. She has dark brown hair quite a bit below her shoulders, and dark brown eyes. She also wears purple or green eyeshadow.


Megan Obermiller- I became friends with her like Lori. She is a little shy, but she is a very good artist. She has brown hair above her shoulders, and blue eyes. She also wears clear glasses.


Joy-Lynn Grasty- She is best friends with Laura, also very good at drawing. She has shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and pink glasses with hearts on them. I am not her friend anymore.


Zoe Gordillo- She always wears clothes from Hot Topic. She loves Gir from Invader Zim, and she likes to drink giant cans of Monster. She is very funny, and has black hair just below her shoulders, and dark brown eyes.


Veronica Sherman- She was my locker partner. We did a lot of things together that year, and before then, we didn't even know each other's name! (lol their the same- Veronica.) She has shoulder length blonde hair, and brown eyes.


Luke Hess- He is pretty funny, and random at times. he bakes really good banana bread, and knows how to make me scream! He wears wire-frame glasses, and has short blonde hair and blue eyes.


Jordan Keck- He's my taekwondo buddy, but we're also in the same grade at the same school. He loves to play baseball with his buddy, Ross and has short blonde hair and blue eyes.


Ross Floyd- His best friend is Jordan, and he loves baseball as well. He also has short blonde hair and blue eyes.


Anthony Chatman- He has "issues" with some certain people, and he's a basketball freak. He like to doodle in class, and has very short black hair, and dark brown eyes. (He's African-American.)


Michael Carlson- He's on the swin team, plus he's very funny. He has short blonde hair that he spikes, and blue eyes.


So there are my friends. The next chapter will be about my teachers!

© 2010 Mudkipz

Author's Note

I hoped it wasn't boring, just need to tell you about some people first, or this won't make any sense at all!

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Oh, the memories of the seventh grade friends.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 23, 2010
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Somewhere....., IL

Well,I made this account for my friends in school to see my writing,since I want them to know I'm a writer. I am 13,my birthday is November 23rd,and I am a Saggitarius. I like to write,play game.. more..

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