Me From A To Z

Me From A To Z

A Story by dw817

26-letters of the alphabet and everything you ever wanted to know about me - what's not to like ? :)


   Me From A To Z   


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If you have any questions about the site or how to do cool stuff in it, I'm here almost every day so you are more than welcome to ask me for assistance as I'm becoming quite familiar with everything now.

WOW ! I just found out I'm a top writer for today and have only been here a few days ! Now either they set the bar REALLY low for noobers like me or I must be doing something right. [LINK#1], [LINK#2], and [LINK#3].

Anyways, a bit about me -

I am a bit of a science-fiction and fantasy writer in truth (although my writing can get pretty crazy) having worked on 5 novels Online (3 to completion) and am finally getting around to having one published professionally through Amazon eBooks. I am also fairly adept and knowledgeable about computers including anti-virus, HTML programming, Blitz-Max programming, and various methods of media encoding.

I am also a survivor from Xanga. If you've been there, you know what we are all going through.

I have written the occasional bits of poetry, short stories and articles on theology and our place in the universe. Still not really sure where I belong tho I've had many people tell me and sometimes they're not being nice about what they say.

Anyways, I know a fair amount about programming and the Internet and am pretty good about finding hard-to-get stuff.

I can also be hysterical, anguished, paranoid, doubtful, empathic, forgiving, melancholic, nostalgic, annoyed, silly, crazy, isolated, passionate, adoring, anxious, irritable, infatuated, aroused, curious, grieved, emotional, jealous, sympathetic, sad, resentful, remorseful, ecstatic, amusing, humiliated, panicked, fearful, kind, sentimental, loving, affectionate, pouting, grateful, regretful, enthusiastic, fanatical, zany, optimistic, hyper, accepting, scheming, courageous, ashamed, shy, lonely, hopeful, compassionate, pessimistic, and get embarrassed by stuff pretty easily - yeah.

I can be happy too - on Saturdays, especially with a dish of ice-cream.

So if I make any sense to you, enjoy that magic moment cause it might not be there later.

My own 3 favorite sayings are:

When I'm feeling like showing how important it is for a person's actions compared to their status in life:

"It is not the position of a person that makes one great but their disposition."

When I'm feeling like I'm crazy mad:

"You don't know what you're doing but you're gonna go ahead and does it anyways cause you don't know what else to do, right !?"

When I'm feeling like I'm explaining my position and alignment:

"I am not necessarily right or wrong but I am often there to help you in any case."

Below are 26-letters of the alphabet and me answering all kindsa questions about them.

This is from an idea by MEME whom I met in DeviantART. I later found out this idea has been going on for YEARS now so I don't know who originally started it, and you are welcome to write your own.


- Available?: As a friend or as a virtual internet relative, not much more than that

- Age?: Old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyways. 46 in truth.

- Annoyance?: Getting the last bit of coffee out of those international food coffee tins, try it !

- Allergic?: Nothing to my knowledge, allergic to colds, there ya go

- Animal?: I'm very fond of cats, and furry dogs, not hairy dogs, my G/F is raising a pet squirrel, 5-years now

- Actor?: basically anyone crazy enough to act well (or vice-versa)



- Beer?: nooo, tastes like pennies in water

- Birthday/Birthplace?: Nov 30, Harris Hospital, Planet EARTH, Flying Saucers come save me now !

- Best Friends?: Chris, Rose, Carlos, and my sister (hey, I bet some of you can't stand your sister)

- Body part on opposite sex: Hair & Eyes, anything further than that I consider below the belt and a penalty

- Best feeling in the world: cuddling, no petting, anything involving electricity and I'm out the door

- Blind or Deaf?: Which would I take if I hadda choice ? I would like to HEAR MUSIC

- Best weather: Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, let's face it, if it's devastating I'm in Nirvana

- Been in love?: Still am to my knowledge, if I understand the word correctly, and no, no-one does

- Been bitched out?: Waaay too many times, my G/F believes in discipline besides

- Been on stage?: Yes, and stage-fright took the center stage !

- Believe in yourself?: No. I believe in others that believe in me, period, there are no exceptions

- Believe in miracles?: Yes, the Snowflake - Pi, God, umm - hubcaps, those are neat

- Believe in magic?: Not now, there's a protective shell preventing it from occurring today

- Believe in God?: More importantly, does God believe in me ? And I think the answer to that is NO, moving on

- Believe in Satan?: The other side of the coin. And Yes, mankind exists so the definition of Satan exists within him

- Believe in ghosts/Spirits?: Oh yeah ! I've seen a few ghosts, they are lost and very upset, so don't bother them

- Believe in evolution?: Not recently but a hundred years ago ? Yes, it was very prevalent then



- Car: Only in my mind, I don't drive today, it's too expensive and too dangerous, friends take me places

- Candy: Haribo Brand Gummy Bears. I am much like the Koala Bear who only likes one thing regarding candy

- Color: Blue, to a religious and worship level, it is my Guardian's signature and protection for me

- Cried?: Often, Early, and Every. I will find myself crying tears at least once a day over something or other

- Chocolate/Vanilla: White Chocolate or Vanilla, I despise real chocolate

- Chinese/Mexican?: Preferred Race ? I think the Oriental will contribute GREATLY to mankind's technology

- Cake or Pie: Frozen Ice Cream Icebox Pie, not the regular kind, Coconut is a good flavor for that

- Countries to visit: I would like to ? Japan and Antarctica, I'm quite serious about that last one



- Day or Night: I don't recognize hours of the day except for the human need to sleep, 10-hours if I can get it

- Dream Vehicle: The one I picked for Dev in my novel is pretty nice.

- Danced?: Years ago I could dance VERY WELL, (my friend Chris called me the Cricket), today - not so good)

- Dance in the rain?: Only with my Mother, and yes, we were fools and - dancing - and - you get the picture

- Dance in the middle of the street?: That was our stage

- Do the splits?: When I was 12-years old I came very close to doing it. Today you'll have to call a medic



- Eggs: Farm Fresh Eggs are the best and more nutritious than those white you get in the grocery store

- Eyes: My eyes are green-blue with jagged rings of orange fire just outside the pupil, just look for that in my photos

- Everyone has: Opinions, Answers, Options, and Awesomes

- Ever failed a class: MANY TIMES, too many to count, I imagine bullying back then didn't contribute to my studies



- First crush: Sharon from 3rd grade, she held my hand while - well, she comforted me and that's all I'm gonna say

- Full first name: David, dee ay vee eye dee-ee 

- First thoughts waking up: Man that coffee isn't gonna make itself !

- Food: Too many ! Pizza, food of the Gods, Hamburgers, the other white meat, and anything involving CHEESE



- Greatest Fear: When I DON'T take my evening meds, those voices in your head will rip you to shreds man

- Giver or Taker: Giver, always, I find exceptionally good and random things happen to you when you do this

- Goals: At this point, to make others happy, and to find someone who accepts ME for ME (still looking)

- Gum: I despise chewing gum for the very fact you can't swallow the blessed thing once you chew it up

- Get along with your parents?: Phew - Not entirely - and I could write a whole novel on this (if I haven't yet already)

- Good luck charm: Anything sparkly shiny or silvery, or powered by batteries to light up, I'm not picky



- Hair color: Brown, thanks to modern technological science ! Well, it's kinna brown on it's own too.

- Height: 5'10" although when I was growing up till I was 15 I felt and believed I was always 3-feet tall

- Happy?: What in the WORLD can you possibly be happy about today !? Oh, well, in that case, yes, I suppose I am

- Holidays: Halloween, only cause that's my G/F's favorite, used to be Christmas till I found out at 16, no Santa Claus

- How do you want to die?: I'm really not fond of the notion, however if I do, I want to FREEZE to death

- Health Freak?: Hell no, you gonna eat those Fries, man ?

- Hate?: Hate - destroys everything. But it makes a good topic for fictional stories I have found, that and revenge



(What to see in boys/girls)

- Eye color in him/her: Eyes are 2nd important to me so obviously BLUE or anything you can fall in and get lost

- Height in him/her: I like it when they're taller than me (hard to do cause I'm pretty tall myself), I like dominant

- Clothing Style in him/her: For girls ? Dress to thrill. In boys ? The same. Short skirts are neat to look at.

- Characteristics in him/her: I tell them everything about me and they're still standing there a few minutes later


- Ice cream: Vanilla. Solely, Exclusively, and righteously

- Instrument?: I play the piano well, I can also play a lap-harp cause that's just a crookywise piano with strings



- Jewelry?: Only if it sparkles like a million diamonds in the sun, the heck with the fact it's plastic

- Job?: Too many ! My best job was working for Star Telegram, my worst was a fry cook



- Kids: Always doing something naughty, mischievous, illegal, immoral, or uncharacteristic. God bless 'em !

- Kickboxing or Karate: I took Karate Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan, got a Green Belt, best I could do

- Keep a journal?: I WRITE lots about my adventures in life and work 'em all into my novels


- Longest Car Ride: Odd question, I think 36-hours when me and Dad went cross-country

- Love?: Yes, please. Oh, do I BELIEVE in love ? Two people can agree on this, if it's one there better be lotion !

- Letter: Q It's that little tail on the end that makes the unique difference

- Laughed so hard you cried?: Many times, my friend Chris is quite the straight-faced cut-up

- Love at first sight?: When I was younger ? Yes. Today ? Rose lets me know that's dangerous behavior



- Milk flavor: Strawberry, or Bunny Milk as Carlos' daughter calls it ! Go Nestle Bunny !

- Movie: I like quite a few ! I recently saw AVENGERS and think it's the greatest film of the decade. AWESOME !

- Mooned anyone?: No, have I been ? Waaay too many times, and I've gotten -much- worse in school afterwards

- Marriage?: Rose said we will, but she also said there will be special contracts I need to sign, Chris is wary

- Motion Sickness?: Only if Dottie drives, then I need a peppermint every 10-miles

- McD's or BK?: Burger King isn't doing so well in business, so it's definitely McDonald's for me



- Number of piercings: eww, NONE, well, I got my ear pierced one time by Rose for an earring, long story 

- Number?: Yes, 17, curiously prime, and curiously makes a triangle if you put them together, ooh, creepy stuff !



- Overused phrases: Dju, my abbreviation for "did you" I have others if you like !

- One wish: World Peace. No ? World Friendliness, can't have that ? World Acceptance ? Ah forget it then

- One phobia: I'm afraid of people that have them, they creep me out



- Place you'd like to live: Finances not withstanding ? Either Japan or Antarctica, Disneyworld might be nice

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi's a little too sweet, I prefer Coca Cola, although Vernor's Ginger Ale is the best !



- Quall: (pretty sure this is Quell as Quall isn't a word), Quell the violence is my answer to this one

- Questionnaires: I think I'm answering one right now.



- Reasons to cry: Too many to count, and just trying to count them, I'll cry all the same

- Reality T.V.: Me and Rose watch the series called, "Solitary" and it's pretty cool stuff

- Radio Station: KOEZ when it was broadcasting, today, I listen to KLUX internet radio for NICE music !

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: I can, but it better be something good for me to do that kinna oral treatment



- Song?: Too many ! Trance, easy-listening, and all that good old stuff you'll cry out, "I remember that stuff !"

- Shoe Size: BIG but not huge. I'm not sure, I think it's 9 and something something.

- Sushi?: Absolutely ! That's delicious stuff ! Ice cold is the best ! Fresh fish beats all the rest !

- Skipped school?: Only to get out of bullying, and I only did it once as I got it from them good (or bad) the next day

- Slept outside?: Yep, I've done outdoor camping, drowned in the mud trying to setup a tent one time

- Seen a dead body?: Maybe, I know I saw a stretcher being wheeled down the school hallway with someone on it

- Smoked?: Noo, that will kill you, actually lotsa stuff will, but this gets you to cut in line for your certificate

- Skinny dipped?: Yep, back at Camp Crucis, me and 20 other guys and girls when I was 8

- Shower daily?: I get free water here so sometimes 2x a day if I feel like it

- Sing well?: The people in church say I have a wonderful voice, back in 3rd grade I got a GOLD award for Soprano

- Sing in the shower?: Never, my neighbors would pound the walls (or me) with cinder blocks if I did

- Swear?: I try not to, but if I'm alone and no-one can hear me and I'm MAD, I will say, "Fruit Berry !"

- Stuffed animals?: Must - be a - Teddy Bear, and I have several, and I talk to them daily, stop smiling

- Single/Group dates: I've only been with Rose, well, and Wayne, prior to that, but only for 2-years

- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries, Blueberries are too sour, strawberries and half and half

- Scientists need to invent: Hovercars, Teleportation, and chewing gum you can actually swallow darnit !



- Time for bed: After I take my pill, it's bedtime, no way to argue out of that unless I like waking up on a keyboard

- Thunderstorms: The more furious the better, I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms, high winds, rain, all that stuff

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Well, you caught me trying, that gives me one gullible point for today



- Unpredictable: I'll give you a definite maybe the day after tomorrow's yesterday whenever I feel like it, perhaps.

- Under the influence?: One time Chris let me try Ouzo, a liquor, I liked it, me and the floor kissed each other

- Understanding?: I try to be, but know this, SOMEONE will always say you are not, hard to believe but true



- Vegetable you hate: Not too many ! Umm - purple cabbage leaves, I'll whorf anything else

- Vegetable you love: Spinach and Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens when I can find them, I like most of them

- Vacation spot: Well, where I am right now is good, I did enjoy visit to Mexico, Ajiji resort, cute Mexican girls



- Weakness: Even today I am quite gullible, and if someone holds my hand, I will go with them, anywhere

- When you grow up: I don't understand that question ?

- Worst feeling: Remembering happy times that will never be again, that's the worst ... yah

- Wanted to be a model?: When I was with Wayne in my 20s, he dressed me up as a girl and I LIKED it

- Where do we go when we die: My Father died 2-years ago, he said, "You get to do what you want to."

- Worst weather: Those godawful days full of Sunshine, blecch ... gimme snowy rainy stormy days anyday

- Walk with a book on your head?: Taught that by a teacher that did -odd- things alone with me, different story



- X-rays: I got one recently for my foot, I guess I walk too much, my legs are really muscular like Popeye, I'm serious



- Year it is now: 2013, only one more month till Armageddon ! Yeah right.

- Yellow: The color of my backbone ? Ahah, and no, I don't stand up to Rose, she says we have a good understanding



- Zoo animal: Monkeys - fun to watch except they mimic us and that's when they get really GROSS !

- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, the archer (yes, that's spelled correctly, A R C H E R)

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Questions, comments, compliments, or kerosene, take your pick and lemme know what ya think ! :)

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This is really interesting. I never seen something like this. It's nice to get to know you better dw817

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

I'd be curious to see others fill out an A-Z of themselves. That would definitely be something I wou.. read more
Tsubaki Kuro

4 Years Ago

Cool, I might do one.

4 Years Ago

PM to let me know when you do. I'd like that. OK, just about ready for bed here.
i loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


5 Years Ago

Well I'm glad you did, Steven. Now go write a profile for yourself - let me know, and I will definit.. read more
you have kerosene, i really needed some yesterday

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Actually no ... My friend Chris is having a get-together this next weekend and he too needed kerosen.. read more
You have kerosene, I needed some last week, why did I not read this earlier?

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Hey, it is not a problem, Jewel. I definitely appreciate your readership and feel free to ask questi.. read more

6 Years Ago

Thanks, it was a great little list of stuff about you.
Very cool. I also like the added humor. It makes the read very enjoyable. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

I'm glad you liked it, minju - this is me. I tried to answer each question as honestly as I more
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