July 22 23 24 2013

July 22 23 24 2013

A Chapter by dw817

It said there is more than enough resources on Earth and using the methods of wind power, solar power, geothermic energy, and wave power, we can easily power everything we need for the entire planet.


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It all started Monday morning. I knew I had to go and see my psychiatrist downtown, not just for a friendly visit, but to get my anti-psychotic meds reinstated as I was finally out of refills. Believe me, I am a pippery PIP if I don't have my meds.

As Rose describes it, I am bouncing off the walls, talking too fast, laughing and giggling too much, and just plain jittery giddy and twitching. Not good.

Anyways, I have done all I can to avoid MHMR, which is where I needed to go. Now, I know I have problems in my head on my own, but some of THESE people that show up there really are truly wacko ! (and yes, that's the medical term I'm using)

Wandering up and down the halls, in and out, talking or yelling to themselves or me or the air around them. And sometimes requiring a doctor or nurse to find out just what is agitating them.

Since the meds I am on are so immensely strong, I snap them in half, and since I had a 3-month supply I stretched it to 6-months. But then I found why MHMR hadn't called me when I started to run out. I had forgotten I had changed my phone number from being pranked a year ago.

And maybe I'll write about that sometime.

Anyways, so I was out of meds, I HAD to go back to MHMR and see my doctor there. If anything it was worse. There were too many people, they were badly dressed or they put their shirt on the wrong way or two arms out one arm hole, or what have you, and many, I'm sorry but they really did, they SMELLED.

I always take nice thorough soapy showers every morning and since the water is free where I live sometimes I'll take another later in the day. I never had a problem with hygiene. But these guys ? Hmm ...

Finally it was my turn to go in. I saw the nurse first. We got to talking about me trying to socialize with more people as they didn't like that I kept to myself all the time. Well, I mean I had Carlos, Chris, my sister, her hubby, and Rose, but that was about it unless you counted the psychologist I met every week, but these are the only friends I knew in real life.

So they've been concerned about me meeting people and getting out more often. Me ? I think of myself as a MOLE. I hate sunlight, I do very well in the Wintertime, despise Summer, and definitely avoid staying outside unless I'm with a friend.

She suggested that I show up tomorrow for blood-work and she would lead me by the hand (as I like) to show me facilities that were attached to MHMR from the back. A recreation center to meet people.

I know my own psychologist had been talking to me about this so - with pressure from her and HIM =AND= Rose and my sister to get out and meet more people, I finally agreed.

She said great, so we'll see you tomorrow ? Then I saw my doctor and we talked a bit and she agreed it would be a good idea too.

Yah I guess. Anyways I know you had to be their bright-snap early in the morning for blood work so I arrived at 8:30am. I waited and waited. Watched a bit of the nature special DVD they had running, played on my PSP, finally at 9:30am I spoke with the front desk and said, doesn't blood work close at 10am ?

She said, maybe years ago but now now. It runs till 11am. So I said okay, but then she looked up my chart and said, David ! You're not supposed to be here for blood work. You don't have any papers to that effect.

I said I was told to be here ? I made my appointment yesterday. She looked at the papers and scowled, there's nothing here about blood work. Who told you ? I mentioned her name. She smirked, then wheeled her chair to the side where a computer was and spoke into a microphone calling that woman to the front.

She told me to have a seat again. Well a few minutes later she showed up. She went to the first desk and they sat and talked a bit. Then she went to me. David ? There's been a misunderstanding, can you come with me ?

So I followed her into one of the offices I had never been before. We sat down. Then she said, honey, you have to have paperwork in order to do your bloodwork. I thought you had paperwork.

I looked at her - no, I told you I didn't know what days you did bloodwork as you told me it is no longer on Monday. Then you offered Tuesday. I said I could come Tuesday for bloodwork and you agreed. I have a good memory on things, especially recalling things word for word and I think it frightens people sometimes.

She sat back in her chair, okay, well, it's a misunderstanding, in any case, you would be too early for your blood work, we only do that once a year now, not every visit. Looking now I see you're not due until October.

However, I can still show you the facilities where MHMR clients have their own recreation center.

I said that would be fine. Then we went through a door, and it was right then I realized the waiting room in MHMR did not house the crazy people. Nossir. The crazy CRAZY people were inside this recreation center !

Wow ! I finally mumbled to myself, a bit out loud, so this is basically a mental ward without a locked door ?

The nurse with me grumbled and said, David, that keep to yourself, okay ?

I nodded. Well, she showed me the facilities and it was complete I gotta tell you. Lots to see and do in there.

Well apparently this place was well-stocked with everyone. The room had snacks and food you could buy at prices that were even lower than a grocery store, a wide-screen digital TV, a WII, pool table, computer to use for the Internet, and rooms for groups to gather in.

After she gave me the tour she left. Many people there stared at me realizing I was a complete outsider. I got up and saw two women playing Dominoes so I asked if I could sit and watch. They nodded. I watched.

Then there was a meeting that was coming up. I had a schedule in front of me now so I told myself I would stay for that, the outside walk, which was listed, and then maybe write you guys on the computer.

Well, several people gathered in the small room for the meeting. Apparently it was a chance for people to tell how they dealt with their chemical and drug addictions. I sighed, but stayed with it.

There was free popcorn and Cheeto's too, but I didn't have any.

The first speaker was, well, maybe he was drugged or something but the only thing I could make out was his name and it was gibberish from there, as hard as I tried to listen. Then we went around counter-clockwise in the group.

EVERYONE told how God or Jesus had helped them through their chemical addiction. Finally they got to me, asked my name, then said, Okay David and how has God helped you in your life today ?

I smirked, I didn't like where this was going, especially with my current (and some people consider skewed) views on religion. Finally I mumbled, "I have nothing to add at this time."

Afterwards I did talk to one of the nurses there and told her how I really don't think I'm going to fit in here, but she was downright cheerful and positive, oh, you'll fit in just fine, you're just nervous, that's all.

I said no, I'm not - that is - I don't have - look, God does not do miracles in my life, okay ? I have - other beliefs. She smiled and said, God looks after you every day, he called you here, that's why you're here now, and we're here to help you.

Hoo boy. Well after that I was ready for the walk outside. I just suspected it would be a bunch of us and we would march around the building or something like a fire drill. Not so bad. But no, suddenly everyone was scooting back the chairs from the TV and encouraged me to help, which I did.

Then a video was put in by one of the nurses called, "Walking Outside."

*SIGH* So I guess we were going to walk inside watching a video called, "Walking Outside." Yah whatever. Anyways, it was not just walking but some cardiovascular stuff. Pretty good I guess. I was watching some of the other people participating and they really were like they were in a drugged stupor, and perhaps they were.

Some were not even facing the right way.

I didn't have any problems. I dance with Chris at the club and I consider myself pretty limber today. Deep knee bends, touch toes, squats, high kicks. It wasn't just walking but some fair exercise. I nodded, not bad.

It finished 40-minutes later. There was a woman behind me, I guess in her 30s. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You have a really cute butt."

I turned to look at her, dirty blonde-hair (and apparently a dirty to mind to match). I smirked at her and she smiled widely. I didn't say anything but tried to give her a look like that was an inappropriate to say to a total stranger on his first day.

Finally she asked with a false-innocent tone, "Don't you know what to say to that, hun ?"

I shook my head maintaining the same unhappy look.

She smiled cheerily and added, "Well, when you do, you know where to find me." She clicked her tongue and still grinning at me, turned and walked away.

At that point I LEFT that stupid recreation center and vowed never to return !

Of course Rose calls me 5-times a day, sometimes even more if she can't reach me at home. She asked if anything interesting happened. She's always doing that and I always want to be 100% trueful with her as she always has a WAY of finding out things.

I told her about the recreation center and the religious meeting and finally the girl's comment after we exercised.

She got cross on the phone and asked what I said in return. I said that I just shook my head disapprovingly. Rose said I did the right thing and don't ever go back there. I told her I didn't plan to, the people were too weird for me.

Anyways the next day was Wednesday. While I saw my shrink (different from MHMR), I was also going to visit my sister out in the country. I met her at her place, then we went to a local restaurant and had nice Mexican food with great tortilla chips and salsa.

We did some shopping at a local grocery store. I picked up some fresh radishes and organic jellybeans (meh - they were on sale, but they still tasted like regular jellybeans to me). Finally I headed back home and watched Zeitgeist 3 in the evening, which was a long video, 2-hours and 45-minutes.

I guess I have to say, I get the message they were telling in the video.

For years now, I am considered mentally handicapped and delusional because I hate money amongst other 'unusual' beliefs I have. I sometimes wonder if I'm really as retarded as the doctors say I am or do I just have some unique ways of looking at things that go against the grain of the wood of the common world.

Anyways, while I may hate money and everything it stands for, Rose loves it - between the two of us, I guess everyone is happy, right ?

Well anyways in Z3, they showed an ending video where people were emptying out their bank accounts of all the money they had.

Then they dumped it outside the banks in a big pile. The reasoning made sense. Money was destroying the world. I've always believed this.

Everyone and everyone's grandmama are all fighting to earn money. Many people want to have more than others. Perhaps some are even quite wealthy. But there is a problem to this. The nation's wealth, over 40% of it belongs to 1% of the population, millionaires. That's not right.

Z3 and The Venus Project combined were pointing out that without money, you reduce crime 95%. Without money there is no need to build inferior products that deliberately break down so you are forced to buy more. Without money, you can have jobs run by computers and no-one is out of work cause - NO-ONE works !

It said there is more than enough resources on Earth and using the methods of wind power, solar power, geothermic energy, and wave power, we can easily power everything we need for the entire civilization of the planet. OIL ultimately will not be needed, not now not ever !

Without money everyone is treated equally. Technology can reign supreme. Items are THEN built to last as long as possible, no more planned obsolescence forcing you to buy something new every few years and filling more landfills.

And every single human being can live in harmony. No more is there a child dying every 5-seconds of hunger or poverty in a foreign country.

It's a beautiful story with a heart of gold behind it. And if the government today required me to give all my money to this incredible cause, I would absolutely without hesitation, and I hope I would make a difference.

Unfortunately people are going to fight this.

Rose for instance. I talked to her about it and she said NO WAY would she want a society like this. She likes money, she likes to spend it, and she liked to buy things with it, and that will never change.

There are people out there who LIKE to be rich, who LIKE to be wealthy, and they LIKE to be better than other people. They go out of their way to do this. And don't think for a second the political powers, especially our U.S. President is going to bow and yield to this new world order. Not if they are permanently out of a job, no more millions in their paycheck, and no more politics whatsoever.

This change won't happen in our world - not without great and grand bloody conflict, dispute, and WAR. I can definitely see this.

No, it is not going to happen in our lifetime. But the belief of Z3 is that we are not ONLY going to run out of oil resources 20-years from now but banks will all have to claim bankruptcy. As any money printed already has attached to it DEBT will no longer be able to cover the amount they already owe.

All banks will have to shut down. Money can't be printed indefinitely, and with the understanding that only 10% of the world's money is physical whereas the remainder is virtual - and also STILL has a debt attached to it ?

The belief is we are headed towards absolute oblivion the way we are going, so ultimately, there will be no choice and this new world order will be chosen quite simply because there is NO OTHER choice.

While I cannot verify these claims, it seems to be a sincerely believed one by many other people.

In any case. No, this great utopian society won't occur in my lifetime, I'm certain of it, but I hope for the future of mankind, it will EVENTUALLY as I would dearly love to see every person in the world, not one person left out, living in happiness and harmony ...

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Author's Note

Normally I don't get a 3-day outing so I thought I would write this one down.

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