TNP 05 "Inappropriate Touching"

TNP 05 "Inappropriate Touching"

A Chapter by dw817

My time and life in working for the government during the Savings & Loan Crisis of 1990 with a beautiful woman who took care of absolutely everything for me in my employ. And I mean EVERYTHING.




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My time in working for the government during the Savings & Loan Crisis of 1990 with a beautiful
woman who took care of absolutely everything for me in my employ. And I mean EVERYTHING.

© July 2013 Written by David Wicker
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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I gulped as I listened intently, trying to determine if the bathroom door were open or still closed, and quite obviously I stopped peeing in my fright. I had hoped Janet wasn't peeking inside since the bathroom only had 2 stalls in it, but I knew Nancy assured me I would have my privacy. I really didn't know the answer to this.

"I don't know !" I squeaked back.

"Inacceptable." came back the pert reply from Janet, sounding like the bathroom door was partially open. I craned my head out of my stall to look to see if it was but I couldn't tell for certain without moving from my position and I was afraid my stream could start back at any moment.

"You are to use your best judgement in answering." her voice was even louder as if the bathroom door were wide open now and I was feeling a bit of a cool breeze in front of me.

There was no way her voice could be this loud behind a closed door. She had to have opened it ! A feeling of dread overcame me and I suddenly felt very small.

I paused for a second in thought and prayed she wouldn't come in to question me further. "Place them in the right area ?" I implored as a possible answer to her maddening question.

I didn't know if that was the right or wrong answer she wanted because unexpectedly she was silent. A moment later I heard a soft whoosh of the hydraulic mechanism of the metal arm at the top the bathroom door and the door made a gentle thump, closing.

So she had opened it a bit to be heard better ! What about my privacy that Nancy promised me ?

Since it was quiet, suddenly my stream started up again and I sighed in relief finishing up.

I washed my hands and exited to see her take a clipboard she had apparently been writing in during my time in the bathroom and place it on the chair to stand up to examine me.

"What ?" I asked. I thought we were done with questions now.

"What did you do ?" she asked imperiously.

"What did I do what - WHAT ?" I asked confused.

She was very patient and said in a tight voice, "Did you do as Nancy told you to ? Did you zip your zipper to the TIPPY TOP ?"

Well, she had me there, I really don't think I worked that hard at it. She then said quieter, "Let me see your hands." so I showed her my hands, but apparently she really wasn't interested in looking at them as the moment I showed them she slapped one of my palms sharply and retorted angrily, "Go back in there and do it the right way mister."

This was weird, but I dared not disobey, and my hand stung where she slapped it so I rubbed it with the other one and I really didn't want that again. I returned back inside and I could hear her chair creaking as she sat back down and the sound of her pen writing back on the clipboard again.

What she was writing I have no idea as she was definitely not asking me anymore questions about company policy.

So, I did as she said, I returned back in the bathroom, and zipped my zipper to the 'tippy top' or as close as I could.

Upon exiting, she sat down the clipboard, stood up to face me and asked again, "What did you do ?"

I was getting used to this now so I said with a smile, "I zipped my zipper to the 'tippy top.'"

She returned the smile but then asked quieter, "Did you tuck your shirt in and wash your hands afterwards ?"

I answered back easily, "Yes, my shirt is tucked in."

She wasn't going to miss a detail, "Did you wash your hands is what I asked !"

I replied, "I just washed them."

She got cross and said slowly and dangerously, "Did you wash your hands AFTER you put your zipper to the 'tippy top a moment ago ?'"

I looked down discouraged. This was getting confusing and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever leave this bathroom before lunchtime.

She stepped a little closer and confided in me like I was a small child, "David, your zipper is dirty. You must wash your hands everytime you handle your zipper. There are no exceptions to this rule. Do you need to be reminded what to do NOW ?"

I nodded, defeated, apparently I wasn't doing this right, precisely as she wanted, and I did want to leave and get back to my desk and forget this crazy business already.

She counted on her fingers in front of my face with all her fingers extended. and said in a quiet and angry voice, "One. You do your business." she closed a finger. "Two. You tuck your shirt in your pants.' she closed another finger. "Three. You put your zipper to the 'tippy top.'" Another finger went in the palm.

"Four. You wash your hands with plenty of soap and water, front and back, side to side, and between each finger." She had one finger remaining. "Five. You leave the restroom."

She then curled a menacing fist up, with all the fingers retracted like she was going to punch me in the face for being so stupid and said threateningly, "Got it mister ?"

I nodded in fear. She saw the expression on my face and tapped me solidly on my nose with the flat of her knuckle, not painfully, for disobeying her, then she put down her fist and said quietly like she was disappointed with me, "Then go in there and do it the right way, okay ?"

So, I did, precisely as she asked. I stepped out a few minutes later to find she was still writing something in the clipboard but she set it down suddenly when the door opened. She then stepped around me, examining my shirt-tail I guess.

She stayed behind me for a moment and finally shocked me by patting me twice on my bottom and said, "Your shirt-tail is correct. Good job, David."

And then it got weird. She suddenly knelt down and got her face right up against my zipper from the front of my pants to peer intently at is, as if I might've missed a millimeter of distance zipping it up. Fortunately, apparently, I hadn't.

Then she patted me twice on my front down there and said, "Your zipper is zipped to the 'tippy top.' Good job, David."

Then she stood up and said, "Hands."

I was a bit more than reluctant as the last time I showed them to her she sharply smacked them. I was hoping that wouldn't happen again. She turned them around in her own hands, looking carefully between my fingers, around my thumbs, the backside, everything.

Finally she patted my hands twice nicely and said, "Your hands are washed properly. Good job, David." She continued to move her fingers delicately around my hands for nearly another minute, tracing around the lines. It felt nice, but I was getting confused at her interest in them.

Finally she flung them down, apparently still angry I didn't learn all this the first time around. I returned them to my sides.

She added in a lecturing tone, "You are to do this each time you use our facilities. We are very strict about cleanliness and hygiene here and you will be graded according to how well you can do these things while you are under Nancy's employ."

She continued, "You are not to use these facilities without an escort, with the exception of your lunch break where we have designated time away from your desk. Understand ?"

I nodded, then she then picked up her clipboard and checkmarked one item. I tried hard to look at it, amazed anyone would actually go out of their way to make a stupid checklist for bathroom etiquette for a single employee, but with what I'd seen so far, I was beginning to believe that anything was possible.

"Let's go back to your cubicle." she said cheerfully changing both her mood and tone, and then led the way.

Because of this invasive behavior, I decided I would try to use the restroom only when I went to lunch. Noontime came around and there was an odd horn that went off from the ceiling. I suddenly saw all the girls get up in unison leaving me apparently to go to lunch themselves.

I stood up cautiously but Trudy who was still behind, behind me shook her head at me insisting I stay at my desk. I did and all the other girls laughed and talked to each other leaving me behind until I was the only one.

My stomach rumbled and complained that others were going to lunch before me, but I didn't dare disobey. I returned to my data-entry as I still had quite a bit left to do.

At about 12:15pm Nancy left her own office at the far end of the hall and saw that I was still working. She click-clicked her high heels and came over to my cubicle and tapped on the wall, as if it would knock properly. I looked up. "David, why haven't you gone to lunch yet ?"

I stammered, "Well, Trudy said not to, ma'am. To wait for you, I think."

She leaned her head back curiously and tilted it for a moment but then got crisp again, "David, you did the right thing. You need to get my permission to leave, EVERY TIME. You now have my permission to leave and go to lunch. Do you know where the cafeteria is ?"

I nodded.

"Good," she said, "Run along then and see to it you are back and working in your cubicle 15-minutes before the next hour. Scoot."

And then she stayed and waited for me to get my affairs in order for lunch. I was tripping over my own feet, I was so nervous with her hovering over me. It was obvious she wasn't going to leave me on this floor alone. Once I started out she clicked her high-heeled shoes behind me, apparently heading to the cafeteria herself.

The entire floor was empty now aside from a few girls chattering in the hall, apparently late to lunch. Nancy didn't follow me in the elevator though and instead took a different route.

Fortunately I had a good memory and remembered where the cafeteria was, on the first floor. While it was busy with chattering when I entered, I noticed that it got decidedly quieter when the other women saw me arrive.

It wasn't so much meanness as when I first arrived but silent curiosity and perhaps a little bit of surprise that I somehow managed to find the cafeteria on my own.

I ignored their looks and bee-lined to a little rotating cylinder that had sandwiches and pies and stuff in it. I had some pocket money for the occasion so I slid a dollar in and got myself an egg-salad sandwich with a slice of withered tomato, a coffee from the dispenser, and a little bag of M&M's and some ruffled potato chips.

I then sat down and opened up my briefcase which had several comic books in it. I started eating my sandwich and look at them. After a few minutes of seeing I wasn't going to be a problem, they all started chatting busily amongst themselves again, ignoring me.

That was best, I thought to myself. Just don't pay any attention to me. After I had read 4 pages of my comic, a woman came over and sat down next to me.

Her voice was exceptionally friendly and bright and cheerful, "Hello there. I understand you're going to be with us for a-while ? I'm Barbara, by the way." and she held her hand out to shake mine.

Now women have always scared me, especially when they're friendly with me. I had too many bad run-ins in college with girls being friendly with me in the library and then later inviting me to parties and then getting teased and swirled by bullies waiting for me shortly after I arrived. So I looked at her hand for a moment and tentatively took a bite out of my sandwich, remembering the terrible past.

Then I looked up at her momentarily. Like all the women, she was, of course, beautiful, with fiery red hair and orange highlights in it, wearing some kind of stylish glasses. Somehow she also looked older than anyone I had seen on this floor so far too. Like in her mid 40s instead of 20s like the other women.

A few telltale wrinkles on her face and of course I dare not tell her. Her skirt was exceptionally short, too I noticed.

She let it slide off that I wouldn't take her hand, "Hey, I'm not going to bite you. You're David, right ? So are you seeing anyone ?"

I turned back to my comics and answered without looking at her. "I see my Dad every day."

She laughed politely, "No, I mean, are you SEEING anyone ?"

I had to think for a moment. I wanted to ask her what she meant by that but bit my tongue. I finally realized she was checking to see if I was dating, and at the time I was between people, so I wasn't.

"No." I said trying to concentrate on my comic. It really was good, Conan the Barbarian and he had a bad guy gripped in his powerful fingers. His muscles rippling out over his massive wrist and the guy's expression on his was clearly rage and surprise.

"Have you ever ?" she implored, determined to drag me from my interesting comic.

"I don't know." I said uninterestedly turning the page to see what Conan was going to do next to him.

She apparently thought this was an open invitation and scooted her chair closer to mine. Seeing I didn't react, she put her hand on my knee under the table and tapped her fingers there while probing her index finger playfully up my leg, "Well maybe you haven't met the right girl yet. Did you ever think about that ?"

The muscles in my legs bristled. I felt scared and wanted to run away, remembering the terrible parties where the girls were nice to me, but it was all to tease me. Always. ALWAYS ! I held my ground and grit my teeth, "I don't know." I said shakily and felt tears coming on.

Then she leaned forward and I smelled her perfume, some kind of cinnamon. "Listen, David - " she started and brushed her face up against my ear apparently to whisper something interesting, but was interrupted by Nancy who had apparently seen this turn of events and stepped up.

I didn't see her originally but when she tilted her head to look under the table to see Barbara working her fingers up my pants leg, she finally coughed to get both of our attentions"

Barbara saw Nancy and her chair fell back in her haste to pull away from me. She almost lost her balance but she caught on to the table dragging it slightly with her and my tomato easily slid out of my sandwich in my lap. I was going to complain, but the look in Nancy was fierce, so I bit my tongue instead.

She bored her piercing gaze right through Barbara.

"I gotta go." Barbara said without conviction and got up to leave in a hurry.

Nancy then directed her gaze angrily to me, like it was my fault. "David, what are you doing ?"

I knew I didn't do anything wrong so I retrieved my tomato from my lap and stuck it back in my sandwich as if that was the right thing to do and took a bite of it and said, "I'm reading my comic book ma'am and having lunch."

She leaned forward, her hands pressed on the table as she glared right at me. "Is that all you were doing mister ?"

I faced her frightening gaze but I was being 100% trueful. "Yes ma'am."

I think she saw this and pulled back with a smile and her tone softened. "That's fine. David, your time is your own. You should not be interrupted from reading your, " and she looked down to see Conan pulling the bad guy's head off, B&W blood spattering in all directions.

"Magazine - and having your lunch when you are on break. What she did was - wrong. I will call for you when I am ready for you."

"Yes ma'am ?" I said, more of a question than an agreement.

She caught the pitch and answered it. "You're not in any trouble, David. Enjoy your lunch and reading. You've got 20-minutes left. Wash up properly afterwards." and then she stepped away. After that nobody came to introduce themselves to me and I had the table all to myself. But that was fine.

I was more interested in my comic book anyways.

Conan was so cool. It was this B&W comics, or what fanboys would call Graphic Novels. The comics sometimes got violent showing a decapitated head, like now, and sometimes they had some sorta sexy scenes of girls showing their naked butt when Conan rescued them from other bad guys.

I thought it was really neat and better than real life ever would be for me so it was great to read them and I had about 20 of them, even though they were expensive and about $6 a-piece at the store I got them from.

I finished my egg sandwich, looked at my watch and realized after going to the bathroom, I would just have enough time to return to my cubicle at the time Nancy needed me back.

As I left I noticed everyone else was still having lunch and busily chatting with each other. Did I have a shorter lunch period than everyone else ? I walked the empty halls quickly to the bathroom, to wash up, as well as I could remember what I was supposed to, and in the right order, then returned to my cubicle.

It felt odd as I was definitely the only other person there, except for 2 other girls who were leaning on a cubicle several levels away talking to each other, about boyfriend trouble or something.

I looked at my monitor and saw a yellow stickie written in 2-lines with a black pen, "David - Office - now - Nancy"

I picked up the yellow stickie as if it were a traffic ticket and kept it in my hand. Maybe I was in trouble after all ?

I got up to walk down the hallway to the far end. Before I could even knock I heard Nancy's voice from inside, "Come inside, David."

How did she do that ? I opened the door, stepped in, and sat the yellow stickie down on the side of her desk.

I saw she had taken one of her hard metallic chairs and scooted it right up against her desk up front. "Have a seat here." she said.

I looked around and the other 2-seats were missing. There was only one place I could sit down. I nodded and did as she directed.

She leaned her chair forward and steepled her fingers in seriousness. "Do you know why I called you here, David ?"

"No ma'am." I said truefully.

She smiled and nodded, as if understanding I wouldn't.

"You were touched inappropriately. What I need to find out is to what extent. Stand up." she said and released her fingers to dip them upwards in an indication for me to rise out of my chair.

I did so squeaking my chair backwards as I stood up and she stepped around her desk to regard me. "Stand at attention." she directed me, so I did.

I stood perfectly still, my hands to my sides and my head forward.

"Give me your hand." she commanded me. I lifted my left hesitantly, which was furthest from her, but set it back down finally deciding on my right hand, instead. She grabbed my wrist solidly without hesitation.

"Make a fist and point out with your index finger." she said, a little louder. I did so with my thumb sticking out.

"Tight fist !" she said, louder, so I tucked my thumb ontop of my middle finger, a little nervous, in truth.

I had no idea what she was up to, but then she directed my own finger to touch rather roughly, the front and the back of my pants between my legs quickly while asking in a fierce tone, "Did she touch HERE or HERE, David, and do not lie to me !"

"No ma'am." I said being completely trueful.

"Are you certain ?" she said, as if she didn't believe me, or if she wanted her to have done so to get her fired or something, I wasn't sure which. As I paused in thought. She pulled hard on my hand again to make me touch myself in those two areas with my own finger as if I might be confused with the question she was asking.

"No ma'am." and I paused. "I'm certain, miss Nancy."

She let go of my wrist and sighed as if she was tired and frustrated both, walking around me and sitting back in her seat. "That's fine, David. She is still going to get written up. You may need to sign something later. Please attend to your work. I will call you again when I need you. Scoot."

I nodded and left. I noticed the other girls were returning back from lunch and gave me little thought as I walked back to my cubicle to continue my data-entry. Whatever happened now I just hoped it wouldn't affect my job."


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Can I say that this chapter freaked me out? The bathroom scene was scary and the girl was really creepy..the zipper thing? I was shocked! Nancy is worse than a mistress..when she talks to David, she seems she talking to her pet..Barbara wanted a piece of him..the final scene was really strange..
Is this really happened to you or to someone that you know? It scares me..really..
Can't wait for more..

Posted 6 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Where the heck did my reply go ?? It's showing up in the feed but not here ? I'll retype it shall I .. read more


this one was really annoying. everything just made me so angry. they are really treating him like an object.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

That hand-touching thing happened twice with me. Once at work and once when I was seeing my psychiat.. read more chapter yet! :D

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Well - things are going to get awry, you'll see ... :)
Ellie EM

6 Years Ago

Kayyyyyy :)
Zippers hahah loved this! Get a room! lmao great chapter:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

When I think back on it. Barbara was in trouble for putting her hand on me knee, yet Janet I believe.. read more
Yes, this was like...crazy for me to read. The bathroom scene kind of threw me though, I just was like, wth? I just couldn't understand what the heck was going on...But, it was...nice at the same time, so very weird.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

It was unnerving for me. That's the best way to describe it. I do actually get one of the questions .. read more
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
I think Nancy needs to feel like she is incontrol, not in a negative way. She feels like you need to be trained in some way. In truth its kind of erotic the way she controls you in this one. But to each there own.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

I signed a contract to that effect, and it does get stranger later. I just finished the Wizardry tut.. read more
more more more more! Cx
Loved the story! I found it very amusing.


Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

I'm - glad you like it ? I hadn't really planned on it being amusing but there ya go. I should post .. read more
Dw, yeah another fascinating, if disturbing chapter. I do hope you are shopping it around. It seemed they were hazing and also trying to create some kind of Stockholm syndrome within you. I had to giggle at the Conan reference as someone I know is also a fan.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Pryde Foltz

6 Years Ago

I know its real. I am commenting from the point of view of the reader. Wasn't trashing Conan. I just.. read more

6 Years Ago

My doctor looks out for me I know. We've even done some hypnotherapy - there's still some stuff from.. read more
Pryde Foltz

6 Years Ago

Best of luck, DW.
Wow... for some reason, while it's kind of a rude event, it's also so realistic that I totally believe it.
Nancy is interesting. I agree with Kejara: she seems to be talking to a pet. Strict and sweet..she switches a lot. Haha.
Barbara: I felt like she was going way beyond her bounds. Just the fact she asked whether you were dating was an implication of bad things to come... and then it got worse. Aye! I hope she got kicked out. Totally inappropriate and wrong...

It's a great story, none the less! Great writing!
Please send me an RR when Chapter 6 is out!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Just doing a little backtracking cause I know I forgot some people who commented.
If I remembe.. read more
Wow, all those women... mini skirts... coming on to you. LOL I wouldn't be able to concentrate.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Just one, Barbara, and she gets in trouble later. As for me, I had no interest, not really. I knew m.. read more

6 Years Ago

Just one who came on to you. I was talking about all the skirts who worked there. Heh.

6 Years Ago

Well considering when I was with Wayne and he was friends with 2 professional female impersonators. .. read more
Can I say that this chapter freaked me out? The bathroom scene was scary and the girl was really creepy..the zipper thing? I was shocked! Nancy is worse than a mistress..when she talks to David, she seems she talking to her pet..Barbara wanted a piece of him..the final scene was really strange..
Is this really happened to you or to someone that you know? It scares me..really..
Can't wait for more..

Posted 6 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Where the heck did my reply go ?? It's showing up in the feed but not here ? I'll retype it shall I .. read more

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