TNP 22 "The Million Dollar Contract"

TNP 22 "The Million Dollar Contract"

A Chapter by dw817

"ESPECIALLY you !" Tricia added, eager to get her out of here. Then she suddenly grabbed the back end of Trudy's butt in her left hand and scooted her hard out the door of the hospital room.




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My time in working for the government during the Savings & Loan Crisis of 1990 with a beautiful
woman who took care of absolutely everything for me in my employ. And I mean EVERYTHING.

© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I finally commented on the greeting card.  "It's very nice." I offered quietly. Tricia gave me a friendly squeeze about my shoulders on complimenting me for her gift.

Then she spoke again in a quieter, more serious tone, "David, will you marry me ?"

I set the card down in an instant, "Me ? Marry you !?"

If I expected her reaction to be surprise, shock, or something even remotely normal, I was far from mistaken, "YOU want ME - to marry you !? Oh you are proposing to me, honey !? Yes, of course, David ! Of COURSE I'll marry you !" and then she raised her voice alarmingly in spoke in a loud voice, "Girls, come on in !!"

As if my eyes weren't round with fear and confusion enough, suddenly several girls from work I recognized, some of which were involved in the abusive affair in the bathroom earlier, apparently waiting out in the hallway for a verbal signal from Tricia, came pouring in, and one was carrying a cake in a box, including Barbara.

What the hell ? I thought she was fired ! I didn't want her here !

To add insult to the injury, they were all singing shrilly, "For he's a jolly good fel-low ! For he's a jolly good fel-low !"

I felt, well, a bit of a headache coming on. I didn't know how else to describe it. And THERE was Trudy. She smiled at me. I always had a certain fondness I guess for her because she was always finding one way or another to poke, prod, hug, or touch me.

And because she had done it so often, I had -actually- kind of become familiar with it and liked it. Anyways ...

"For HE's a jolly good fel-low - " she sang in a pretty soprano. I sighed. And I joined in for lack of not knowing what else to do, which caused them all to smile wider. Trudy stepped closer and put her hand on the edge of my bed as she continued her singing, and it was lovely, which encouraged me to sing louder.

"Which nobody can deny !" they said, finally ending their 3rd chorus.

Then it got quiet for a moment. I spoke to end the silence, "Is that for me ?" I asked, pointing to the cake in the box.

"Well - " Tricia began but didn't get very far as Trudy promptly interrupted her.

"Yes, it is !" she said, her whole face beaming with a smile and to the other girl's surprise, she yanked it from Tricia's hands and nearly walking over her, plopped the box, cake and all right in my lap.

"And you don't even have to share it. You can have it =ALL= for yourself !" she chirped merrily smiling sweetly at me as if that was something good.

"I wouldn't do that." I said and gave her a sour look. I always share my stuff, especially if it's a gift.

"Oh, sorry. I - " Trudy offered, but couldn't continue and stepped back a bit looking a little ashamed.

I could see through the cellophane on the top that it said, "Get Well Soon ..." so maybe this whole thing wasn't as sinister or as fake as I thought originally.

I shook my head, but I had to be clear on this, "Tricia - I - " I began but she put a warm comfortable finger on my lips to stop me from speaking.

"Now now, I understand, honey." she said for me, "You're nervous, and who wouldn't be after just now," and she raised her voice, "proposing to me !"

The other girls in the room whooped and cheered at this and I tried to speak again but Tricia pushed her fingers up harder against my lips. I thought about biting her but decided against it.

"It's okay, don't you worry about a thing ! I'll take care of all of it. But RIGHT NOW, you need to sign this form."

And she returned the sheaf of papers she set aside earlier. Everyone crowded in to watch. Tricia handed me a pen that bizarrely lit up with pretty sparkles all over it.

"Whoa !" I said floored at the electronic display it gave.

Tricia explained, "Can't sign something this important unless it's written in FIREWORKS !" she said holding out her hands expansively. The girls commented happily to themselves and urged me to sign with it.

I looked at the pen. It sure was interesting. Little orange, white, and blue lights went off all along it's frame and it hadda red, white, and blue design made of shimmery metal near the top of it, and while it was neat, I just - didn't want to sign this. I knew it was important, but I also knew I was being basically being 'coralled' into signing it. And - I didn't like that.

"I just - " I began but couldn't continue still staring at the pen as it sparkled and shimmered. I wondered how long the batteries would let it do that. I was certain Tricia would let me sit here and find out. That could be a bad scene ...

Tricia was on top of my nervousness though and said anxiously, "Oh you just can't see the space to sign it because there's just too MANY people in here ! Okay, give him some room ! All of you ! Back up !"

The other girls stepped back several feet and then Tricia got closer and while she was standing earlier she now knelt beside my bed watching me with an expectant face. Almost as if she was praying. I frowned. I didn't like this. It didn't feel right. It got so quiet I swear I could hear little pop-pops going off in the light-up pen as the relays bounced around the mechanism.

"Nancy - " I began.

"I understand." she said crisply and took back the pen from my grip. Then she stood up suddenly and barked at the others in a scary tone usually reserved for discipline in the office, "Okay, everyone ! Get outta here ! He needs some privacy ! C'mon ! This is big decision time ! All of you !"

"Even me ?" Trudy quipped picking up the delicious cake off my lap letting me know if she goes, so does the cake.

"ESPECIALLY you !" Tricia added, eager to get her out of here, and violating every personal boundary I knew of, she suddenly grabbed the back end of Trudy's butt in her left hand with a firm fingered grip and scooted her hard out the door, pushing right up against the back of it, and I had to admit, I smiled a little at the look of shock on Trudy's face as she did this.

"I'm going ! I'm going ! Well !" she huffed angrily at being so manhandled physically by her but soon I was alone with Tricia again as she roughly escorted everyone else outside so we could have privacy.

Tricia returned with a new smile and handed me the sparkly pen, this time leaving the effects off of it. I started to read the form but it didn't make any sense. I lifted a page and looked more. It was all legal gobbledegook. I whimpered, I never felt so helpless.

Well, actually I had felt helpless like this, but not for signing something. I shivered in spite of the friendliness Tricia was showing me. She tilted her head sideways to look at me for a moment and finally smiled invitingly.

Then she nodded and walked back and brought up one of the chairs from against the far wall and sat down in it facing me, squeaking her skirt against it as the fabric was so tight up against her, it pulled angrily against the seams.

"Come here, baby." she offered. I remembered when she first said this when it was my final day at the job, I was so distraught at being let go of from the company but this was a different situation. I looked at her a moment and just saw a white pillow between her legs, her panties. I had trouble looking away from it. I swallowed hard.

"Come on." she said and gave me a playful smile and tilted her head so her pretty hair flung to one side. Then she patted the spot right in front of her for me to sit.

I raised up from the bed to look at her. She looked so -friendly- right now. It was hard to describe. Despite my fears I saw myself getting out of bed to face her, still dressed in the hospital gown I was given earlier.

She motioned with her hand. I walked over to her. She held out her hand and I gave it to her. She tickled her fingers in the hollow of my palm and I swallowed a hard lump that squeaked out like an eraser on paper. A mistake, is what this was telling me. Mistake !

She giggled but did it in sucha way that it made me feel good about myself and I forgot about the eraser in my brain for the moment. Then she spoke more assertively, "Where is the form ?"

"Oh ?" I asked.

"Go and get it." she said indulgently, but maintained a friendly tone again. I nodded, caught up in - whatever - it was we were doing now.

I turned around to get it. But just as I bent over the bed to get it, I was greeted by a catcalling whistle from her. I looked over my shoulder angrily but she explained, "Oh, David. I'm so sorry, it's just that - " and she couldn't continue but instead pointed and laughed.

I suddenly realized that my hospital gown from the back was wide open and she staring at my bare butt all the while as I walked back and even exposed it fully in bending over.

"Ohhh." I said uncomfortably, and tried to bunch up the material back there to cover it up, but I was unsuccessful. Darnit, just who made these stupid hospital gowns anyways, some mean person I suspected ??

She could see I was getting my feelings hurt so she stopped laughing but still kept that silly grin on her face, her eyes unwavering on my backside, biting her lip in a fearful hungry fashion. I sighed and shrugged it off, unable to get the material to stay up the right way anyways and retrieved the form and walked back to her.

"Now what ?" I asked. I certainly wasn't going to sign it standing up, or laying in bed, I told myself, glad that I was having a little backbone in my decision on this.

She smiled, took the form from me, and then patted the space near where she was sitting. I looked down and gulped. She had spread her legs apart to admit me to sit down where she was but her panties were stretched, I think about as far as they could go without snapping off of her like a too small rubberband.

I felt my teeth chatter but I also felt something -different- inside too. Some kind of comfortable feeling. Warmth in my chest. It felt like fingers were lashing out all around my insides making me both dizzy and queasy.

I approached to sit down but she stopped me, "No silly, sit next to me - from the back."

So she was facing forward so in order for me to sit the way she wanted I would also be - sitting - forward. But then my bare bottom would be next to ... ! I moaned uncomfortably, unable to express in words how difficult that sounded for me at the moment.

She apparently knew this because her friendly smile turned into a vicious leer. Without a word from me, she quickly grabbed my waist and turned me around and directed me hard to sit the way she wanted in the seat.


I rubbed my bottom as it was a little sore from her sudden surprise movement.

As if I weren't nervous enough she cooed warm air in my ear, "Now, isn't that better, David ?"

"I dunno." I said, although my voice refused to sound like it was supposed to right then and squeaked like helium escaping from a tight balloon.

"That's fine." she said and then started massaging my back with the tips of her fingers. Oh my god did that feel good ! I found myself moaning in pleasure and then bit my lip so hard to stop myself, I felt a pain in the side of my jaw.

"Nice, huh ?" she said, seeing I was clearly relaxing.

I shuddered, "Yeah, but why do - " I began but she put a finger from her left hand to my lips to keep me quiet.

"Your main problem," she told me matter-of-factly, "is that you're all TENSE. I'm going to work out some of those kinks. Gotta have your muscles loose and good if you're going to sign something THIS important."

"Yeah but I don't understand -" I said despite the fact she had a finger to my lips to keep me quiet. I thought again about biting it but in truth I wanted to ... I shook my head dismissing the desire. What was wrong with me !?

She stopped massaging and clapped me comfortably on my back.

"Is that all ? Is that all the problem is ? You don't understand the form ? Oh for goodness sakes ! Here, let me help you, then, sweetie." she said and then leaned her head over my shoulder, her pretty hair tickling my ears and I smelled her wonderful fruity perfume.

Then she spoke in a kid friendly tone, "Okay, basically it says, 'Dear David. Please sign here to receive a FREE million bucks and we will rehire you at BBI once you are out of the hospital.'

She paused to let that sink in then, then she added on a darker note, 'If you DON'T sign, your Dad is gonna have to pay for your hospital stay here and YOU'RE gonna have to pay him back for it and you WON'T be re-hired so you'll be out of work and you'll never ever see me again. How about that ! Sincerely and with fondest regards, BBI.' "

"You wouldn't do that to me !" I admonished, looking back at her.

"I wouldn't do what, honey ?" Tricia said tickling her fingers up my ears playfully.

"I mean, I spoke with Mr. Sunders" I floundered, "He said I'm NOT gonna lose my job !"

"=IF= you SIGN this !" Tricia reminded me, with a bit of crossness returning to her voice and she tweaked my ear, if a little painfully with a sharp fingernail.

"Oww ... Oh ..." I said. I was defeated. Tricia sensing this weakness in me rapidly fished out a new pen from her pocket, a normal one. She put it in my right hand.

"Do the RIGHT thing." she said breathing deep and warm air in my ear. When I didn't respond she scooted back a bit in the chair so there was some space between where I was sitting and being next to her.

Then she started bump-bumping her fingers down my neck to my back like it was a man walking down a steep hill.

She was singing too in a babyish voice, "The eensy weensy spider went DOWN the water spout." she said emphasizing the word DOWN.

I knew the word was supposed to be UP. Why did she say DOWN the way she did ? The fingers continued their journey. I bristled my back ! I got the message in a hurry !

She got as far as my waist and was just getting ready to tickle my exposed bare bottom with pure abandon when I had hurriedly signed the form and rustled it to the side to let her know I was done - to stop her - from - doing - what - what it was I knew she was getting ready to do !

"Ohh." she said, and I could tell by the expression in her tone she was a little disappointed she didn't getta chance to tickle me there. As soon as she took the form from my hands, I bounced up out of her lap in an instant and ran back into bed and pulled the covers up past my nose and then yanked my hands under my bottom to cover them to look at her with my saucer-eyes in fear, hoping she would never get that kind of tickling opportunity again.

But if we were married now ? No ! We weren't married, not yet. And there might still be something I could say or do to say that I didn't wanna get married just yet ?

Tricia was more interested in the form however than my bottom at the moment, and quickly looked it over seeing I left a legitimate signature where it was needed.

"Yes," she said carefully in a more mature tone, "Everything seems to be in order ! OKAY ! This is great. Now, YOU just enjoy your cake and gametoy - "

"Gameboy." I corrected her, seeing my bottom was in no danger of being tickled again and lowered the covers slightly so I wouldn't be muffled by them when I spoke, and reached for the wrapping of it which was set aside on the bed to get the other games out of their boxes.

Her face wrinkled up in fearful agitation for a moment which quickly passed as she laughed it off artificially, "Right, your game - uhh - boy, and I'll get this paperwork sent on it's way. And I'll send the doctor into see you to let you know how your recovery over your head injury is coming."

"Okay." I said but then my brain was spinning. Didn't I just agree to marry her ? And what about Rose ? What would SHE say ?? I was gonna marry Rose someday wasn't I ?? Wasn't I ??

Then Tricia carefully folded up the form in a manila envelope she had hidden in her blouse. That irked me a little. She KNEW I was going to sign this stupid thing after all ! And before I could lodge a complaint about it, she had already stepped out the door and I heard a bit of a scuffle.

Trudy finally spoke out loud from outside my room in a petulant voice, "But I wanted to give him the cake !"

"Give me that !" Tricia said crossly, apparently fighting for the confectionery gift.

"Stop acting like this." Tricia added and then stepped back in my room for a moment, to step back in my room for a moment and set my cake down on a table near the bed with a sweet expression on her face like nothing at all was the matter.

It was then I realized it must've been a strawberry cake from the delicious aroma it was giving.

"See you soon, sweetie !" she said in a cheery tone and blew a kiss to me and was then out the door but not before Trudy could get the last word in.

"But I baked it ! It's my damned gift !" she pouted angrily and I heard her stamp her foot on the floor.

I remembered Tricia said the doctor was coming in to see me so while I continued to work on the packaging of the other games, I waited for him to enter to give me the news regarding my recovery, which was more important to me at the moment than the gifts I was given ...


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Can I say that I'm shocked??
I can't really express my opinion about Nancy, David..It would be very unlady-like..

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