TNP 27 "Let's Not Squander It"

TNP 27 "Let's Not Squander It"

A Chapter by dw817

Clearly if he chuckled now it might look bad for his demeanor and likely I would've punched him in the face if he so much had uttered a peep from the humiliation of what I just went through !




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My time in working for the government during the Savings & Loan Crisis of 1990 with a beautiful
woman who took care of absolutely everything for me in my employ. And I mean EVERYTHING.

© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Just then I heard a new vehicle drive up, it was Smithers back in the limousine.

He was ready for us now. Tricia nodded to the movers and both Lloyd and Pritchart picked up my two heavy plastic crates and brought them to the limousine.

As they did so, I went in the closet area and took out one large suitcase of my own. And this suitcase was HUGE ! You could put a small child in it and still have room for his toys. My 'treasures' as they were, stored inside. I didn't want those getting lost in the shuffle with the movers.

I grunted with the effort and dragged it out the front door feeling the cheap wooden steps bend and creak under the weight.

I could also hear Lloyd scowling under his breath looking at the expensive transport we had with a smirk on his bushy face. Clearly if he knew she, I mean, we were THAT loaded, he would've added a healthy bit more to the bill, but it was already written out and Tricia already signed for the agreed amount.

I was still struggling with the suitcase when Smithers saw me.

"Suh." he said stepping out of the driver's side addressing me. Then he walked with gangly legs around to the back and tapped the back of it with a key, likely a magnetic lock and the trunk opened up.

I could see there was room for the crates and then some ! He could see I couldn't lift it up so with a strength that belied his thin but tall frame he picked it up with one hand and pushed it in the back.

"What's that ?" Tricia asked curiously seeing I was taking especial care for this one suitcase, not wanting the movers to find it.

"It's nothing, awright ?" I said a little cross and defiantly.

"Oh, I see." she said and smiled softly with a knowing expression. I knew she was going to find out the contents before the day was down and I grumbled to myself. I guess one thing I would have to learn is when I was married that I would have to share everything with my wife, and I really didn't want to do that. Some secrets of mine were best left hidden, I thought to myself.

The movers, impressed at seeing him handle my massive suitcase so easily set the heavy plastic crates by the trunk as well. I think they were curious to see if Smithers needed any help, but sure enough, nope ! He easily picked up each of them and nestled them inside the truck. And even with 3 packages ready for transport there was room for another if needed.

The trunk to this limousine was HUGE ! I wondered if Smithers ever carried any dead bodies in it. I was getting ready to ask him that when Tricia came around placing her hand on my back interrupting me from my thoughts and spoke, "Dave, are you hungry, did you want some breakfast first ?"

"Yeah, okay." I replied. One thing I learned is NEVER turn down a free meal. Even if someone says it's breakfast and you just had it, you can still order lunch, which is what I intended, and besides I could get myself some coffee. I remembered my hospital bag so I went back in to get it. Susan was still there along with my Gameboy.

I returned back and Tricia added, "Good. Got everything ?" she said and rubbed her hand on my back a bit until I squirmed away. She looked at me with a mischievous smile but then got business again, "Smithers. Let's go to the nearest Denny's, please."

"Yes, mom." he said. I smiled but didn't laugh. I was getting used to his thick British accent by now and I actually thought it was pretty cool.

He tapped the magnetic key to the back and the trunk closed by itself on a mechanical spring. He could see I was fascinated by the key, so he handed it to me for inspection.

"Cool." I said impressed feeling the sides of it.

Smithers nodded, took back the key, and went to the left side and opened the door for me. I didn't say anything but bounced back inside. I peered ahead to the passenger seat and saw he had a little ice cream wrapper so he did indeed stop off for one as Tricia suggested.

Then Smithers went to the opposite side and opened the door for Tricia, but she addressed the movers first in a loud and commanding voice.

"Don't break anything ! If you do everything EXACTLY as we talked about, there's a $1,000 bonus for each of you. But ONLY if you do it correctly. BUT if you =DO= break anything, you'll be paying for it. Understand ?"

LLoyd worked a smile from outside of that massive beard of his and clear greed glazed over his eyes at the mention of this unique and hefty bonus. "Yes Ma'am !" he said eagerly.

Pritchart smiled too. I looked at Tricia askantly but she understood my unspoken question.

"Dave, you have a little over 1 million dollars now. You can afford this."

"Okay." I said looking down at my feet. I certainly didn't want it all spent in one day ! That kind of money was supposed to last someone the rest of their life. Geesh ! I'd even try to make $10,000 last a lifetime let alone this amount.

It was a smooth ride away from my old residence to Denny's, which wasn't too far from my Dad's. He parked sideways taking up 3 spaces.

"Sayyy, can he do that ?" I asked Tricia. I thought surely management wouldn't appreciate this maneuver of his.

"It's done all the time." Tricia said nonchalantly, "But only for special people, such as ourselves." and she smiled sweetly at me as if somehow having money was a saintly characteristic. I smirked at her.

Smithers opened the door for her first and extended a hand to help her out, which she took. Then he went to the opposite side, opened my door and extended a hand. Despite the fact he was wearing a linen-white glove I looked at his hand and extended fingers for a moment, but didn't take it.

After an uncomfortable moment he realized I thought his gesture was strange so he coughed suddenly and stepped back extending the hand outward graciously as if on an oiled pendulum. I got out of the limousine carrying the hospital bag that still had Susan in it. Then Tricia spoke.

"Dave, honey, why don't you leave that here ?"

"I don't want it getting stolen."

Tricia then laughed out loud, "Dear, NO-ONE in their right mind is going to rob a limousine !"

Smithers nodded in agreement.

"I'm still taking it." I said and held the bag closer to me.

"Fine." Tricia added, not wanting to argue then facing Smithers spoke, "Would you like some breakfast, too ?"

"Mom !" He said clicking his feet together again, "I =AM= on duty, offter all !"

Tricia nodded but added imperiously, "Yes, you are, Smithers, but you're working for me now until I say otherwise. And I say you can either sit here alone in the limousine by yourself until we're done or you can join us. Now which is it going to be ?"

"Mom !" Smithers said and then paused to find the right words, "I - appreciate - your invitation, mom !"

She laughed, "Please, just call me Tricia, okay ?"

"Yes, mom, I mean Tricia, mom. Miss." he fumbled over the words.

I could see clearly we were treating him with more dignity and respect than most people who had called on him for the limousine service. And I pondered this. Was it possible that people who were rich were inherently rude as well ?

I puzzled my lip with my finger for a bit. I remembered when my Mom dated a millionaire years ago and although he treated me, her, and my sister to a very fine restaurant. He was unbelievably rude to the staff. I hoped I wouldn't get that way or let the money go to my head.

"Dave, honey. You ready ?" Tricia asked bringing me back to awareness around me.

"Yeah, okay." I said. Tricia then held out her hand for me. While I wouldn't take Smithers', I shifted my bag of goodies to my left hand and took her own with my right. But she didn't just hold it, but grabbed it. I felt my face get warm all at once in the seemingly passionate gesture."

"Whassamatta ?" Tricia asked wickedly, "You're palm is all sweaty. Now why is that ?"

"I dunno." I squeaked out. I pulled my hand back a bit to wipe it on my shirt but she wouldn't let it go. I thought about this. Is this how our marriage was going to be, too ? I mean, I liked it when someone held my hand, but not GRAB it like she did, as if she was - well - I didn't know. I hadn't had anyone this passionate before except for my real Mom.

I know when I met Rose I had told her she could be my Mother cause my own wasn't allowed to see my anymore and since Rose couldn't have any kids from a medical condition, then I thought that would be perfect for us. Where was Rose ? Would I ever hear from her again ? Was she already headed back to New Jersey ?

"Dave ... ?" Tricia implored. She could see I was spaced out in my thoughts again. "Are you feeling okay, honey ?" She squeezed my hand politely for encouragement.

"Yeah, okay. I'm fine." A moment later I added, "I'm just thinking about stuff." and then I wish I could've bitten it back because then she immediately added in a smile.

"Oh ? What are you thinking about ? Good things I hope ?" she squeezed my hand again, this time a little painfully. I pulled on it again but she positively would not let it go.

"Okay." I said, not answering her question, but I hoped it would be enough.

"Hmm ..." she trilled thoughtfully. Smithers touched a button on his keychain and I heard all 4 locks on the doors click into place. And then we were walking up to the entrance with Smithers following up behind.

I hadn't anticipated there would be so many people ! Tricia let go of my hand and went to the front desk where you signed in. There was a cheery red-headed girl there that was wearing a fabric sash across her shoulder and waist. On the sash were little pins and medallions clearly she had won at work showing her team spirit and above-board duty to the restaurant.

"How many, please ?" she asked crisply.

"3 of us." Tricia replied. Then added crossly, "Look, is this going to be very long ?"

"Name please ?" the girl asked plaintively, ignoring the obvious question, pen in hand, ready to write it in.

Tricia repeated a little louder, "Is this going to =BE= very long ?"

The girl saw that Tricia wasn't going to let go of the original inquiry so she hoophed out a sigh, "Ma'am, it'll be at least 20-minutes. We're kinna busy if you can't tell already." and fingered the pen across the air in an arc behind us showing other people already standing around waiting to get a seat.

Tricia reached in her purse and pulled out a $100 bill and stuck it on her desk, palm extended, where a long list of names were.

"How many minutes now ?" Tricia asked as the girl wide-eyed the obvious bribe.

The girl tossed down the pen where it clackled noisily against the wooden desk before she snatched up the bill and hurriedly pocketed it in her apron vest before anyone noticed.

"You're next !" she sang out in her sweetest voice. I sighed shaking my head. Tricia was gonna spend all my money before we even finished out the day !

"Trish ?" I said. She ignored me. I tapped her on her back. "Trish, we - "

But she interrupted me. "Sweetie, you don't really want to wait that long, do you ?"

Before I could answer the serving girl was getting impatient seeing customers were wondering why we were somehow going ahead of everyone else, "This way ! C'mon ! If you still want a seat now that is !"

Tricia snatched my hand, but instead of it being warm with perspiration, now it was cold, with fear. I saw that even though I may have had money to squander, likely she was not going to give me a chance of my own and instead do it all by herself.

And we gotta great seat, I have to admit ! The serving girl went over to what at first appeared to be a wall but it was a long sliding wooden door like for a patio and pulled it back. Inside it smelled a little musty from not being used, but it was a good smell, like a library, and I loved libraries. She clicked on a few lights.

I looked at her with a quizzical expression but she explained, "Normally we save this area for management. But we're not having any meetings today. And you are - special." she said finally, unable to find the right words.

And it was quiet, away from everyone else. But we were DEFINITELY getting some dirty looks from other customers as they saw the red-carpet treatment we were receiving. The serving girl then went to a cabinet and pulled out 3 menus, wiping a bit of dust from them.

"These are still good, they've just been in storage."

Seeing we were still getting cross looks from the seated customers behind us, she closed the sliding wooden door behind her so we had privacy. Then she held out her hand and one of the booths, just like the restaurant was in here. Likely it was for training employees.

Smithers sat at one side and I sat on the other. Tricia sat next to me giving me several feet of space between us on the long chair. The serving girl set down the menus.

"So do you guys know what you want to drink ?"

"Coffee." I said immediately. Tricia and Smithers nodded, they would like a coffee too. She wrote this down on a little pad she pulled out of her apron.

I was looking at the serving girl's vest and saw a calculator poking out the top of her shirt pocket.

"Ma'am ?" I said.

"You can call me Judy !" she said smiling widely at me, clearly pleased with her bribe and eager to earn more.

"Right, ahhm, Judy, can I borrow your calculator please ? I promise I'll return it."

She tossed it down on the table, "Hell, for the tip you guys just gave me you can have it !" then laughing she left to get our coffees.

She closed the sliding door back behind us and it was REALLY quiet. I couldn't even hear the other customers talking.

I picked up the calculator and naturally Tricia spoke, "What are you trying to figure out, honey ?" she asked me nicely.

"How much money we have." I returned sourly.

"Dave, we have PLENTY, okay ?" she reached for the calculator but I at once stuck it between my legs where she couldn't get at it. Or so I thought. Then she moved closer to me until her bare warm leg was touching my own.

Then she breathed warm air whispering in my ear, "You don't need that." I scooted the calculator closer until I was nearly sitting on it, determined she wasn't going to get it, but apparently she thought it was a game now and with no hesitation to my personal boundaries reached right between then cleft of my shorts to dig it out.

I held it tight there, biting my lip. She saw I wasn't going to give it up easily so she decided to grab the next closest thing that only a boy would have. I squeaked in fear and coughed suddenly and my legs flung open wide in fear, just long enough for her to grab the calculator from under my butt.

My face beaded with sweat and my forehead burned like in a furnace for where and WHAT she grabbed earlier ! I looked at her with an incredulous look of shame and rage as she carefully held her purse before me and dropped the calculator in it as if it were a prize she received from a quarter crane machine.

"Thank you, sweetiepop." she said leaning over and breathing warm air back in my ear and then shockingly kissed my bare neck before scooting back over to her space again.

Smithers looked odd, as if he had swallowed a peeled lemon, trying hard not to smile at what he just seen. Clearly if he chuckled now it might look bad for his professional demeanor so he held a firm face. And likely I would've punched him in the face if he so much had uttered a peep from the humiliation of what I just went through !


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This woman is beginning to REALLY get on my nerves! Keep it up!


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6 Years Ago

In truth, Tyr from 3rd grade was a lot like this. No respect for personal boundaries at all, and the.. read more
This woman is annoying...but I must read more:)

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6 Years Ago

This is just my impression of how she would be without her usual business trappings at work. How acc.. read more
She's really getting on my nerves..

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Just wait, while I can easily say there is a method to her madness, her condescending and patronizin.. read more

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