TNP 28 "Pecking Order"

TNP 28 "Pecking Order"

A Chapter by dw817

"Getting too big for his britches, wouldn't you say ? Maybe he needs to be fitted in a size smaller so it pinches his bottom as a reminder ?" and she laughed wickedly, clearly envisioning this.




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My time in working for the government during the Savings & Loan Crisis of 1990 with a beautiful
woman who took care of absolutely everything for me in my employ. And I mean EVERYTHING.

© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It then occurred to me that maybe Smithers, the chauffeur who drove us to this restaurant, didn't actually see what Trica did but he was giving me a look cause me and her were arguing for just a moment ?

Unable to contain his amusement any more though he laughed but quickly turned it into a cough. I glowered at him and he took a napkin to wipe his face.

Fortunately our waitress, Judy, returned with the coffees we requested. Not even giving the other customers a chance to glare at us she quickly freeshd shut the blinds again, as we were in a reserved part of the eating establishment.

"Right !" she said with a grin, "Do you know what you'll have ?"

"How about a juicy hamburger ?" I asked Judy with a wide smile.

But then Tricia spoke as if I were asking for her permission first, "Oh, is that what you want, David ? I suppose you can, this time, but maybe =WE'LL= have healthier, more FIT meals in the future ?"

I gave her an odd look and she smiled sweetly at me. I looked in my lap. I knew it. Even outside work Nancy was still condescending. And I was going to marry her ? Where would that wind up ? And didn't I need to sign - something - to that effect ? Maybe there was still time to cancel it and get back to my regular unsupervised life.

"Tricia, I - " I began to ask her about the paperwork regarding the money, but she interrupted me.

"No, David. NO milkshake, understand ?"

I tilted my head. What ? "No - I wasn't going to ask about - "

"No - milkshake. I can't be any more clear." she asserted. "You've got your coffee, you don't need a dessert with your meal, now do you, honey ?" She sweetened her voice on the last word.

"No milkshake." Judy echoed in a careful voice, and drew a small X on her paper with her pen.

This was ridiculous ! I didn't even say that and I knew Judy was just drawing an X out in the middle of nowhere to make it look like she was going along with Tricia. I smirked. Well who wouldn't ! Tricia did palm her $100 bill after all.

Likely Judy would've sat in her lap and read the menu to her if she asked. I shook my head at the silly sight of that.

Tricia added, "If you're good, we'll get ice cream later, David. Now no grunching. Okay ?"

Grunching ? That's what my Dad used to say, when I was - like - 10-years old ! I rolled my eyes but Tricia was looking at me intently for something.

I didn't know what. Everyone got silent. It even seemed like the customers outside got quiet to see what was happening now although I couldn't see them beyond the wooden slats of the sliding wall.

"Well !?" Tricia finally said in a louder voice, clearly directed to me.

"Yes - ma'am ?" I said, perplexed, thinking I was back at work. Honestly - I had no idea what to say at this point. I opened my mouth in confusion and for a moment I couldn't think at all. Then I looked down at my lap, unable to meet her eyes anymore.

Tricia nodded as if that was the correct response, "That's better, sweetie. Now where were we."

Even Judy smiled at this clear show of a pecking order. This was too much. Was I ALWAYS going to be treated like this ?

But Judy broke the uncomfortable moment and queried, "And for you, ma'am ?"

"I'd like this please." she told Judy pointing to an item in the menu.

"Yes ma'am." Judy said in a very obsequious voice. I laughed but caught myself when Tricia gave me a stern look.

"And you, sir ?" Judy said going to Smithers, "What would you like, please ?"

Smithers, seeing that the sky was the limit for this particular treat said in his best British voice appreciatively, "I would lok yore bey-est stek ! Medium rahr. Let me huv that with uh bokked poe-teetow, ond yore see-zond gd-een bee-yens."

Tricia raised an eyebrow at this. That was clearly the most expensive thing on the menu.

He addressed her in seeing her look of concern, "Is thut oll-riot, mom ?"

Tricia nodded, "Sure. Whatever you want, Smithers. As I said, my treat."

"Veddy good." Smithers said and handed Judy his menu, "Thot will be awl, miss."

Judy couldn't help but smile at his thick accent and now clearly determined we were multi-millionaires, and that wasn't too far from the truth.

"I'll have your meals right out in a jiffy !" she added cheerfully and retrieved the 3 menus. Then she disappeared and we were alone again.

* * *

A few seconds passed in silence and finally I spoke, "Tricia, I want to call my Dad after we finish here. I'm concerned about him."

She patted me on my back, "Of course you are, dear. We can certainly do that."

Okay, I was getting the message now. Everything she said, it was never ME but WE. 'We can do something' but not '=I= can do something.' Can't I do something on my own is what I wondered ?

"=I'll= call Dad." I added, emphasizing the 'I,' letting her know I really didn't need her help to dial him up on the phone.

Tricia was nonplussed, "Like I said dear, WE'LL call him, when we're done here, we can both talk to him. Is there a problem ?"

I looked down at my lap again. I decided right then I had better enjoy the sight of that cause I think that's where my eyes were going to be most of the time while I was with Tricia if we were going to get along. At work, I could understand, because she was my superior and my boss, but outside of work ? Is she also my - boss ?

"Tricia ?" I started again but couldn't look up.

"David," she said in a tired voice. "You brought your gamebuddy, didn't you ?"

"Gameboy." I corrected, finally looking up at her.

"Whatever it is !" she said flipping her hair to one side, "Why don't you play with that thing for a moment until our food arrives, okay honey ?"

Now my head hurt. I didn't mind playing with the gameboy on my own but to have someone SUGGEST I play with it was a clear way of avoiding conversation. I shrugged, but that was fine.

Smithers was apparently a well-disciplined chauffeur and kept his lip zipped during all of this, pretending to be fascinated by one of the paintings behind me. I looked over my shoulder, it was just a basket of fruits, and not that well sketched, I thought.

I pulled out my Gameboy and then I saw Tricia open up her purse and pull out the calculator she absconded from me earlier. I looked to it with interest as she held it in her hand.

"What're you doing ?" I asked in my friendliest voice.

She plakked the calculator down hard on the table and addressed me in a very cross voice now, "David ! This doesn't concern you. I have - to figure out some things. Now don't bother me for a moment."

I sighed. Maybe this was just a phase she was going through. Maybe she was jittery we were going to be a couple and this was her way of expressing concern and trepidation about the future ? I had to believe that. That was the best way to think of it at the moment.

"OK," I added, and then a moment later I felt it important to add, "I'm sorry."

Her tone turned 180 degrees and became a kind of weird pleasantness that made me think I was sitting in a high chair waiting for baby food, "Well of COURSE you are ! Now why don't we wait for our yummy ummy meals, hmmm ?"

I ignored this baby-talk but thought to myself, "Sure and you can spoon feed it to me, too, and burp me afterwards." but I didn't say it. I pulled out my Gameboy from the hospital bag and found the, "Final Fantasy Adventure" cartridge and put it in. Then I turned the power on.

There was a pretty chime from the system powering up. That was neat ! Maybe this won't be so bad after all - that was until Tricia suddenly poked me with her hand.

I looked, what now ? She put her index finger to her lips. Yeah, she did that a few times in work with me. Alright, I guess no sound at all. I scooted the volume lower. The tinny adventure music played. She held the finger to lip and rubbed it up and down now as if my eyes couldn't see straight.

FINE ! I whizzed the dial to zero. She looked away and then the game up from my last saved position.

And then - it got weird. Right then - apparently - I vanished, according to Tricia, especially with what she spoke next.

Her tone changed from a nice one to that of a rebuffed Mother, "Well, Smithers. Have you ever met anyone like that ?"

"Mom ?" he asked fearfully, afraid he would say the wrong thing at this unexpected change in conversation.

"Like David." she said without even looking at me. "Getting too big for his britches, wouldn't you say ? Maybe he needs to be fitted in a size smaller so it pinches his bottom as a reminder ?" and she laughed wickedly, clearly envisioning me in what she suggested.

* * *

"Mom !?" Smithers added a little louder. I glared at him. He had better choose his next words carefully ! He finally stammered, "Uhh - I woodent know, mom !" He coughed suddenly, "Ex-cooz me, mom. I need tuh use thaw fahseeluhtehz."

He suddenly got up and walked around the table. There was a restroom in here to the left of the table so he didn't have to open up the sliding wall and use the regular one. Tricia nodded to see him go.

I felt - really weird right then. She was talking about me, and yet - like I wasn't there. It was like a needle was going in my brain, despite the fact it was dipped in some kind of anesthetic to stop the pain, it was still a sharp needle nonetheless and it went in - DEEP.

Then she paused her head, staring right where he was. I felt it especially important right then to get busy with my game. Her head turned toward me ever so slightly, VERY slowly - and right then. I felt fear. Deep rocking fear ! From her - soon to be my wife ? What could she possibly do to me ?

What was wrong with me ? What was WRONG with her ? Surely married couples didn't act like this !

"Good game ?" she finally said in a tone dripping a slight edge of venom to it, aware I was still watching her slightly out of the corner of my eye.

"Great." I said suddenly and kind of wiggled in my seat so I wasn't facing either her or the table now, but against the wall.

"Hmmm ..." she said thoughtfully. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her pull out the calculator and set it on the table. Then she pulled out an envelope from her purse, tucked and folded neatly.

She opened it carefully, read it, and started figuring out some numbers on the calculator from handwritten numbers at the bottom, but I couldn't read the values unless I turned my head to look, and I didn't want her to get angry again.

"Everything okay, Trish ?" I asked, completely looking away from her, and trying not to upset her.

"I need to figure this out." she said in a voice that showed me she wasn't patient. "Don't bother me !" she added in a distracted and irritated tone. I couldn't help it, right then, I felt especially sad, doesn't she like me ? Was this =ALL= just about the money ?

One more jab like that from her and I would start crying, I knew it, and I didn't care who saw me.

But then a moment later, she rubbed me encouragingly on my back and added in her best friendly voice, "I'm sorry, sweetie. I need to look at this, it's important. Our meals should arrive soon, okay honey ?"

She continued to rub me on my back encouragingly which I let her for several long moments, and it did feel good. Finally I nodded in agreement. She was waiting for that and finally patted me on my back like a well-disciplined pet and then went back to the calculator and pushed a few buttons. Then pulled out a pen and wrote down some new numbers. I thought about this. I thought about all of it.

Okay - to recap - she told me to lie about the accident I was in, and the fact I wasn't actually used as a battering ram against the women's restroom door by mean old Barbara, but somehow, clumsy me, I fell down the stairs. I knew that much.

Tricia had gotten me 1.2 million dollars out of it, or so she said, although that certainly is what it looked like on the paper I signed. And I would fully admit that I had =NO= idea what I was going to do with that kind of money. And apparently she had every intention and idea of spending it as she saw fit.

It's teething pains, I told myself. She's just this way right now, it'll get better. Once all the paperwork is signed and I'm married, we'll live blissfully together, you'll see, I told myself. I smiled and relaxed. And apparently she did too.

I looked out of the corner of my eye as she did more key presses on the calculator. She didn't seem angry now but there was a kind of, hard to describe, silent peace - between us again ?

What she didn't tell me was finally sinking in my head. As long as I minded my own business we would get along great. Just great. And that's not so bad, is it ? I mean, you were just going to donate all the money to a charity or such. Surely she would put it to better use ?

Tricia muttered to herself but I caught it, "Let's see ... For the masnion, we'll still need 3 servants. A cook and - "

"Mansion !" I whispered breathlessly. I thought I was moving in her penthouse ?

* * *

Suddenly the sliding wall parted and Judy had our 3 meals. Like a flash, Tricia pocketed the calculator, pen, and envelope. Smithers arrived on queue back in his seat. And I really couldn't blame him. He was here just for a free meal and he didn't want to get bawled out by Tricia as clearly she would've done so had he not gone along with her weird ways.

"Hokay !" Judy said in a tone that indicated we were all starving, "Fat and juicy hamburger for the big guy !" and set the plate in front of me. I gave her a dirty look. Any more talk like that and Tricia would likely put me on a diet. Besides I was only 155 lbs at 5'10 which I think was clearly average. In any case.

"STEAK !" she trilled, as if it was a meal fit for a king, and likely it was. "With a fresh hot baked potato and our special seasoned green beans ! Enjoi !"

Smithers helped her with the plate before she could set it before him. I looked at him. He was a mite thin, at that. It was likely he didn't get a meal this good in a long time, and right then, I felt - kind of sad for him. I hoped I would see more of him. Maybe that would be possible if I asked Tricia about it in the right way ? She did say she needed 3 servants ?

"And for the miss, House Salad, extra carrots, with Light Vinaigrette Dressing." she said and put the final meal before Tricia.

Okay, this stunk now. When I was on my own, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. And Pizza and Ice-Cream were definitely on my favorites menu. I could see if I lived with Tricia I had better grow longer ears and a fuzzy tail cause clearly I would be treated like a pet rabbit for my diet of lettuce and carrots.

But I had a hamburger in front of me. It looked great ! I immediately launched into it. Smithers did likewise on his steak using the steak knife she provided extra for him.

"Anything else, gang ?" Judy said, standing by patiently.

Okay, I understood her now, too. She was going to want an extra $100 tip and clearly she was working towards this. The hamburger was excellent, however.

"That's all for now." Tricia said with an official air and waved her hand absently behind her.

"Yes ma'am." Judy said and then did something totally preposterous ! She curtsied for her ! Perfectly too, holding on to her waitress apron with both hands raising it slightly as she dipped down on the floor crossing her legs and looking at the floor.

It was too much ! I was choking with laughter now, but the hamburger bite wedged in my throat ! I really was choking ! I gakked for a moment. Then I finally smacked my hand on the table hard causing Tricia's salad to jump in her bowl. That was all I needed to get her attention. She looked at me with a bewildering look.

"Oh my god oh my god - he's choking !" Judy, our waitress said ! Tricia hurriedly stepped out of her seat and Judy dragged me out of my seat and up and standing.

"I know the Heimlich maneuver !" she said professionally, raising her hand as if someone would call on her in class.

I tried not to panic. I nodded, yes, you ! I choose you, Judy !

"Stand back !" she said in a louder voice. Even Smithers stood up from his meal to look on.

Judy grabbed me, positioned me so I was facing away from her, then - "1 - 2 - 3 !" she cried and whoophed her double-knotted fists into my abdomen. Unfortunately, nothing happened except searing nausea. Okay, now I had to ask myself. What would happen if I vomited and my throat was clogged ? Eww ... I grimaced. Not pretty.

"Do something !" Tricia finally said. Then muttered to herself, "If something happens, I won't get any - " she caught herself, and said, "I mean - we're getting MARRIED after all !"

Susan nodded to this. As for me, I felt I was going to blackout here pretty soon now. "Call an ambulance !" I tried to say but it wouldn't come out.

Tricia faced me with a look of fear on her face and held my hand for support. Susan spoke again from behind me, very carefully now, "1 ... 2 ... 3 ... GO !" and then whammied her fists back into my abdomen.

"Paoh !" I coughed and the food flew out of my mouth straight at Tricia. Oww ... My chest hurt from what she did but it was so funny at what I was looking at now ! I mean Tricia had been so DAMNED perfect to this point and then she had a lodge of my wet hamburger meat hanging off the end of her nose ! It was great !

Judy spoke first, "Oh my god, ma'am ! I'm - I'm so sorry. Here, let me get that !" and she leapt around me to help Tricia but Tricia's face turned stony, dangerously, with a clear lack of amusement in her frozen expression. She 180'ed and headed to the bathroom as Judy went in with her.

* * *

"GET OUT !" Tricia shrieked from inside the bathroom to Judy, whatever patience she had was gone now.

"My !" Judy said and bailed out and almost collided into both me and Smithers, still exchanging grins.

"Goddamit !" we heard Tricia screech from the bathroom. Hoo boy.

Fortunately, Judy just smiled with us. "Did you see the look on her face ?" she said and I smiled more.

I bit my lip in thought, I better not laugh too much cause I knew Tricia could likely hear me from in there. But I did want to ask, "Hey, Judy. I know this seems kind of out of place - but - have you ever been a servant before ?"

"Just WHAT do you mean by that !?" she asked in an angry voice. "What do you want, a free massage now ? I just saved your life buddy boy !"

"Nonono ..." I said, "I mean - it's just - well, if you didn't know, yes, we are - ahhm - millionaires. I think. Anyways, Tricia - that's her in the bathroom. She controls the finances." I looked away, "Clearly !"

But then I faced Judy again and added in seriousness, "Tricia said she still needs 3 servants for the mansion I'm moving in with her. I thought it was a penthouse and I guess it's not - anyways. Ahhm - Would you - did you want to come - and - help ?"

"What's the pay ?" she asked seriously. "I mean - I get $7/hr. here with tips."

After a moment of baffled silence from me she shook her head and started to walk away but Smithers held out his hand to stop her, "Miss. I beleef yewl fond a suh-vents pay is a much mohr odd-mur-uh-bull payeenk job thon a weh-tress." She looked at him and her eyes narrowed. "No ensult ahn-tended, miss !" he added.

"None taken." she said, and smiled pleasantly, then she looked back to me with a look of consternation. "But you said it's up to the girl soon to be wife you just horked up on, right, kiddo ?"

"Yeah, that." I said, and looked down at my toes. Maybe this wouldn't work after all.

"Oh my god." Judy said, "What am I doing - what am I doing !" She bounced up and down on her shoes for a moment. Finally she threw her hands in the air and said to the ceiling, "What the hell ! What have I got to lose !" and then she dashed into the restroom to talk to Tricia.


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Okay, I HATE this woman...but that's what I'm supposed to say right? I like to think if you don't care about the characters, then it's not worth reading. Great jot! Thanks for sharing it!


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Well now Tricia is just being herself. This from my impression of when I worked for her. Things get .. read more
A very delightful read. Thank you for sending me the request.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Glad you're liking it, Dr ! If you hadn't done so already, feel free to send me a RR on one of your .. read more
Ba Smithers goi g to get hired too?

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

He should. He's involved with the secret service and I need him in that respect, although how well I.. read more
this woman is worse than an ex friend of mine..

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

You had a friend like this ? Hoo boy. While I was in my 20s and had the backbone back then equivalen.. read more

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