TDM 01 "Welcome Aboard !"

TDM 01 "Welcome Aboard !"

A Chapter by dw817

Throngs of children, too, were watching, wondering, and gazing at the sky. Each hoping the same thing the other was. They all wanted that amazing ride into the night in a flying saucer themselves !


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The Lost Saucer
Can't Get Off This Crazy Ride !

© September 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

here it is again." Jerry said. He raised his head up in bed and listened intently. It was like the warble of a bird, like maybe one of those whistles that used water in it to create a trilling effect, like Jimmy, his best friend showed him a week ago. But it was descending in pitch, almost imperceptibly.

He looked momentarily at his two stuffed animals, a dog and a horse to see if they reacted to the sound.

They didn't but smiled up at him with stitched grins on their fuzzy and furry faces.

"Well you go back to sleep then." he told them sourly and got up. He looked at the clock and it was a little past midnight. The sound was definitely there though, and he was going to investigate, and to do so, he needed to be dressed. He put on his red shirt and pants, socks, and shoes, and listened for a moment.

It sounded like whatever it was might be further than just a block away.

The other night he had gone camping and still had all of his equipment in it, including some granola bars, crackers, and other survival gear. Nodding he strapped it on and started for the front door.

Suddenly the light near the door flipped on and it was Alice, his babysitter. She was still sleepy herself having rose from the couch and had her arms crossed looking more than a little angry.

"What're you doing up, Jerry ?" she asked accusingly.

"Listen." he said and held his hands out like that would make the weird sound he heard more distinctive.

She paused for a moment. Just then the refrigerator in the kitchen started to buzz in the still silence.

"Jerry, that's just the refrig - "

"No." he interrupted her insistent there was something else. "LISTEN."

He checked the straps on his backpack and it was on tight. He checked his pockets and still had his house-keys so he really was all set to investigate the weird sound. As Alice listened he punctuated the air with his two fingers, like trying to pluck a sound of it she could hear.

Alice saw he was serious so she paused to really listen this time.

Finally she heard it and nodded, "That's just a bird outside." but then she tilted her head quizzically, "No. It's - "

Her face screwed up in confusion and at the same time, a big smile appeared on Jerry's face.

"Now look." she said, for she had seen that look on his face before, "Wherever you're going, you're not going without me !" she finally said, hoping that would defuse his curiosity of exploring outside.

But it didn't. "Okay, but just don't get in my way !" he said, as if he would be the leader on this expedition, and started to reach for the front door handle.

She was going to comment about how she was a good foot taller and, most importantly, older than him, when suddenly the trilling sound descended sharply and a weird light shone eerily through the window.

"Oh my god ! Get down, Jerry !" she said and suddenly smacked her hand on top of him.

They both watched the window. It was definitely not a car, a police car, or even someone shining a flashlight. It had a rhythmic flow to it and the trilling sound had stopped.

Jerry rose in an instant to open the door but Alice stopped him.

"Jerry ! What if it's dangerous ! Let's call the police first !"

"What will we tell them ? That we saw a weird light in our window and we were too scared to find out what it was ?"

Alice bit her lip at the logic and reaching for the coat-rack pulled off her own light gray coat. "Alright young man, we look for - whatever this is, quickly, but then we call the police !"

"Fair enough." he said and opened the door.

Jerry didn't know if he was more surprised at what he saw or the fact that what sounded to be houses away was only right outside on his front grass !

For all sakes and intensive purposes. It was a textbook description, Flying Saucer ! Complete with a set of pretty running lights near the base and the familiar domed top and sharp circumference to neatly cut the air, he guessed - when it FLEW !

"Holy Moly !" Alice said and threw a hand to her mouth in shock.

"Yeah, isn't it !" Jerry said, thoroughly excited at the find and grinned back at her.

Alice looked at Jerry. Jerry looked at Alice. They were both thinking the same thing. Ever since childhood they wanted something incredible to happen in their lives. Alice hoped the pixies and fairies would take her away to their wondrous magical world to get away from the teasing and taunting of older kids in swim class.

Jerry hoped a super-hero or something would dive through his window and make him his apprentice to take him away from the kids who were mean to him in P.E. Dreams all of course - but that changed seeing this.

* * *

A flying saucer ! And not just a blip or shot in the sky, one in their own front yard ! Waiting ... waiting for what ?

Just then a new warbling sound appeared and the door to the UFO opened up. Inside were two silly goofy, that was the best way to describe it, robotic characters, like out of a science-fiction novel. They ran out of the UFO on a descended ramp and stood a few feet from the still glowing saucer. And curiously - they seemed friendly and likable.

Both robots were silvery from the head down and had square-shaped chests with a dazzling array of lights flashing and shining all around inside. One was bigger than the other, clearly a man, with a clean-cut haircut. The other was nearly a foot shorter, a woman, with wild red hair.

Both had metallic legs but the woman's had rainbow stripings on them, as if that would be a common thing for her - species.

And - it was just the smiles and friendly appearance of them that won over the kids. The pair of alien invaders were waving to them and calling to them to come over and visit. They could clearly see the kids who stood there - dumbfounded, for lack of a better word. It was amazing enough to find a flying saucer in your front yard but to have two aliens come out and INVITE you inside !

This was just too much for Jerry. Alice was hesitant but Jerry pulled on her arm insistently and both started running towards the friendly pair of robotic figures.

There was a frantic kind of feeling of adrenalin that shot through both kids as they approached the visitors from another world. And apparently they were pushed on time as all 4 ran inside the saucer.

The woman robotic visitor introduced herself as Fi. The friendly bigger one introduced himself as Fum.

"What about Fee ?" Jerry asked Fum, remembering what the giant said in, 'Jack & The Beanstalk.'

"Yeah, and Foe ?" Alice asked Fi, remembering the nursery story too.

"Fee ?" Fum said in a thick country accent. "They's aint no price needed ! This is a free ride, kids !"

Fi was laughing at this, and rocked her head back and you could hear a stretch, like a metallic coil, and her laughter was infectious.

The two kids giggled along with her as she explained, "And you won't find any enemies here either, sweetie. No, we're all good friends here."

Suddenly it was as if an automatic program took over Fi and she took Alice over to the stargazer's controls to explain them to her. Alice watched carefully realizing she might need this knowledge later.

Fi pointed to the far wall to show that Alice could match up the coordinates from there with the display screen on the other side.

Fum took Jerry aside to a much busier computer console that had large beautiful triangular lights. He didn't seem as intelligent as his companion, Fi, but he was certainly friendly. And he, too, pointed to the rest of the inside of the saucer showing it could be controlled from this panel.

Clearly both kids were invited and they were going to go on an amazing trip now !

Then there was an odd hoarse, no - that wasn't the sound a horse would make, nor a dog, no it was an - of all the crazy things it was a DORSE !

A strange furry 4-legged creature that was big and furry and friendly like an enormous white-haired dog yet had the head of a small farm horse !

Jerry at once imagined the two stuffed animals he got from the carnival years ago, a dog and a horse that he slept with, and while they didn't look anything like this, he was certain it was not mere fate that brought them all together on this incredible night.

DORSE jumped up and down, clearly excited to see the kids and wanted to play with them. But then he shook his head around seemed upset about something, and Fi and Fum went to watch him for a moment.

Suddenly Fum looked at Fi and she looked back at him in panic.

"Uh oh." Fum explained. "We've gots company !"

Sure enough even with all the computer controls in the spaceship burbling and murmuring to each other, you could hear the distinctive wail of a police siren, closing the distance between it and the intruding saucer.

"I forgot to close the door !" Alice said in a panic and started for the opening of the saucer; the front door to the house they just left was still in sight.

"It's okay, sweetie. We'll be right back, right Fum ?" Fi assured Alice.

Without waiting for a reply Fi added, "Hatch closed." and then smacked a round and clear acrylic button from the center of the control panel and the exit door to the saucer promptly closed sealing them in.

Now anyone else might've been frightened, thinking these two aliens were gonna kidnap the children, but it was the warm and friendly smiles from the two robotic alien visitors that assured the kids everything was going to be okay.

* * *

"Yeah, we'll come back once the fuzz is gone." Fum said nodding.

Fi grimaced and went over to smack him on his metallic back causing a comical clanking sound, "Watch your mouth, Fum."

"What'd I say ? What'd I say ?" Fum said, hurt at the accusation looking left and right.

"I said watch your mouth." she repeated crossly.

Fum looked confused, "I can't watch my mouth cause my eyes well they is alla ways up here !" and he pointed to his broad chin as if she didn't believe him.

Jerry and Alice laughed. It was bad enough the whole thing was like a weird dream you might have from eating too much sugary cereal as a midnight snack the night before, but the obvious and clumsy friendship these two robots had with each other just added to the whole affair of innocence and adventure.

Jerry and Alice looked at each other and in a rare moment of shared feelings, they held hands with big smiles on their faces, and their eyes lit up with wonder. For luck, for hope, for the ride of a lifetime !

"Time for take-off, kids !" Fi said getting serious again. She stepped from behind Fum and reached for the center console and watching the controls, she gently rotated an iridescent mother-of-pearl knob clockwise half-way with practiced precision.

The saucer then skidded smoothly, just hovering inches over the grass and with a raising warbling sound, suddenly started to ascend rapidly into the night sky.

A crowd of people had already gathered outside their houses and stood in the street watching. Many were still in their night-robes, and almost all of them were pointing up into the sky. Throngs of children, too, were gazing, watching, and wondering, and each hoping the same thing the other was.

They all wanted that amazing ride into the night sky in a flying saucer themselves !

What a thing to tell the kids at school the next day !

But no, the amazing saucer was already on it's way, and aside from the wailing of police and firetruck sirens fast approaching, they could only see the underside of the incredible light display of the UFO as it shot off into the night.

Back in the saucer, the center column of the console illuminated showing black space punctuated by beautiful stars to let them know they had already left Earth's orbit.

And then the entire saucer started to rock back and forth as it's passengers hung on for dear life and this crazy music started to blare out of hidden speakers from the ceiling !

Out of the sky and out of time,
Coming to see all that they can find ! 

UFO - Fi and Fum !
They've gone to the moon,
Now they've been to the sun !

Please, Please take me along !

Oh-hh-hh !

Now listen,
From the future of time,
They came to see,
How the world - used to be !

But something went wrong, deep inside.
And they can't get off this cra-azy ride !

Please, please someone help us !

Oh-hh-hh !

Where are we going in this - Lost Saucer !
Somebody help us in the - Lost Saucer !

Where are we going in this - Lost Saucer !
Somebody help us in the - Lost Saucer !

Where are we going in this - Lost Saucer !


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© 2013 dw817

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this was cool not the best but I
stll liked it!

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It's just a start, Shyann. This is a different story that doesn't automatically have a psychotic wom.. read more

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