Dream Diary - Sep 20th 2013

Dream Diary - Sep 20th 2013

A Chapter by dw817

I'm in a store where you can buy magic tricks and stuff, similar to one I went to years ago. There was a store clerk there showing me this one called Living Monster. Nothing to worry about, he said.


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© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every day of this week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.



These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.

Museum Of Mine

Strange dream. My Dad's items at the national museum have re-appeared, as if the exhibit he had earlier had continued years later. I asked one of the people working there why and they looked at me confused and said, we don't take personal affects.

I persisted, don't you have a 1900 postcard that says to my beloved wife, which is from my Grandfather ? And she got mad then and said we don't take them.

I said I don't understand, she got mad and said what do you think it says on there ? I didn't know, she said it says one nation under God. I asked what was wrong with that ?

She said I'm an atheist. I didn't have anything to say to that. Then she asked, where is God ?

I gave a quick answer, up in the sky and I pointed up. Then she smacked me on my head. Finally I said, you know it's okay, you know God doesn't believe in you either.

She was silent. Then I added, I'm an atheist too but I believe in God because others believe in Him and for that reason alone, you think about that for a moment.

Suddenly she got mad and without a word stepped by me to leave the museum and the dream ended. I never did find out from the dream why my Dad's stuff was back in the museum.


I was trying to get a ride. I was on the sidewalk. Dottie's car arrived but it was flooded with water and there were fish swimming around in it. I thought this was odd but then she looked at me and smiled, it's a carpool, David. I woke up laughing. Crazy dream.

Music Box Memory

[3] I was helping Dottie move and I got interested in looking at a music box. It was like a little piano and it was glass and you could see the inside tines moving the mechanism. It was very pretty music but when I think of it now it doesn't match anything I have heard before.

[?] (I brought the recorder with me when I was with Rose, we were at a park and I recorded this audio). Saw a bird on the concrete eating a piece of fried chicken leftover from someone. That's pretty strange, I spoke into it to remind me of this.

Dishwasher Damage

Strange dream, I was trying to make something valuable - inside a dishwasher. When the machine finished washing, I opened it up, but it didn't work what I was trying to do. And then there was someone attacking me to try and get at it.

Then he's at my front door and he's running away and I knew he had the thing I was working on. I had to stop him. Because I had a memory of working on it for a long time and I knew it was valuable.

Confessional Confusion

Something about a bunch of people dressed up like Star Wars figures in a library. There was a booth too called Confessional Jerky. You gave a confession, then you would take a bit of jerky from the platter. Someone said the jerky was turkey though, not beef, and then all hell broke loose, something about it being sacrilegious. I woke up in a fright from the fighting and yelling.

BTW, I didn't know there actually was a Star Wars church until I googled it today. (image above)

Division Distraction

Dreamed there was a bully at school who was telling lies about me. He was very specific about stuff, to make certain everyone would avoid me.

He was over at my desk hassling me. Finally a teacher came by and realized he was out of his desk. It's happened several times back in school, but the first time I've dreamed about a teacher intervening.

She sent him to the Principal's office. It was funny but I felt it was a small victory so I put my thumb up for the teacher. Then the class looked at me and applauded. Then we started to do the classwork.

Now like all the dreams I've had in the past about classwork, it is always something I never understood, was failing at, and the books didn't make any sense, and usually it's Elementary or Middle.

I knew it was long division and I could do it. And I showed the teacher but she said I'm very disappointed in you Andrew, this is incorrect. But it was correct. I woke up saying, "It was correct."

Tattoo Troubles

Dreaming that I had to get on a stagecoach. And I was wearing this really RED outfit with chaps, spurs, everything. Before I was on the stage though I was at a tattoo parlor and there was a woman giving me a tattoo on my chest.

She said she could change the picture. Then I said something odd, "Sour but sweet." as if that was an answer for her. I had a memory of working for someone in the town. I was a servant, but a favored one, so I knew I could be late to work and stuff.

Unusual, this dream was so very detailed, I could smell the sawdust and see the design in the floor of the tattoo parlor and it reminded me of a floor I had seen years ago.

Ant Attack

Definitely a nightmare. I was playing basketball at school. There were bullies on the team but they were being really nice with me for some reason. Then there were these ants that showed up.

They were huge, like a foot long. One grabbed the basketball and seized it in it's pincers and popped it. There was screaming, we started running, all of us cause now there were millions of these things and they were everywhere attacking everyone.

I remember fighting one, and their body was sticky and would stick to you and burn like it was red hot. I was trying to pull one off and my skin was coming off with it.

Bad bad nightmare.

Panic In The Past

Strange dream. It was like I was a scavenger of the past time. I was a time traveler. Like 10-minutes ago, that was valuable for scientific research. I was with a bunch of other people and we were going over the calculations involved to do this successfully.

But it was odd cause my intelligence was way down, like I was a caveman or something. For a moment I thought they were trying to convince me I was intelligent so I would do this dangerous assignment as no-one else wanted to risk their life with it.

And I remember going through the process. 10-minutes in the past. And it was scary. Everything was corroding, like acid, there was a burn to it, like the past was acidic and could eat through anything.

I know there was a point I didn't want to do it anymore but I was thrust into the process again and this time I was stuck, they wouldn't let me come back, and my body burned with the past, the acid eating into me. It quickly turned into a nightmare.

Magic Mayhem

I'm in an entertainment store where you can buy magic tricks and stuff, similar to one I went to years ago. There was a store clerk there showing me this one called Living Monster. He said it was all done with robotics and mechanics, nothing to worry about.

But when he put his hand up to control it like a puppet, suddenly there was a horrible crunching sound and the thing bit off his hand from the inside.

Because I have so many nightmares a night, I woke up in a hurry to get away from there.

BTW, Rose called me 3 times while I was working on this post. She asked each time, "What you up to boyyy ?"  And I told her each time, I'm STILL working on that dream post. Then she talked with me about a half hour each time on every little thing happening on her end within that 30-minute timeframe - and I'm trying to hold the phone with one hand and continue working on this with the other.

Then she got mad on the 3rd call and said I wasn't listening to what she was saying.

I finally asked her if she would call me after I finish what I'm doing and am on break. She said when will that be ? I sighed, I said, I will call you when I'm done with it. So - that's why this took so long to put together.

Girls, they only want you to pay attention to them when they know you're busy working on other things, Amirite guyz ?

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© 2013 dw817

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Cool, dude! Hahaha! I like it anyway.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Well good deal there then. I'll be alternating my Tuesday posts. Every other week I'll be posting re.. read more

7 Years Ago

Hahaha ! We'll see if I'd have enough time. I'm so busy these days. But I'll make time for those any.. read more

7 Years Ago

Really well YEEPH ! I have so many it seems ! OK, good to see that ! Getting ready to post the littl.. read more
I like it it's cool!!!!!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Strange stuff indeed. I'm going to start a different writing today though. There will be 10-of them,.. read more

7 Years Ago

Okay cool looking forward to it
You gotta love your Dream Diary Series! Thanks for sharing!


Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Yah well they certainly do go all over the place. Last night I had 6 dreams. I'm still sorting throu.. read more

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