TDM 12 "The Tables Turn"

TDM 12 "The Tables Turn"

A Chapter by dw817

Then Fi picked up Candy and with Jerry following behind went to release Alice from the chair in there and the second alien. Whereas Candy was pink, the pilot was named Marshmallow and he was blue.



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The Lost Saucer
Can't Get Off This Crazy Ride !

© September 2013 Written by David Wicker
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* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Jerry only had seconds to act !

Shaking the grogginess from his head he grabbed onto the other director's arm and because he was so heavy, Jerry immediately fell on the floor too. But it didn't deter him. Reaching out with his free arm he wrapped his fingers around the edge of the chair and pulled.

Fi seeing she was being helped now moved her bulk to the chair forcing the doctor as well.

Now the doctor couldn't do any more damage to Fi's controls as both his arms were being held. His left by Fi's and his right by Jerry's. At this point he tried to bargain with them.

"Hey ! I was only kidding ! I wasn't going to keep them. Just for - maybe a few days or so. I'd let them - I'd let YOU go then, honest I would !"

Fi spoke in a strangely flattened voice as her batteries were nearly at an end, "Tell - it - to - the - chair !"

Suddenly bizarre straps like living seat belts from a car lashed out and grabbed the doctor ! Everyone got quiet.

"Wha ? What's - going on ?" the doctor blubbered in fear.

Jerry and Fi immediately pulled back and watched in horror as more belts lashed out to the terrified doctor. Looking now you could see they were wrapped tightly around his wrists and inexorably they pulled him up to the chair with his back facing the screen and his legs wrapped around the back of it.

New straps launched out to grab his ankles. Then suddenly he whirled around and was flung spread-eagled forced to stand in an X fashion as the straps tightened.

The straps stretched making a pulling sound and the doctor grimaced in pain.

Jerry looked to see that Fum had her hand inside a console on the side and bright lights were flashing from inside. The doctor had his head turned to look at Fi as if to say, "Please stop."

Jerry looked at the doctor and back at Fi. It was clear now she was killing him !

"Fi, stop it !" Jerry said and reached to pull her arm out of the opening.

"No !" Fi said fiercely and pushed Jerry back with her other arm and then rotated her wrist slightly so new lights flickered in there alarmingly.

Suddenly a beam of light shot out and hit the doctor in the head and he relaxed at once into the chair where new straps held him in.

The screen started up but instead of the pretty dreamy scenes it showed earlier with Jerry it displayed horribly bright-colored swirls dizzily like paint thrown in a can, sickening and nauseating.

After a moment they settled down to a neutral gray followed intermittently by hiccuped static in time to the doctor's breathing, although it was clear he was unconscious now.

"What - what did you do to him ?" Jerry asked, upset that Fi seemed so angry right now.

Fi looked back at Jerry, "I stopped HER from killing him. The machine - the chair is not all it seems to be. And she has long since hated the doctor since her captivity. And I'll show you why in just a moment."

Fi stood and staggered to the console still a little worn for the wear and tear and smacked a button in the middle. A pretty pink glow surrounded her followed by a streaming sound of energy and little white tendrils of electricity played over her body.

A moment later she looked just fine !

"Okay, Jerry. I have a full charge of energy. Let's set her free now."

Jerry was as confused as could be by that statement. But then Fi went over to the back of the chair and pushed on a button and a panel opened up with a whisper, and inside was a furry little creature with what looked like a a wad of cotton candy with two tendrils and attached were what looked like corn candy that waved alarmingly.

Fi pulled the creature out carefully and held it out for Jerry to look. It even smelled like cotton candy.

"Her name is Candy." Fi said speaking down to the ball of fuzz.

"No kidding." Jerry replied not in the least bit surprised.

Fi explained, "Centuries ago on their planet, a terrible rain fell that had never fallen before. Because their race's base element is cane sugar as you can see, it was a devastating thing for them. Using their technology they sent 2 time-travelers into the past to find the cause of it and stop it."

"Unfortunately they were caught in this planet's Chronomatic Attenuator, which was designed to catch ships that were time-traveling. That's how we got caught, Jerry. And because they had a museum that matched where we took you from, our computer determined this was indeed the Earth we left."

She paused to look at Jerry for a moment, "Confusing, right ?"

"Very." Jerry agreed but motioned for her to explain more.

She continued, "Well, their pilot, her husband-to-be is being held in the other chair so let's go rescue Alice and the other being in there too."

Jerry looked back at the console which still hiccuped static in time to the doctor's breathing. "What's going to happen to him ?"

Fi looked for a moment and setting the creature carefully down on the console she spoke with it, "What would you like to see done ?"

Then the pink fuzzball spoke in a high-pitched and yet still understandable voice, "We have been held prisoner by this awful man for so long. So terribly long ! We would see him die !" she shrieked.

* * *

Fi nodded gravely and spoke in a quiet voice, "And would that make you feel better ?"

Candy waggled her candy corn antennae at her furiously, obviously this was not up for debate."Yes, yes it would !" she squeaked angrily.

"Would it accomplish anything though ?" Fi asked Candy in a quiet and reflective voice. There was no reply, she continued. "I understand you've been the prisoner of this - man, but it's over. We're going to let you continue your mission, but you need to let this go."

"What about the other prisoners ?" Candy asked. "There are hundreds of others being held prisoner though not necessarily in a chair ! I knew this when I was installed into the system !"

Fi nodded and then alarmingly slammed her fist straight through the metal of the console and turned her wrist slightly left and right like opening a combination to safe. She grimaced as likely it was painful but continued.

Finally after a moment she pulled free and the cheery blue light in the room was replaced by a silently blinking red one now.

She spoke, "They are all set free, Candy. I also patched into their main computer and destroyed the main relays to their dream machines. Their attenuator is GONE, and they can't build another. They used rare resources from this planet to build their device. And those resources are all gone. There won't be another dream machine."

She added, "So this means you need never worry about this planet again, and can continue on your mission. And we know where your ship is being held, too. Because you are time-travelers, like us, your captivity here means no time at all has passed back on your planet. You can still finish your investigation into the past and save your home."

Fi reached over and placed a supportive hand on Candy's pink and spongy back, "Destroying this man need not be part of your mission. Do you understand ?"

Candy wiggled slightly and looked around. She spoke in a less fierce voice now, "What - of the citizens here ? If you have destroyed their dream machine, what will become of them ?"

Fi looked to the camera, "They will have to find their own dreams again. They won't be able to take anyone else's anymore. Each and every one of us are capable of making and finding our own dreams. We don't need to take that from others. Because it is only with your OWN dreams can you make them your OWN reality."

Candy wiggled slightly and it was clear she was nodding up and down. Finally she spoke this time her voice was not so harsh now but tinged with softness, "You are a compassionate being, Miss Fi. Well - let us go rescue my beloved then and we will - let this go - and continue our mission."

Fi gave a quick nod and tapped one button on the console. The screen went dark and the doctor suddenly slumped in his chair, free of the belts, his eyes open. But even though he stirred, he yawned and leaning back in the chair and closed his eyes. In moments he was snoring peacefully with a smile on his face.

Fi spoke, "There, a regular sleep. Not one that is forced on him by electrodes, not one that takes his own dreams away to be sold in an auction. A good and normal sleep. Like all the citizens should have here. They will find their dreams again and may build upon them. It may take time, but they will - eventually."

Then Fi picked up Candy and with Jerry following behind went to release Alice from the chair in there and the second alien. Whereas Candy was pink, the pilot was named Marshmallow (obviously) and he was blue, and instead of candy corn antennae he had bright violet gumdrops.

Fi had Alice carry Marshmallow as they traveled the corridors to return them back to their captured time-machine.

While a flashing red light lit up the halls, it was clear no signs of any movement or anything in the halls. However, they had just turned a bend when suddenly they were face to face with a 5 guards who looked angry to say the least ! And there was no way to escape !

They were in plain sight and sitting ducks besides !

"There's the intruders, right there !" the lead guard said savagely pointing right at them.

"Vaporize them all, leave no survivors !" and a moment later to the panic of the kids and Fi who were still frozen in place by fear he added, "Fire !"


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