TDM 14 "The Great Rescue (Final Chapter)"

TDM 14 "The Great Rescue (Final Chapter)"

A Chapter by dw817

"Well sha-zam !" Fi said all friendly-like. "It shore is good to see you again ! I was so worried that - " "Not now, Fum !" Fi said and then took her detachable 'feet' back from Alice.



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The Lost Saucer
Can't Get Off This Crazy Ride !

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Both kids looked perfectly perplexed but a moment later Fi spoke out loud and said, "Activate mini-jets !"

A beautiful violet glow appeared beneath her heels and SUDDENLY all three of them shot forward just as the guards were reaching them. The kids wailed in fear not knowing what was happening but after a few moments were finally quiet. Jerry looked down to see they were making great progress now.

Alice looked too and reached over to kiss Fi on her flesh-form face, "You're amazing !" she said in a delighted tone, glad that Fi in fact knew exactly what she was doing.

Behind them you could hear the angry guards cursing as they were certainly not expecting a rocket-powered robot in the corridors, and in truth, Fi had to be careful so she wouldn't go careening into a wall at this high speed !

"Whoa, whoa !" Jerry said dizzily as Fi veered her shoulders left and right to navigate the sharp turns in the passageway, when suddenly, they were outside ! Fi released both kids and they looked around at their new surroundings.

This was definitely not the passageway they entered in earlier, but it didn't matter. They were out of the building and far away from the guards and that's all that was important to the kids.

But the saucer was nowhere in sight. Fi tapped the back of her ear and again you could hear the sound of a sonar. She tilted her head left and right and looking, you could see two small red lights just above her ear pulsing in opposite time to the sound.

Then she spoke, "It's over here ! But we have a ways to go." She tapped her chest and a flat and sad warble came out of it. "And I'm out of rocket power. It wasn't designed to carry extra weight, so we'll have to walk from here, kids."

Back at the Saucer, Fum had set it down in the Reverie Woods, but not at the exact same place it landed originally. He made a few more checks and then examined the center column seeing where Fi and the kids were. Not too far away, fortunately.

"Open hatch, yall." Fum said and with the familiar warble, the hatch opened. DORSE went out to see if it was safe, and for the moment it was.

Fum stepped out too and looked at the furry friend. "We's just have to go on and wait for them, Dorse. But they's not far."

Then he sat down on the edge of the hatch as Dorse came into his lap and he pet him.

Back with Fi things were heating up. They could no longer walk out in the open. Air Lifters were cutting through the air, scanning the sky for them, and troops of guards were everywhere. It was all the trio could do to duck behind one scene of cover and the next to make their way to the landed saucer.

Suddenly one of the guards walked right past them ! It was the captain of another troop. The trio were hiding behind a makeshift toolshed as he walked by in heavy boots. He spoke to his attentive guards.

"I want a perimeter set up here and here. Make sure they can't double-back on us. No-one gets in. No-one gets out. I want a total lock down of this area. Understand ?"

"Yessir !" the guards said and saluted.

"Well, get on with it man !" the captain barked and then leaned up against the toolshed and reaching in his pocket pulled out a protein bar to survey his soldiers in action.

Seeing this was their opportunity to leave, the trio darted away from their cover to another structure. Fortunately there were no real open spaces where they could get caught and it looked like there was some kind of construction building and shed marking every several yards.

Suddenly a voice spoke out loud, "Sir ! Over here !"

Fi motioned the kids to duck down in the grass and she turned her sonar head to listen to what they were saying.

"What did you find, corporal ?" the captain asked, approaching.

"Take a look at this, sir."

He pointed into the ground and while footprints in the dirt were clearly in all directions from both Alice and Jerry and the guards, yet one set of footprints stood out amongst the rest, Fi's, deeper set in the ground. The captain leaned down and looked intently.

"Someone would have to weigh hundreds of pounds to make a footprint like this. That's the android ! Well done ! We have them now !"

He pulled out an acrylic rectangle that was lit blue at the top. "Team A and Team B. I need you to flank around the 3rd perimeter of Reverie Woods, just towards the river. Follow any heavy-set footprints you find there. That will be our quarry."

A voice spoke back, "Sure thing, cap. Over and out."

"They won't get away now." the captain said and laughed to himself, returning the device to his pocket.

Fi relayed all of this to the kids. "What are we going to do ?" Alice wailed.

"The only thing we can do." Fi said and reaching down removed her shoes - no - FEET - to reveal two sharp stubs. "Here, hold these." she suggested to Alice and gave her the metallic shoes, which curiously were light. It must've been the rest of her metallic body that was heavy.

"Can you - walk ?" Jerry asked.

* * *

"Of course I can !" she said and stood up on the sharp blades of her shortened toes.

"But won't that still leave a footprint ?" Alice asked.

"No, it won't." Fi said and walked to demonstrate. The blades were so thin that after she walked past you couldn't even see the cut where she walked. She was invisible to the guards now !

"That's awesome !" Jerry said and reached over to pat her on the back.

"Oh oooh !" Fi said dizzily and almost tipped over. "I don't have the hang of it perfectly ! Save the congratulations for later. We'll have to travel slower now too so I don't tip over. It's difficult to maintain balance on this."

The kids nodded and each held her hand to help her balance as they walked off to the saucer, her little bladed feet making scuffling noises like a trowel as they went.

Suddenly the receiver device in the captain's pocket beeped for attention. He reached down to answer it.

"Yes, what is it ?" he said irritably.

"Sir, we're at the spot you said and - there's no doubt about it, heavy footprints, but then suddenly they just - well, they vanish !"

The captain leaned his face closer to the radio to growl, "Whaddya mean they just - vanish !"

There was no reply except some voices off the speaker in clear confusion talking to each other. "Oh forget it !" the captain barked, "I'll be there in a minute and I'll pick up the trail for you idiots ! Over and out !"

He then tapped a button on the receiver to get a new channel. "Team C. How are you coming with those ground levelers ?"

"We're approaching the site where we received a homing signal from the alien craft."

"Good. That proves it. I know where those 3 are headed. And if we can bury their craft with no hope of recovery, they'll have no choice but to surrender to us. Let me know the moment you find their craft."


"Out." the captain returned the receiver to his pocket and headed over to where Team A lost the tracks.

It was a little odd but despite the sharp thin blades in Fi's feet she was definitely getting the hang of standing on them now, especially with the help of Alice and Jerry holding her metallic hands to give her added balance.

Just then they came into view of the saucer and fortunately no-one was there except Fum and Dorse.

"Well sha-zam !" Fi said all friendly-like. "It shore is good to see you again ! I was so worried that - "

"Not now, Fum !" she said and then took her boots back from Alice who had draped them over her shoulder and reconnected them to her bladed feet. They boarded the saucer at once.

"Close hatch !" Fi said and smacked the center door button. It warbled closed and new lights shone. The ship was ready for take off !

Just then, new strange metallic craft approached, some kind of hover-vehicles, egg-shaped, but with blades extending out the 4-sides. Three of them flanked the saucer forming a triangle.

They surrounded the craft and suddenly FLOMPED down on the ground and when they did spidery metallic arms clicked and clacked reaching around the circumference of the saucer pushing on the ground with new metallic feet splitting apart and pressing on the Earth.

Inside the saucer the ship was shaking and warning lights were going off !

"What's happening ! What's going on ?" Fum asked worriedly.

Fi, however, was on top of the whole situation, "Those are ground levelers, I picked them up earlier on my special hearing. They're trying to dig a hole for the saucer to fall in ! We have to take off now !"

"Oh boy, here we go." Alice said and gripped Jerry protectively.

The saucer started to spin it's lights on the bottom with a warbling sound of power and energy, but just then a portion of the ground under them gave way and the saucer tilted to the side ! The warbling sound stuttered uncomfortably and a spark appeared near the lights.

"We can't wait for repairs ! We are leaving NOW !" Fi said and bit her lip and took hold of the center control and gripped it, rotated it carefully left and right.

Outside you could now see the Saucer was sliding left and right to Fi's movements in an effort to stabilize itself. Then suddenly - it shot free of the ground !

The captain had just arrived and watched. "No no no !" and stomped up and down on the ground in his anger.

"Fum." Fi said politely to her android friend watching the captain's rage from a viewscreen in the center of the console. "Take us out of here now."

"Aye aye, captain." Fum said and went over to the far wall console and hit a series of buttons. The saucer lazily took off and there was nothing anyone on the surface of the planet could do to stop them. Even the force-field that was up to prevent earlier incursion was down from Fi shutting everything down earlier.

Back in deep space, the planet glistened beautifully and silently, not at all reflecting the heart of the owners of it. "Fum. Let's get these kids home now. I think we've seen enough adventure for a-while."

"Yessir." Fum said and entered in new coordinates and information. Outside the saucer that one spark on the lights was now brighter but apparently didn't register inside as no danger lights were lit. It now sparked alarmingly but still no indication of danger inside.

"Activate warp." Fi said. And then she touched the console. Suddenly it sparked to angry life and the saucer tilted and careened crazily left and right and shot off at a random angle at the speed of light randomly into space.

Back inside, familiar music piped down from the ceiling as Fi, Fum, Alice, Jerry, and Dorse were buffeted to and fro from the saucer, once again, being completely out of control:


Where are we going in this - Lost Saucer !
Somebody help us in the - Lost Saucer !

Where are we going in this - Lost Saucer !
Somebody help us in the - Lost Saucer !

Where are we going in this - Lost Saucer ! 

THE END ... ?

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© 2013 dw817

Author's Note

That concludes the one very wacky dream I had years ago. And yes, this is not the only TV series I have had dreams about. Star Trek TOS comes to mind, and while I have had several of those, I did not think to write them down as I did this particular one.

Some elements I do remember will be worked into future Barrier.

... ??? What, you say this isn't sufficient ? You can't get enough Lost Saucer ?

How would you like to see the REAL PILOT episode then ? Even though I had this dream MANY years ago (when I was in my teens), I was delighted to find the actual first episode of Lost Saucer years later on the Internet. I suppose I can make that the gift for next Saturday Surprise - now keep that to yourself. :)

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