FB1-05 "The Lemon-Haired Girl"

FB1-05 "The Lemon-Haired Girl"

A Chapter by dw817

The other girls screeched in laughter and pointed at me ridiculously. My face roasted red in shame as I was staring aghast at ... I didn't know what I was looking at - but I was beyond bewildered.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Finally Tyr composed herself a little better, fully aware of the wickedness she did to me this morning, and came close to me.

"God I love you." she said choking on her laughter from earlier and gave me another deep-throated kiss.

Enjoying the taste of my morning clean mouth she reached around the back of my head to pull me down closer for a more probing inspection in the back of my throat when Mom appeared.

She smirked at us, "Ahem ! Still working on that science experiment, Dev ?" For a moment she looked seriously at me and Tyr. Tyr looked really scared until my Mom laughed, and then said, "Breakfast is ready, come and get it, kids."

"Was it a really comfortably softy pillow ?" Tyr cooed to me after we had eaten our breakfast, exited the house, and were both walking to the school we attended, Waialaia Middle.

"Yeah." I said kicking a pebble in our path.

"It was like remembering a faraway dream. And it had a nice cottony smell to it with just a hint of perfume. I think Mom may have changed her detergents. I liked the feel of it. I think I could sleep with a pillow that soft every night."

Tyr stopped walking and looked at me, shocked for a second with her mouth wide open. Then she stumbled over to the side of the road holding her hand over her mouth. She was laughing so hard she was snorting wet out her nose.

"It's not funny." I scowled to Tyr, clearly not understanding what happened earlier. "Mom's gotta clean those pillows if you got any juice on them." I warned her.

Tyr was still giggling and I was rapidly losing my patience. "I don't want you coming back in my room while I'm asleep, you know you're not allowed. and leave my pillows alone, man !" I yelled back at her.

Tyr was giggling so hard now that she lost her balance and pitched over head first in the grass rolling around holding her sides saying her chest hurt from laughing so hard. I looked at her eyes and they were wet with tears.

"Cheer up, Tyr." I frowned, thoroughly pissed off at her now. But I was unaware of how pissed -

Finally she jumped up saying, "Omigod, I wet -" she couldn't continue and while she continued her crazy laughter, she did hurriedly throw off her backpack to reach into a small side pocket for a sealed baggy with what looked like a handkerchief in it. I looked curiously at it.

There were little embroidered princesses on it and a white stretchy band at the top. Once she had she it in her hands she grabbed her backpack with her other free hand and dashed ahead of me towards the school.

I looked at her silhouette for a second and racked my brain trying to come up with a solution to Tyr's perplexing behavior and couldn't think of any. I shrugged my shoulders and walked on to school wondering where that perfectly scented pillow went after I woke up.

The bus was zooming past as I arrived. I waved to Marty my good buddy in math class. He was a really great friend and often helped me when I got stuck on a problem.

My locker was near the girl's restroom and I could hear Tyr in there with some of her friends, their voices echoed incoherently around the bathroom tiles. Tyr was obviously gossiping and whispering very quietly, about what I had no idea.

There was a moment of silence. I sat down for a second on the floor and looked curiously in my math book and wondered what kind of questions would be on the pop test today as I knew we were having one.

Then Tyr made a funny grunting sound, likely as part of the story she was relating to her gossip-mates. I wondered if she was telling them about one of the zombies we saw in a horror movie a few weeks back.

I shrugged. What the devil was she doing in there I puzzled. Was she describing that spooky movie we saw ?

I preferred Kidsview myself, less violence on there and the stories were more entertaining with an important moral to learn each time.

There was another moment of silence when suddenly all the girls screeched out loud as if the floor in there became electrified and the girl's bathroom door flung open so hard I swear it seemed like dynamite hit it !

I nearly had a heart-attack !

I was sure it cracked the wall behind it and all the girls ran out, screaming and holding hands over their mouths, laughing maniacally at some side-splittingly funny joke that Tyr must've told them in there.

I looked to them disgusted. Whatever tittering bacteria it was that infected Tyr earlier with the giggles seemed to have been transmitted to them as well now.

Maybe they should all be quarantined to a kennel ? A dog kennel, I could think of one.

I looked at the door they smacked open as it tried to swing close and sure enough they popped out the top hinge as it hung loosely out of it's socket. The door stuck partially open a crack unable to go back into its groove in the floor.

As soon as they saw me sitting on the floor with my math book, they ran up and started hooting with laughter louder, pointing their fingers with ridiculous smiles and making silly faces at me.

One shorter girl in the bunch ran right up to me as I sat there looking perplexed at the sight of all of them.

She held up her little lemon-yellow skirt with dainty fingertips and came running straight up to me exposing matching undies that had lemon drop candy-designs embroidered in them.

I dropped my math book panicking and backed away frightened but then my head tapped the steel locker door behind me painfully, and I realized I was trapped.

* * *

Seeing I couldn't get away now, the lemon-drop girl ran forward to mash her knees against my chest and then swished the top of her skirt left and right over my head singing and taunting, "Yadda yadda ya ya !"

The other girls watching her behavior and screeched in laughter and continued to point at me ridiculously. My face roasted red in shame as I was staring aghast at ... I didn't know what I was looking at - but I was beyond bewildered at this rude and unexpected attack.

What the devil could Tyr possibly have told them in the bathroom to bring this behavior on !?

The little lemon-girl, having finished with her evil dance, suddenly lunged forward and grinded up and down over my nose. The other girls were now chanting and giggling, "Go, go, go !" in time to her movements.

I snarled angrily now. Girl or not, she was SO going to get it ! This was NOT ladylike behavior - for - for anyone really !

Having had MORE than enough of this rude game I started to stand up to yell at her, but she deftly kicked one leg out from under me causing me to lose balance and I fell back banging my head hard against the steel locker.

Everything went black and silent for a moment as I was perfectly knocked out, flat on the ground.

Okay, no
www I wasss rrreally dizzzy ...

A silly smile came to my face as I couldn't remember who I was, where I was or what was even going on around me. What was my name ?

Started with a G ? No, a V ? No. Ends with a ... As I pondered this I felt delicate fingers grip my shoulders.

I looked over them and smelled a nice perfume like lemons, coming from the dainty hands that held me in place. A fancy perfume. That was pleasant I nodded to myself.

My head was killing me though and I still wasn't really aware of what was happening. I looked up to see a pretty girl's face, with little plastic yellow earrings, smiling down wickedly at me.

But her features were really blurry as if my glasses were knocked off, but they weren't. Somehow they survived the fall and were still on my face.

Everything sounded like it was underwater too and I couldn't make out a word people were saying though it appeared like everyone was talking at once.

I gave her a goofy smile not really sure who she was or if I had died and she was an angel to take me to the great Beyond.

She returned the smile, though it was not a pleasant one, I noticed. Maybe I was going to hell after all ?

After a good minute of me sitting there completely dazed I finally realized she was vigorously rubbing herself up and down against me. And apparently she was enjoying it for some weird reason as she had a look of bliss about her face.

I yawned still not able to remember much. As if reaching a climax to her dance, she stopped her movements and I felt weird, as if I were sweating, but I knew it wasn't me. Was it her ?

Suddenly the little lemon-girl gasped and tightened her sharp fingers around my shoulders as if she needed to flex them for some reason.

Then she moved her dainty hands from my shoulders to the sides of my chin tickling her fingers there, rewarding me - for what I had absolutely no idea.

I looked to the side and could barely make out a collection of girls in the distance who were cheering and applauding, to the conclusion - the conclusion of what I wondered ?

I looked up to see the lemon-girl's face suddenly bend down and give me a very nice warm kiss which, as I suspected, did taste a lot like lemon-candy. Likely her candy-coated lip gloss.

I concentrated hard for a second to clear my dizziness. I was obviously suffering from a serious concussion since I was letting a strange girl from my school get away with heaven-knows-what in a school hallway as I was flattened up against the locker.

And I was still bewildered and confused by all of it.

Then one bigger girl whistled loudly and they all shrieked like monkeys running past me as fast as they could stomping their buster-brown shoes loudly nearly tripping over themselves in their haste to get away.

Apparently they thought they were in deep trouble or something. I could hear their laughter echo as they raced around the halls in the distance.

The little lemon-girl got up and holding her chest with one hand and breathing heavily, trudged back over to the girl's bathroom to open the banged-up door to wash up cause I guess her hair looked a mess after all that crazy stuff.

What the heck just happened ?? I touched the back of my head and winced in pain. Sure enough I had banged it up pretty good against the locker.


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