Dream Diary - Oct 22nd 2013

Dream Diary - Oct 22nd 2013

A Chapter by dw817

Purloined Penguin, Shifted Shuffleboard, Honeycomb, Futuristic Fencing, Discussion With Bad Dad, Evicted Preacher, Church Toddler, College Cobra, Party Crasher, Larcenous Logic


  Dream Diary  


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© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every day of this week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.



These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.

Purloined Penguin

Dreamed I was rescuing a little wind-up penguin that had bunny ears. There were these oriental boys after me who wanted this penguin and offered me candy for him. When I refused, I realized they were going to hurt me and take the penguin anyways.

Suddenly I was thrust a piece of paper from a government official were apparently adoption papers, I had adopted the penguin so the oriental boy thieves couldn't do anything now.

Shifted Shuffleboard

Dreamed of a bizarre shuffleboard game. I can describe it but it's very complex. The board is at an angle and it uses gravity. You have these pieces that slide down the board, but they are magnetic, so they are affected by other magnets that are placed on the board in a circular fashion depending upon which move of the game it is.

Depending upon how far down the puck travels down the board you get points. It was really complex but definitely a vivid dream.


[3] Came across this collection of girls in a shopping mall called, "Honey Girls." They were going to take me and my family somewhere and give us a service, I didn't know what. At the time they just appeared to be teenage girls dressed in yellow outfits.

They had this huge beautiful golden safe you could climb in. The door had to have been 20-feet tall and it was a round door that had to have been 6-8 feet thick. I remember there was something about electrical conservation so I went in there to turn the many many lights off as there were too many turned on.

Then I came across a hologram explaining things, but it was in a foreign language I didn't recognize. Then the girls said they were going to change. They went into a changing room and came out later. I remember one of the girls noses lit up too as part of an outfit, a golden yellow. Just the tip of it, I thought that was so cute.

These honey girls were so beautiful too. They were cosplaying like they were bees and once I realized that, this 'safe' was actually a giant golden honeycomb, but made out of solid gold I knew.

When I woke up later I kept saying, "Honey toast - honey toast - honey toast." So I finally had that for breakfast.

Futuristic Fencing

DStrange dream of a new kind of revolutionary fencing. It was a series of concentric circles, but they were sharp on the edges. It had something to do with my sister's farm and she was using this fencing to keep track of her chickens.

I remember watching chickens crossing through it. They couldn't turn left or right or they would run into the sharp bits, and they couldn't back up as the one in front was blocked by chickens. And the one in behind wouldn't back up as he was following the chicken in front of him.

I know that seems silly but somehow it was a revolutionary way of keeping livestock.

Discussion With Bad Dad

I dreamed of my Bad Dad. And for the first time ever we actually talked, which was a monumental breakthrough. It was so strange, he had my Dad's voice but it was like he was the worst of my Dad, when he was at his weakest and when he was at his most destructive, and he always wanted to hurt me.

Finally he interrupted me and smiled and said, why are we talking so seriously about the past ? You can't change it, you can't change me, I'll always be inside you, your monster, because you refuse to give me up. We both need each other.

I thought about that for a second. Finally he got up and said, let's forget this for now, let's just have something good to eat. He went to the refrigerator and pantry and made us some sandwiches, from red bread I noticed.

He also gave me 3 pink pills and said to take them. I never argue with my Bad Dad cause he turns into a monster if I don't obey him. I took the pills with the glass of horrid tasting milk that had worms in it and suddenly just woke up right then.

Evicted Preacher

Very long and involving dream about me confronting Fr. Jon. And a lot of people in the parish were going to back me up on this. They wanted to see me come back, to get rid of him and bring back Fr. Bryant whom I always got along with.

They didn't want Fr. Jon there anymore. Very long detailed dream involving a procession of people in red robes, Bishop Iker was there, everything. And yes, I spoke with the bishop on the phone onetime about him. Not the most heartening of news. As my sister says, they protect their own.

Church Toddler

Dreamed I was at church again. There was a large meal prepared for the guests. Very impressive and detailed. I had some kid with me that was totally misbehaving though. I was supposed to keep him in order and he was just messing everything up.

College Cobra

Dreamed about this huge snake, had to have been 30-feet long or longer. It was in the parking lot of my high school. I drove my car there (which is odd cause I didn't learn to drive until I was already in college - Dad took me till I did).

The snake however was misshapen, it's head was 5-feet across and looked like the principal's. Once I realized how impossible that was I woke up laughing.

Party Crasher

Dreamed this big long truck crashed into the front of me. It was some kind of moving van. And Randall was there, I hadn't seen him for years. He was a friend of mine, the maintenance guy at the last apartment I was at before the complex became condemned.

But he was naked in the road. I looked away, when I looked again, he wasn't but fully clothed and invited me to a party. I told him I could but I would feel guilty if I didn't buy something for the party, so I had to go shopping.

He said okay. We couldn't find the driver of the truck that hit me, but there were pieces from it in the road. I helped him pick those up, we set those in the back of his own car. There was one piece that was too big however.

Even though it was solid metal he said he could cut it up with one of his knives. I didn't question him on that. He did in fact cut the metal with his knife. His trunk was loaded with scrap metal and we went to the grocery store.

It all came time for checkout when I realized I had left my wallet lying in the street. It must've been knocked out of me when I was hit by the truck earlier. Then I reached into the air to try and retrieve it even though it was miles from where we were.

I thought I could just feel a bit of the fabric when I woke up clutching a hem of the comforter I sleep in. That was the edge of the wallet I was feeling.

Larcenous Logic

Some bad guys were looking for my Dad after he was involved in an airplane accident. It wasn't his fault. Somehow he shrunk down to the size of a baby when I found him. I bought some babyfood. It said chicken on the side of the bottle.

Then I looked behind and saw the bad guys had followed me, but they didn't recognize the baby. Then it was odd, they said they would either take my Dad away or the baby. I tried to tell them that was both.

And it was like an odd logical puzzle then that I couldn't solve cause if they took the baby away that was Dad and if they took Dad away, that was the baby. Either way I knew I wouldn't see my Dad again.

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© 2013 dw817

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Gotta love that Dream series! Thanks for sharing DW!


Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

I still have the audio for several recorded. I see the Dr this Wednesday and will find out if he wil.. read more
Another weird stuff! :D

Well, I can relate pretty much to #9, about trying to retrieve for something even if it is miles away, in your dream.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

I think many people have had dreams of not being able to achieve some distance or item. It is the re.. read more

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