October 23 2013

October 23 2013

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Anyways normally I don't wear a cowboy hat. I bought this a LONG time ago and had it on one of my bears upstairs. I knew we were gonna be going to the rodeo so I brought it along.


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Last Sunday I saw Chris, and as he promised, we did indeed go to see the Rodeo. But they wanted $8 for parking so we parked a few blocks away and went in. Admission was $30 for the two of us, but it was still a lotta fun. Here are some photos I took while I was there.

The entrance was actually in the back so we walked around the building. I'm pretty sure Will Rogers Memorial Center was used for other things besides this Rodeo.

The first thing I noticed that told me were going to a rodeo was this beautiful art hanging on the side of the building. It was made out of individually colored stone tiles.

Low to the ground was this metallic longhorn symbol. I didn't peek inside cause I knew we were going there next !

And we're inside, and wow were there people all milling about ! If I hadn't told you, I had my =OWN= cowboy hat I wore to this event, I'll show you that later.

This fellow was big on Texan BLING ! Maybe I was a little jealous, all kinds of sparkly stuff and pins and everything. Really quite neat.

After we found our seats, I thought I'd take a picture of the neat flyer they gave us on the way in. And yes, it's a gay rodeo. I didn't know that until we arrived - but, that's fine. I've been with Chris to gay pride picnics, gay pride parades, he is gay after all. Me ? I'm not really sure.

I asked Chris one time and he said I was confused.

The first event was an unusual one. I didn't understand it until Chris explained. He said it's a timed competition where a pair from each team rush forward to put a pair of men's underwear on the goat. It actually looked pretty hard to do and the goat was all against it. :)

We watched this for a bit, then a fellow in a tractor came out. Chris started to get up so I followed him. He went to the bathroom. They had a full-length mirror there so I thought I would show you my hat and how it looked on me.

Hmm ... Yah, maybe not so great. Anyways normally I don't wear a cowboy hat. I bought this a LONG time ago and had it on one of my bears upstairs. I knew we were gonna be going to the rodeo so I brought it along. Chris said it looks a little small - and - maybe it does.

Coming back we saw a few stands selling stuff. I didn't linger cause Chris said the show was about to continue. Here were some pretty candles.

Back at the show and sitting on the other side there was a guy riding a horse. Awesome ! Chris explained what this next competition was. You have to run the circuit, pick up the flag from the first bucket, loop around the marker up front, circle around and put the flag in the 2nd bucket, as fast as you can !

I was really interested in watching this so I remember the best time was 9.2 seconds ! The tractor came out again and Chris got up, I followed him and he got some nachos, I got myself a cup of coffee.

While on this break I took this picture of some leather goods for sale. There were also many other stands but they weren't selling stuff and instead had to do with doctors and hospitals and signing up for medical things. Anyways we finally went back to the rodeo.

This next event wasn't really an event. It was a bunch of people in trucks. The announcer's voice was REALLY loud but hard to understand. I think these were doctors and junk and they did civil rights and they were preachers for gay groups and stuff like that.

The next event was a guy walking a horse. It was called the Riderless Horse, and the announcer explained the importance of it. I think it had something to do with war and loneliness and stuff. Pretty music tho.

Chris was covering his ears by now, I think he didn't like how loud the speakers were. It didn't bother me though. Then a bunch of horses rode out with flags and they played awesome charging music ! One was Canadian, U.S., and the classic rainbow one.

Finally they all got still and the announcer spoke some history for Canada and the U.S. and a bunch of other stuff. Something to do with soldiers I think.

Then it was time for a real event ! Ride the wild horsey ! A guy rode out on a horse and MAN that horse just did not like him ! It kicked and bucked and spun all around. The announcer was calling out the time and everyone applauded, I did too.

Chris at this point had put pieces of his napkin in his ears. I'm not kidding he really doesn't like noise ! :D

The next event was to lasso a wild horse. That was really amazing stuff and everyone was cheering and yelling. It was a timed competition too so you had to do it quickly.

The following event they drew a while line with powdered chalk I think. Then the gate would open and a fellow was supposed to take a bull by the horns, pull him out, drag him over the line, and FLIP him to the ground. If you didn't, you got no score. It looked really hard.

What was especially interesting were the two riders in the background. Chris told me they were security. If the bull tried to escape they would chase after and put him back in the pen. It happened one time. The horse riders were very professional and aggressive when that bull tried to get away.

The announcers voice then started booming out times on this event from previous year.

I was listening but about this time Chris said he had enough with the noise and we were heading out - so - okay, well.

Back at Chris's home I took a picture of his Halloween Tree. We played Final Fantasy XIII-2 some, I decided it was too hard for me to play. The day was getting away, so we headed out, did some grocery shopping, and I finally headed in.

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I thought this was a story I'm not really sure what to say but your pics look great

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

If the subject is BLOG, it's real, especially if it's accompanied by photos I took with my camera. T.. read more
Great pics. Enjoyed reading about your day.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Since you're local, you're welcome to go with me and Chris sometime. I can let you know when the nex.. read more

7 Years Ago

that'd be cool! I'll be in Dallas area Saturday, but don't know for how long. I drop off this load i.. read more

7 Years Ago

I see Chris every Sunday. We'll have to schedule a time around then. PM me will ya. :)

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