Dream Diary - December 31st 2013

Dream Diary - December 31st 2013

A Chapter by dw817

I reached in with my right-hand to pull out an apple-juice from the little refrigerator my palm and fingers were making. Then I set down to look at the classroom test before me.


  Dream Diary  


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© August 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every day of this week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.



These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.

Give Me A Hand

I dreamed I was back in Middle School, in my seat and taking a test.

I also noticed that I had an unusually large growth of hair coming out of my right hand.

My left hand had a handle on the index finger. When you closed the fingers, it turned into a small refrigerator.

I reached in with my right-hand to pull out an apple-juice from my little refrigerator from within. Then I set down to look at the test before me.

Kindness Mismatch

I was helping an old lady with her cart across the street as we both were traveling the same way. She had one arm and the other was a prosthesis, but nicely done.

Then there was a cashier running hot down the street towards up, claiming that she stole the underwear that was obviously designed for a young teenage girl. I yelled back, that doesn't seem very likely.

I then clapped a hand over my mouth cause I realized that sounded a mite insulting to the woman, but even more to the point that this woman had pulled a gun and was using me as a hostage.

Then the scene changed and I was in a group home. There was my roommate. He called me over and handed me a unique penny. Enscribed in it were the words, "The Evil Dr. Jay Kitt."

Curious Card Game

Dreamed about a girl and her girlfriend who were trying out a game at a street carnival. They thought they had to get a single number on the cards, but they were mistaken. You tell yourself whether the card pulled is higher or lower based on the previous card pulled, place a bet on that belief, and go from there until you get all 5 puzzles.

What was really cool though was when you won with 5 cards, cause then the winning cards floated up into the air and were zapped by some special laser leaving only smoke to trickle down onto the table like multi-phosphoric snow.

They also didn't know that if they pulled an ACE or a TWO, that was also considered an automatic win, and you are given the option to pull out taking the pot or continue on under shakier expectations of the cards being pulled.

Halloween Party Games

I was at some kind of Halloween party. There are big bowls of candy. Then someone announces a new parlor game. To see if you can guess who it was behind the secret rotating bookshelf based upon their knowledge of everyone at the party.

Violent With VHS

Quick dream. Sort of like the sound of music, but instead she was handed two box VHS movies. She sat down in the grass and opening their cases, took out the tape to tie them in a knot. Then she picked up and swinging the mass about her fingers like a pebble wrapped around a cloth for a boomerang.

She finally hurled the connected reels far ahead of her and said, "Be free little friends !"

Captain's Custody

Dreamed of Picard from Star Trek was in a courtroom, he was trying to gain custody of his child and even the child was bald. I didn't know if that was a joke or serious at this point.

Steal The Bat

Woman kept trying to steal the Batgirl's swimsuit from the "Rises" movie
. There was a party taking place and as I was leaving the men's restroom, I saw her trying on the leather skimpy in the other opposite bedroom.

Custom Concepts

Concept for Group Home, genius designed. Small portions to client. There is a community bathroom and a meeting hall to discuss items of importance or just to watch Television on the big flat-screen.
It really was nice and well done for the tenants.

But Rose didn't like it cause there wasn't enough space in my room to accomodate her.

Custom Concepts

I'm at this party. Everyone is dressed up as monsters, some more convincing than others.

As I'm leaving there is a fellow who gives me my vehicle keys and says, drive safe now. What's even more perplexing is that it's a single motor scooter. Like the blade scooters you've seen before. And of all colors, Barbie Pink.

But this scooter unlike the others some kick to it ! I peel out and laugh in spite of everything else.

There I hear a THOOM, THOOM behind me and look to see it's two of the monsters from the Halloween party, but they've been enlarged somehow, the taller reaching the top of a commercial enterprise business.

I'm being pursed by them and I dart in and out to avoid getting stepped on or squashed with their hand. Finally one hand has me and is trying to pull me from the scooter. As he does so I rare the ignition hard and he howls in pain dropping me.

I see the ground rushing up to hit me but suddenly wake up. My fingers are curled around the ignition and as I test revving up by rotating my palm away from the handles, I can hear a distant motor outside of my apartment. And - at the moment I don't know if I'm still dreaming.

The Magican's Habitat

I'm at
some kind of Magican's room for High School. How could I be so blind ? And then I realized it was not my choice to enter but a fellow much bigger than me insisted I do.

Yep it was the playback in my head of Harry Potter. While I certainly liked the pilot movie, 4-star rating, watching the other episodes was not nearly as good - for me anyways.

Trajectory Tragedy

apparently studing to be a secret agent. I am given a high-power laser to knock out one of the security cameras - which does work effectively. Unfortunately when I fire the laser a 2nd time then it bounces off something metallic and refractive.

I dart under the table also with 2 other agents. We hear a PING PING PYONG as the laser continues to bounce around the whole shooting gallery. Suddenly I'm feeling a searing pain in my shoulder.

I awaken to clap it free of the smoke and flames seeing only the white-powder in your eyes after sleeping for a-while.

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© 2013 dw817

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I love the Dream Diaries DW! Thanks for sharing!


Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Sure. If I feel better and I think I will, today I'm posting 10-more reviews of movies I have seen, .. read more
The dream about the test seemed a little empowering. It is always good to have 'snacks on hand' ….

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Most dreams of this nature tend to get rather twisted and nightmarish early on. Like the dream I had.. read more
I read out dreams 1 and 5, out loud to my friends on New Year's Eve. My brother applauded the Picard dream lol. :) some awesome dreams there dude.

Happy new year you cool dream havin MOFO!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Well, I have several dreams backed up. But I have some bad news for you too. Despite recording 800+ .. read more

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