Tyris Domen Cryshta (Tyr)

Tyris Domen Cryshta (Tyr)

A Chapter by dw817

When she reached 9-years old, it was found there was true love between her and Dev. She did dearly love him after all ! And despite the cruel way she treated him earlier, he returned the love.



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( The 1st Novel - Character Synopsis)
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2014 Written by David Wicker
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Dev's Girlfriend

Meet Tyr Cryshta ! She is so cute !

Tyr often wears her favorite summer blouse with little blue elephants shooting pink hearts out their trunks, a cute and short ruffled and breezy green skirt with darling red felt apples dangling on the sides, a hair barette of little wood fairies wrapped around brightly colored ribbons to hold her long red hair in place, cotton knee-high socks dangling little sparkly purple pom-poms, and pink princess tennie-shoes with reflective shoe-laces to glint in the light.

Because she thought she was a "little lady" she also had earrings she made in art class of metal stars with glue and glitter held on by soft furry clips.

For glasses she had these not terribly attractive over-sized pair of square rectangular white glasses, but they magnified the view of her perfect violet eyes, which in my personal opinion was her most beautiful trait.

Tyr is not your average little 16-year old girl, either. She has excessive thoughts and desires about erotic ideas and teasing which is terribly uncharacteristic for a little girl her age. She often plays these games on Dev, her boyfriend, in cruel ways, playing on his naivety about his identity, and often embarrassing him, especially if she could do it publicly.

Nonetheless, Tyr's Mother, already aware of this, does not bother take the time to discipline her for it, often being too busy, too tired to do so, or too worried about future repercussions as Tyr would tell lies about her later. so it is now a serious problem today as she is growing up.

Tyr has a clouded background. She was abandoned at the stoop of Haven's Reach Orphanage in Wanabee when she was only 2-years old. A pretty reporter named Annie, on assignment from a temporary job at the newspaper, met Tyr there when she was 3-years old to do a report on the conditions of orphanages and how the children were treated there.

The woman immediately fell in love upon meeting Tyr there and adopted her outright, thereby becoming her new legal Mother, something she sometimes regretted when Tyr is at her worst, which is at least once a day.

Tyr often mispronounces words and their context due to the way her Mother brought her up, as she, too, had the same problem growing up. Because Tyr would scream and cry in class if she was forced to talk the right way, most teachers gave up and let her slur her words, finally agreeing that she was mentally challenged, if at least in her speech.

Tyr also resorts to sucking on her finger when she gets scared or thinks deeply on something; a habit her own Mother should've broken her of years ago but didn't. Tyr can be very self-conscious at this and often lashes out at others should they mention anything about the way she comforts herself during this time.

Tyr had a terrible temper too. If she was suitably disciplined, which wasn't very often, she would go into her destructive mode and have a temper tantrum making sure to break everything in sight. It was costly, literally, to discipline her.

Tyr is cunning and clever, often appearing naive and innocent when just the opposite is true. She does this to get her way, and it's a habit she is not going to break as it has been so successful up to now.

Tyr, in class, was usually well-behaved. She earnestly did want to learn studies ! In class, she raised her hand politely, went up to the blackboard to write down answers, and did all her homework dutifully. In class, she was a model student. But there was a catch.

If anything happened, which sent her to the principal's office, then Tyr would get very crafty and make up believable stories about why the teachers sent her there. Usually she'd say something silly, and it would get her sent back to class without punishment. But if the teacher persisted and gave Tyr a hard time, determined to teach that teacher a lesson, then they were in for it !

At first, it would seem like they would win, then Tyr would go out of her way to read papers or open the drawers in a desk for juicy information when the teacher was gone, or go to look around for clues in the Teacher's Lounge when it was empty of teachers during classes when she was in the halls going to the principal's office.

Tyr would then fabricate terrible, destructive rumors about that teacher, based on what she knew and learned about them. Quite a bit of it would be based on truth. She was an incredible detective at this.

The rumors she made would be so disastrous and believable that the teacher would be encouraged to quit, voluntarily turn in their own resignation papers based upon what she said, or wind up in court on compounding evidence against them.

Tyr was VERY good at this, at any age. And it utterly destroyed a teacher's morale and standing by Tyr speaking ever so innocently, like she was the hurt party, to just the right people. And she knew exactly who to talk to and what to say to them.

* * *

Every day she finds new ways at manipulating and tricking others to continue this pattern. On her laptop, she chats with her friend Lilly, and they both find new ways of dealing with troublesome teachers. The good news is Tyr only did this to people who went against her. She was very specific.

She was good friends with everyone she knew, especially if they were witness to her misbehaving and did nothing about it. She remembered those people that were kind to her and came to them for friendly advice often.

But one day the teachers, finally aware that Tyr was the one responsible for spreading ugly rumors about the strictest of teachers there, ganged up to expel her, and found they couldn't do that either !

The first school, kindergarten she was in, unwittingly signed a special contract by the orphanage she came from that they would never under any reason release her from school.

What they didn't know is, unless the other schools that followed wanted to break the law and wind up in court, THEY HAD to sign the contract, agreeing as well.

The contract was airtight, and seamless. The schools could hold no threat over Tyr, except with a spanking by the principal. That is if he didn't mind her destroying his office with her temper tantrums. And then Tyr would always wreak vengeance after that, claiming that they layed hands on her in a sexual manner.

She would be very convincing and even lied outright before a jury when it was brought to court. Tyr NEVER backed down from anything she set her mind to. No teacher or principal then layed a hand on her ever again.

One clever teacher, having had enough of this child, pooled enough money to attempt to send her to a private school to be rid of her in the public system.

But no private school wanted to have her, already knowing who she was, and the teacher couldn't force her on them. They HAD to want to have Tyr in their school, and none did ! Tyr's works preceded her. She was a legend in her own reight.

The teachers tried to convince the school board that she could be home-schooled, but that wouldn't work either as no teacher would voluntarily solely educate her, and in her own lair as well. They were terrified of that.

Public schools were then forced, by the state, to educate her.

Eventually the teachers learned, Tyr wasn't worth it. Tyr wasn't their child. She was a special case, let the Mother discipline her when she got home. So, the teachers concentrated more on teaching her what she needed to know, and found her a bright, eager young student. Only if something went wrong, they'd shrug, and continue class.

Some days though, teachers would mass papers together for Tyr to take home on just how seriously out of line she was in school that day. It was the only thing they could do as they couldn't expel her, no-one would lay a hand on her, and if they tried anything else, she'd get back at them one way or another.

Tyr would smile cheerfully and collect all the teachers' complaints against her and promise to show them all to her Mummy when she got home.

Then later that night, her Mummy would hold all the complaints in one hand, with Tyr in her lap, and stroke Tyr's hair lovingly with the other hand. She'd glance uninterestedly at the complaints reading what new terrors her hellfire daughter did that day, smile, and toss them all eventually in the trash.

Finally reaching down to kiss her sweet and only daughter on the forehead for being such a good girl, and Tyr would look up at her with the most beautiful violet eyes, completely innocent of all the mean old tales they told of her. "They were OBVIMOUSLY lying." as Tyr would say to her Mummy.

Teachers did their level best to be friends with her then. They focused hard on her education and school abilities, and if she did something that would get her in trouble, they might gently bring it up to see if she would voluntarily stop it, and if she persisted, would look away. It was all they could do. This went on for years.

Tyr met Dev when both he and her were 7-years old. She had a serious CRUSH on him and beat him up after school, sitting on him until he agreed to be her boyfriend. A teacher broke up the fight but Tyr spread a rumor about the same teacher physically abusing her. The rumor persisted and the teacher voluntarily quit the next week.

From then on, Tyr NEVER got disciplined for anything she did, no matter whether it was before, during class, in-between, or after.

And for the most part, she did behave in class. After all, Dev was her boyfriend now, whether he wanted it or not, and that made her happy, so she behaved.

Teachers learned that as long as she was in class learning, she wouldn't get into mischief. So they made sure to call on her and ask her questions often to keep her out of trouble. Tyr excelled in Science but made only average marks in other classes.

She also had a unique way of looking at things, but found the correct answer nonetheless. Some teachers tried to confront her on this, but Tyr lowered the boom on them by placing ridicule over their heads. Finally teachers accepted her answers, which were correct, if incorrectly reached.

Later though, when she reached 9-years old, it was found there was true love between her and Dev. She did dearly love him after all ! And despite the cruel way she treated him earlier, he returned the same true love to her.

Though outside of this, Tyr did still tease him as often as she could, putting him on the spot, and making sure he was red-faced with shame for her actions, especially if he even remotely tried to stand up to her. She was ESPECIALLY vindictive if he tried to disagree with her publicly.

While she would never spread any rumors about her beloved Dev, she also wouldn't just give him a single, small slice of humble pie but the whole blessed thing and have him CHOKE on it until he admitted, usually out loud, that she was right and he was wrong.

And then she would STILL do something terrible to him nonetheless, because that was her way of keeping him in line. "He's haved to learn his lessoned affer all." Tyr would admit later with a smile.

Aside from all these negative traits, Tyr can also be compassionate and caring, showing more love and affection than most girls even twice her age, but only for a short time before her meanness took over again.

Tyr did watch TV shows early in the morning and late at night, especially cartoons.

Her favorite TV series is called, "Polly Rocket" which deals with a cartoon heroine who flies through space with rockets under her shoes. Aside from helping others at times, Polly is the leader in a make-believe music group. Her and her "Rockettes" put on concerts throughout the galaxy, and the show is all about fashion, pride, and strong young women's values, if a little misplaced at times.

Tyr supported the show as only a child could by insisting her Mummy purchase her clothing, school supplies, and toys that all had their logo emblazoned on it.


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Wow, can't wait to read another chapter.


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All the character seemed to be quite interesting, with each character summary. :-D

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The one with the greatest Depth, Kaze, is Stefani Chartereis. She is a sociopathic killer and the CE.. read more

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OMG!!!!!!! ^_^

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