Theodore Merriwether & Maggie Oshmeyer

Theodore Merriwether & Maggie Oshmeyer

A Chapter by dw817

Scant had a special passion for giving Swirlies and reserved Dev for Wednesday dunkings, always making sure he had a big glass of orange juice before going to school on that very day. (more)



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel - Character Synopsis)
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2014 Written by David Wicker
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Waialaia High School Bully

Not too much is known about Scant or Theodore Merriwether, his real name. Being raised in a violent household, he rapidly learned if someone pushed him, he pushed back, harder. It was a survival instinct. Unfortunately, he started to like it, and often started to push other people before they pushed him, or even thought of doing so.

Having had his nose broken in several places at the young age of 7 by a bigger bully, today it looked a little like a pig's snout. To compensate for this, he often knocked down and punched others in the face as they were on the ground before they could mention anything about it, which often, they didn't, especially after.

He carried this grudge to school and actively sought out kids he could pick on daily. Naturally, Dev fit the picture for him, he was an easy mark and hardly ever fought back.

Scant had a special passion for giving Swirlies and reserved Dev for Wednesday dunkings, always making sure he had a big glass of orange juice before going to school on that very day.

His cronies would hold Dev tight as Scant relieved himself in the boys bathroom stall with him squirming in their grip awaiting until Scant was ready for him.

Scant's big brother, Buford, taught him how to do this, years ago. He winced thinking about it since he and his buddies practiced on him, but now he could do it to Dev every week. Dev started carrying a towel in his backpack to school on those days getting used to the routine. Fortunately for Dev, he stopped this practice when he met Tyr.

He was deeply smitten by her. Her ruthless behavior, her way of manipulating others, and the way she always had the other boys following her around, often doing little things for her just to be in her company. He admired the power she wielded and wanted to share it with her.

But she only had eyes for Dev and snubbed him, early, often, and every, NEVER giving him one inch on her, and she made it public, to everyone. And that just excited him to pursue her further.

This all changed of course, when she deliberately sank him to the bottom of the port-a-john at the construction site. After her little stunt, he avoided her entirely and gave up being a bully, apparently.

However, if Tyr were out of the picture, he vowed he would take revenge on Dev, already having something nasty planned for him in the girls' restroom. That day would come.

Dev's, Tyr's, and Lilly's Babysitter

Maggie Oshmeyer is a self-proclaimed Babysitter with no credentials or references. She is 20-years old and tries to dress sexy, but badly, being unable to coordinate what to wear in her clothing, accessories, and hair.

Because she thinks she is already an adult, she insists on the parents calling her Miss Oshmeyer, which she thinks makes her sound more grown up. But any way you look at it, in her charging $5/hr. for each babysat kid, she is the worst kind of babysitter.

She only babsits certain age groups 7-16 and, in secret, makes an agreement with them to behave while she has gone gallivanting off with her boyfriend and the children can have run of the house in her absence.

She then returns before the parents get back, and tells them how well-behaved and delightful THEY were. Then the children must in turn tell their parents what a great job SHE did as a babysitter and how much fun they all had together.

Both parties shake on this, secretly.

Tyr is already aware of the way Maggie operates this little deception and has always told her Mummy what a great babysitter Maggie is always requests her for the future, thoroughly enjoying the independence of doing what she wants in the absence of all adult supervision.

This is seen especially when both Lilly and Tyr have Dev to themselves when Maggie "babysits" them. As it turns out, the girls have special plans in mind for Dev in Maggie's absence.


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Interesting backgrounds on these two characters. ^_^


Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks ! Once Dev meets Dempsey from the secret underground organization of Arkos that experiments o.. read more

7 Years Ago

Can't wait to read it. :-D

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