FB1-42 "Under House Unrest"

FB1-42 "Under House Unrest"

A Chapter by dw817

I'm sorry, she looked like some kind of hooker wanna-be clown escaped from a twisted insane-asylum carnival. She looked so confusing and silly I had forgotten what I was going to say.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

It was Maggie, or Ms. Oshmeyer as she wanted the parents to refer to her as, to make her sound more grown-up.

"Hello -" I began, and then pointed to Tyr. "Tyr needs -" and then she clapped her hand on my mouth, rather rudely, so I couldn't explain what was happening.

Maggie looked flustered as she held her hand on my mouth. "She said she'd be here when I arrived !" she looked around me to see if Annie was still here. She was in her teens, probably 18 or 19. Chewing some gum. Had on a way-too-short skirt for her big butt and a plunging neckline that look like it drowned.

She wore a sparkly purple wig with little rainbow tendrils in it, and, I'm sorry, she looked like some kind of hooker wanna-be clown escaped from a twisted insane-asylum carnival. She looked so confusing and silly I had forgotten what I was going to say.

Then noticing I had stopped talking, she pulled her hand away to look down angrily at me, "Well, what is it, Dev ?" Maggie asked.

"Some outfit." I remarked breathlessly.

Tyr giggled but held her tongue.

"Nobody likes a smartass, Dev." she said and noogied my head painfully. I heard a car honk outside and knew it was Maggie's boyfriend, Christopher. They had the weekend planned, and it wasn't going to be at Tyr's.

"Tyr." she said seriously and looked straight at Tyr for a reply. I knew what wasn't being spoken by her but read it in her face. Are you going to behave and can I trust you while I'm gone ?

"Maggie." Tyr said, also seriously, and looked right back at her in silent reply. She didn't say but I could read it in Tyr's face, Yes, and I'll give a good report about how nice and great you were babysitting us to my Mummy when she gets back.

There was another moment of silence as something more was exchanged between the two, that I couldn't interpret, and then Maggie said, "Righto. Off I go." and then left.

The door closed in front of me and I heard Christopher's voice outside, "What kept you, babe ?" and then a hoot of laughter and the sound of pebbles flying as they tore out of the driveway.

I was again alone with the two conniving girls. No birds sang outside now. It felt like the pressure in my ears was building as both girls stared hungrily at me. I coughed nervously and finally squeaked out, my voice breaking into hi-pitch, "I need to call Mom." and walked behind me to reach for the phone on the desk near the couch.

Lilly clicked her tongue angrily nodding her head towards the phone. Choo-Choo suddenly leapt up into the air ahead of me and raced towards the phone chittering, then sat on it with his sharp claws extending over the receiver, facing me with a dangerous look.

I looked back to Tyr. "The phone is off-limits, Dev." she said quietly, her beautiful violet eyes glittering back at me.

Okay, I didn't know if we were playing a game of some kind of which I didn't know the rules, and could probably get hurt for being in. I appealed to their better side.

"Who wants ice cream ?" I asked earnestly.

"Ice cream ! Ice cream !" The two girls screeched together. Even Choo-Choo seemed distracted for a minute at the thought of the frosted goodness.

"It's in the kitchen." I added. "Here, I'll set out some bowls."

"Nono ..." Tyr quipped, "I wanna scooped my own." She went into the kitchen and Lilly followed her, still giving me a bit of a scary smile as she went.

In the kitchen, they were bustling getting out some dishes. There were apparently 3 different flavors of ice cream and they were deciding which they wanted, and what toppings to put on them. As they were kibitzing over this, I went over to the phone to lift the receiver and call my Mom.

But the receiver stuck fast, like it was glued. I grabbed the center of the phone between my knees and pulled mightily on the receiver with no success. For a moment I imagined the pencil that was suspended in mid-air that Tyr did when she did her first telekinesis trick.

I thought to myself that Tyr could've easily whammied the phone and since it required no concentration to hold the effect, she locked and left it.

I still heard them in the kitchen. Panicking, I left the phone on the floor sideways, the receiver still glued into its slot, and tried the front door. It was also stuck-fast, with Tyr's same telekinetic trick I had no doubt. I tried to turn the unlocking mechanism and it too wouldn't budge.

I thought about prying open a window when I suddenly heard Tyr's angry voice behind me. "You're a bad boy." I turned to look at her and saw she had her bowl but no ice cream was in it yet. The look of anger in her face more than made up for the tone of her voice.

* * *

I thought quickly and made up a story, "I was just, ahhm, making sure the door was locked so no secret agents would interrupt our, ahhm, ice cream time ?" I looked to her with sincerity.

For a moment I think she bought it, then she turned behind her to look at the phone laying sideways on the floor with the receiver still stuck to it where I tossed it. She came to me with a wicked smile. I reached out my hand in generosity.

She smacked it back with one hand and reached her mouth to my ear. "No ice cream for you, sweetiepop." she whispered into it, then gently bit the top of my ear, not very hard, but the meaning was clear. She was really pissed at me for trying to leave without her permission.

Lilly was out of the kitchen and Choo-Choo was sitting on her shoulder with ice-cream on his paws licking them rapidly. "What're we gonna do with him, Tyr ?" she said walking up to the front door where we were.

Tyr grinned broadly and kept her voice in a low and sinister tone, "Some interesting punishment for sure."

It was getting uncomfortable in here again. I picked up my suitcase and set it against the opposite wall trying to distract them. Apparently I was going to be the one getting babysat and that was that. "How about a nice milkshake for me then ?"

Tyr smiled, her arms crossed, and tapped her fingers on her shoulder impatiently. I added, "With chocolate ice-cream and maybe a banana ?"

Tyr smiled for a bit at the innocence of that. "Sure, Dev. But no more trying to escape." then she went back to Lilly who was puzzling over the receiver being stuck to the phone.

Lilly reached over to whisper in Tyr's ear and pointed to the phone in confusion. Tyr whispered a reply and I knew she was telling Lilly about her telekinetic powers.

"Coool !" Lilly said loudly, then Tyr shushed her and they went back to the kitchen. They were there only for a second when Tyr sent Lilly to the bathroom for something, I didn't know what. I watched intently.

Lilly ran there and was only gone for a second and then returned empty handed. I made sure they weren't putting anything -unpleasant- into my milkshake. She had no time to do anything bizarre I noticed.

Feeling safe in the knowledge I was going to get a nice milkshake after all, I went over to the video library and saw what had to be the entire epic 10-year collection and season finale of every Polly Rocket episode, movie, and webisode ever made.

I winced in disgust. Death by PINK, I thought to myself. Then I saw one that was wrapped in cellophane that looked more interesting. As I reached for it, Tyr stopped me.

"No ! That's suppose to been for your Birthday." then tilted her head curiously and said, "Oh, okay, go ahead."

I pulled off the cellophane and was delighted to see it was Captain Circumference, a 3-disc collectors edition.

Distracted I started to read the back of the box as Tyr and Lilly went back into the kitchen giggling and whispering to each other.

Lilly reached into her jacket pockets and pulled out what she had secretly retrieved from the bathroom without my knowing. Mothballs, rat poison, Melatonin tablets, and some strange box of pills that showed a geisha with Chinese writing on it.

"We're not trying to hurt him." Tyr rasped to Lilly angrily and pushed the mothballs and rat poison in the drawer closing it. She looked briefly at the Geisha Box and was delighted to see the words in English on the bottom, "Ecstatic Pleasure."

Lilly pulled out the osterizer from a lower cabinet and plugged it in. Then Tyr scooped out big chunks of frozen chocolate ice-cream from one of the boxes for the mixer. Then there was a loud unexpected pop as she pulled off the cap to the Melatonin tablets.

"Everything okay ?" I asked, startled at the sudden sound, and started to enter the kitchen to see how my milkshake was coming.

"Too manied cooks in these kitchen." Tyr said tartly and scooted me out. Then said, "Why don't you tried out your video ? We'll be theres in a second and then we've all of us watches it together."

"But you hate Captain Circumference !" I admonished. "You said so yourself."

Tyr smoothed back some hair around my ears and gave me a reassuring hug. "Dev, you'd are an guest. We've needing to treat you with rignity and despect."

I paused for a minute to think. "You mean dignity and respect."

Tyr looked heavenward for the umpteenth time, "Yah what you said, picklepie. Now scooch." and she turned back to Lilly in the kitchen.

I turned away from the scheming pair and pulled off the rainbow cellophane marveling at the newness of the gift. Gee I thought Tyr was being awful nice to me letting me watch this. Man it was 3 hours back to back, with making of, deleted scenes, suggested scenes, actor interviews, plans for future episodes, and even a bonus 1-hour interview with the creator of the series.

I was hoping, rather selfishly, I could watch all of it before I went back home Sunday evening.

Back in the kitchen, Tyr took out one melatonin tablet, tossed it on top of the chocolate ice cream in the blender. Then shook out two tablets from the Geisha Box as well.

Snapping her fingers, she remembering the extra ingredient I requested, and grabbed a banana from the fruit hanger, taking off the peel, breaking it in half, and then tossing it on top of everything in the mixer.

"Mix it well." Tyr told Lilly seriously.


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