Dream Diary - May 13th 2014

Dream Diary - May 13th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

Liquid Magnets / Paper Calculator / Marijuana Mill / Kinky Baseball / Rapid Train / What Is Real ? / Deadly Sun / Train Adventure / Devil's Rope / Turned Into Strawberries


  Dream Diary  


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© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


I was dreaming of science. Wondering if there was a way to build a perpetual engine that used liquid magnetic material. It was a series of curved spokes and it needed an initial "push" using an on-board battery.

It also used the principle of 2-atoms colliding into each other and creating a small explosion that went around the ring.


I was back in school. I looked to my left and there was a girl there doing the school assignment. It involved paper, markers, and it was like a cardboard computer she was building, but it all fit flat in the palm of your hand. It was a calculator that had integrated circuitry from paper cut with lasers. There were no metallic parts to it.

I was supposed to be building the same but I couldn't as it was too complex for me. She reached over to help me. There was something involved in the calculations of lissajous and mantissas.

Even with her help I was still failing the class.


Dreamed of this marijuana mill where marijuana was being harvested from an underground crop by this meticulous machine. It was being maintained by this fleet of girls who had access to computers and could see any descrepancies in its operation.


I am kidnapped by these space alien girls, very sexy, they keep showing me their bare a*s. But there was something involved in an on-board baseball game. They dressed minimal, wearing only a night-skirt that went down to their belly buttons.

I had to wear this white box on my head that had circuitry in it.

Naturally I was too distracted by the sight below to play successfully despite their attempts and kept striking out. I think it was a kind of experiment to see how attracted I was to nude women even though they were aliens - I couldn't concentrate on the game at all.


Dreamed I was chasing a train passing the school. I was running really fast and finally caught up to it. The train suddenly stopped and I smashed into a concrete barrier. It was bad, there were these barriers and active electric wires everywhere and I was getting hurt trying to get on this train.

I finally got to the top of it, but then it was going through an underpass and I was going to get squished through if I didn't lower my head to the floor, so I did.

Finally I jump down to enter one of the cars of the train and it's like it's full of hoodlums and bad people.

I decide against the train entirely, but now there is a fence on both sides, higher than the train and the train is traveling a high speed, so I can't get away, so I stay between the train cars hoping for an opportunity to get free.

Then one of them comes out and points a gun at me, fires, missing deliberately and says, "You are a monkey, don't come back in our territory."

I nod and then the scene changes and I'm back in school. The teacher is beside my desk and is asking, "David, why are you reading this instead of what I told you to ?"

I look and see I am reading a book on trains. The book I am supposed to be reading is on mathematics. As I'm trying to think of an answer, the teacher leans forward and licks my eye.

I pull away and tell her not to do that, then I wake up.


Woke up with an image of a woman washing her hands and face in a urinal. I don't know if this is something I had seen or if it was from a dream of mine. That's the problem with some of these dreams, it's hard to tell what is reality sometimes.


Dreamed I was using a database to look up all the Russian scientists on Earth for some particular reason. It had to do with the shape of the sun which was no longer round but egg-shaped, and it had to do with some impending disaster on Earth. I woke up feeling my face burning.


[8] Dreaming I was watching a movie about people on a train. It was really good. There was a little girl talking to a big monster. There were good special effects. One man was strangled, he had a bag put over his head.

There was something about a secret password, "I have a sleigh. I have information." and then there were guns blazing and a shootout on the train while it was still moving, and the girl's monster attacking everyone. It was quite a dream.


[9] Dreamed I was living in Quahog, like Family Guy. And there were pigs everywhere. I remember being dragged through pig dung and it was by a guy, bigger than the devil. I tried to break free but it was thick rope and tied around my waist tightly. The dream was very detailed.

Then I woke up.


I was helping someone. He was living in a storage shed and had all kinds of stuff to make him feel at home. Decorations on the wall including auto hubcaps. I offered him to stay with me till he got back on his feet. Then the scene changed and it was green plants were pulling on my arms and legs.

I was rescued by a girl dressed like Peter Pan, she laughed and said, "They were going to convert you into strawberries."

She reached down to kiss me, Then I wake up.

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© 2014 dw817

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Still loving the Dream Diaries DW! Sorry I hadn't reviewed in a while. I got a lot of ideas of my own I've been kicking around. Anyway, great as usual! Thanks for sharing it!


Posted 7 Years Ago

There actually are liquid magnets, they are very cool.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Pretty neat when I saw it. As for the gummy bear, quoting from the Wicked Witch Of The West,
".. read more

7 Years Ago

Nice, I don't know why they decided to put a gummy bear into potassium chloride. I mean, just seriou.. read more

7 Years Ago

Sure, science can be pretty amazing at times. OK, and TODAY - I post a new entry for Dream Diary.read more

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Added on May 13, 2014
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