Dream Diary - May 27th 2014

Dream Diary - May 27th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

A La Worm / Experiment Gone Wrong / Night Visitor / Not Just Basketball / Future Prisoners / Robots In Mind / Novelization / Falling Down Stairs / Dragonflight / Fire In The Hole


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  Dream Diary  


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© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


I was in a jungle, there were worms all crawling on the ground and you had to be careful where you stepped. There was a woman there, a monkey, and they were using a Xerox machine to light up the night.

We were in some kind of bamboo school. I had worms in my hair and in my ears and I kept swatting at them. I finally approached another monkey person and said, I want these out of my hair. He turned me around and started picking them out and eating them.

As he ate he commented on how good and waxy they were. He said delicious, I said knock yourself out, I do not want worms in my ears. There was a pain in my ears as he reached his fingers in deeper and then I woke up.


Me and Chris were scientists. We had several giant planaria in containing jars. We were supposed to split them down the middle and record the regenerative properties.

Just then a fierce wind whipped up and knocked down the jars causing the planaria to fall to the ground and start crawling away. Chris tried to pick one of them up with gloves but apparently they were acidic and were eating through his gloves. He let go and threw the gloves on the ground where they bubbled and hissed.

Very scary. The planaria got in contact with some spilled chemicals and they started turning into multi-legged furry horrors, much like spiders.

Chris sprayed one of the spiders but it only grabbed the spray with it's mandibles and chewed it up.

Then I wake up in fright.


Dreamed it was late at night, I had my music going softly. Suddenly a door opened and there was a woman standing there and she was angry. I guess my quiet music was too loud for her. But then I realized I don't have a door in my home where she walked through.

I jerked hard to wake up and I did.


Dreamed I was part of an unusual basketball team. There were some black people waiting for the sun to come up. There were these rings, like basketball, but they were multi-connected. I had to choose a color of the target before I could toss the ball.

So I did and threw the ball. It bounced through 3 rings of other colors giving no score, finally the ball bounced through the blue one, the one I chose, and I was granted 3 points on the scoreboard.

There was something about a drink we were sharing when we were on the sidelines. It kept overflowing by itself and it was difficult to get a drink as it was sloshing all over the place.

There was also something about a young girl who hated me as a player in the game. She ran off saying I'm telling, I didn't know what she would tell so I ran after her, I had to slide down a board to get into the kitchen and got splinters doing so.

Then I woke up rubbing my sides where the splinters would be.


Dreamed there was this large spaceship, and the dream was like a James Bond movie. Many people were being held prisoner in the ship.

At nighttime there was one security room. He was keeping track of the prisoners and if they tried to escape, he shot down electricity from the ceiling straight into them.

But one guy held a rubber mat, like you have for a car. He held it over his head and started running away. The electricity shot out but only got the mat so he was uninjured.

Then I was captured. There were 3 guards there. One spoke, wait a minute, we can't take him, he's been stitched together by 3-different bodies.

I said what ? He said, let me see your necklace. I saw at the time I was wearing my little crystal pyramid necklace. I said you're not going to take it.

He said, no, I just want to see it for a minute. He lifted it and instead of being clear crystal it was silver. He then attached it to gas mask and said, see, it's needed to keep the prisoners asleep.

Just then there was a loud noise of someone yelling, it was the boss and he was wondering what was detaining his 3-guards for so long. They threw the necklace back at me. I took it and ran in the opposite direction. Then I felt someone breathing down my neck and I woke up in fright.

The whole dream had very good special effects throughout.


Dreamed of Rose having these robots wrapped in cellophane. They were incomplete and battery-powered. Slivites they were called. You touch a button and they moved forward.

The scene changes, one guy is smoking a cigarette which had a blower on the end of it, I guess, to blow the smoke back at him so he wouldn't disturb others.

Anyways he was really wrinkled and said, I have your friend.

I said, what ?

He said, yes, he's under house arrest.

I asked, why ?

He said a name, I said I don't know him.

He said, didn't you two sleep together ?

I smiled and said it's possible.

Because as you know when you dream you have a whole new set of memories and in this dream I did sleep around.

Then we were interrupted by a robot girl that came in and spun all around on her casters. He said, oh my baby girl, what are you doing here ?

I laughed and woke up. Crazy dream.


Dreamed I was at the flea market. I was looking at a comic book titled, The Dark Crystal, based on the movie. I didn't have any dollar bills but had a whole bunch of quarters in my pockets. So I bought it. As a bonus, I was given a Batman folder to keep it in and a bag.

I try to cross the road but there is a tiger and some construction workers. Somehow I knew the tiger was related to the construction work, but I didn't know why.

Suddenly the tiger was running after me. I awoke in a fright.


[8] Dreaming I'm falling down several staircases. I'm not so much hurt as I am dizzy from the ordeal. I fall deeper and deeper until I hit the final staircase and I know it is an insane aslyum and I have to get away from it.


[9] I received a ride on a dragon with this pretty woman because I was stuck in traffic with my car. She looped higher and higher as if to touch the sun, there were rainbows from the mist and it felt like I was melting, but I was so thrilled by the ride I didn't care.

What a rush and beautiful dream !


I was back in school with Mr. Bledsoe. We were to find the area of a triangle. Which I could do easily by finding the area of the rectangle and dividing by 2. But apparently this was not the way to do it and I was reprimanded for my shortcut method.

Next to me was another student with a cylinder on his desk, like from an automobile. He asked if anyone was chilly ? Then he turned on his fire-cylinder thing and it blazed and shot a hole straight through the ceiling !

Mr. Bledsoe stormed angrily up to me and asked why I would permit this. I argued it's not my device, but his. But he countered saying, ah, but you are his accomplice aren't you ? Admit it.

I woke up shaking my head.

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© 2014 dw817

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