TNP2-02 "Meeting Trudy"

TNP2-02 "Meeting Trudy"

A Chapter by dw817

Trudy touched my shoulder to get my attention and whispered quietly and tersely in my ear, "David. If you hadn't already guessed, this isn't your normal house. You're here for a reason. We all are."




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* * *


Tricia smiled gently,

"David, we'll worry about what you need to do in return later. Right now, I want you to get comfortable here." and she smiled broadly at me. "I have a lot I need to get done and Judy, if you're going to work here, I need to introduce you to the staff."

We walked back from around the play secret room that Tricia made for me and my 'Coconut Waterfall' and I had a chance to take in the rest of the room. There was a love-chair on wheels against the far wall.

Clearly the beaded curtain could be used to show movies, likely 3D if I wanted them. Against the far wall there was an ornate and heavy looking bed that oddly appeared fully metallic underneath.

I went over to it and tried to slide my hand under it but received a nasty shock for my curiosity.

"Ouch !" I said sticking the finger in my mouth. Tricia approached me and spoke crisply.

"David, most everything in this house is electric. Including the bed. Why you're not the kind of person that puts things under your bed are you ?"

My finger still hurt so I replied not so nicely, "Well you're not the kind of person that HIDES things under my bed are you !?"

Tricia's eyes suddenly got wide with surprise but then crinkled in smiles and she laughed a little too loudly, "Oh, David. I honestly didn't know if you were just being nice with me at work to keep your job but now I see it's no game with you at all. You are so CHARMING in your innocence !"

"Huh !?" I asked a little confused and bewildered at the same time. "And - just when can I go back to work anyways ?"

Tricia was all business again, "David. Why don't you unpack your boxes first." She softened her tone, "Make yourself comfortable. Put your feet up and I'll call someone in here to help you hook up your computer before we get to that little detail, okay ?"

"Well alright." I said a little deflated and defeated at the same time.

"Are you going to be okay ?" she asked in a slightly patronizing tone. I nodded. "Good." she said. Then she went to the far wall and apparently there was an intercom there. She punched two buttons and I heard a crackle of static.

"Main office." came back the voice. It was Trudy from work ! Apparently she lived with Tricia so maybe that's why Trudy called Tricia to be my manager to begin with ?

"Trudy, David is here. I told you about this earlier. He's moved into room #6. Why don't you come on down and see if you can help him with his stuff."

"Yes ma'am !" I heard her reply enthusiastically and there was a sound like the line was still open. Then a "D****t !" followed by the receiver sparking closed.

Tricia smiled at me. Judy then asked a question to compound with mine.

"So how many people are working here anyways ?"

Tricia replied, "Well, now you may not even meet all ..." her voice faded out for a minute. "Your name is Judy, right ?"

"Yeah, so ?" she said.

"Do you go by any other name ? With the names of Trudy and Judy so close to this - level we might run into problems."

I pondered for a moment just how many vertical levels did this 'home' have ? Judy scratched the back of her head sheepishly, "Oh, yeah, I see. Well, my Mom calls me Judith because one of my other cousins who is staying with us is named Judy too."

Tricia spoke, "Then while you're working here, your name is Judith, understand ?"

* * *

"You betcha." Judy said.

Tricia breathed out uncomfortably in a sigh. I could see that Judy wasn't quite as respectful as I was with Tricia at work. I was always, 'yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am' but then, I think I had always been that way which is why I fit in so well there.

Likely if Tricia had anything to say about it, that would change with her employment here in time. Just then I heard a chime and my door opened and I saw Trudy dressed quite a bit different than at work. She was wearing a shortie little skirt like a maid for a wealthy mansion would wear and a pretty pink ruffled neckline midriff, like a tight waistcoat. Really in truth she was quite beautiful.

Trudy greeted me with a leer as she entered. I got the message. She could come and visit anytime she wanted and apparently I would have no privacy ? I whispered to Tricia as she approached, "Don't I have a lock on my door for - something ?"

Tricia was quick to reply waving a hand behind her in my direction, "No, you do not. And you won't be getting one."

"Do you have one ?!" I asked back angrily but then Trudy interrupted our conversation.

"David ! Good to see you. I understand the wedding is - " and she paused to look at Tricia who nodded slightly. "soon !" she finished her sentence.

"Now, you've got stuff you want to unpack ? I can help you with that if you like."

Tricia stepped around me without answering my question and stood at the front of my door. "David, to gain entry to any part of the house, just hold the flat of your palm out against any of the lit circles to the right of the opening and provided you have access, you can enter."

"Do I have access to all parts of the house ?"

Tricia ignored my question. Clearly that was a no.

She addressed Judith, "Come on dear, I need your help in the kitchen for dinner tonight. And I still want to have a talk with Smithers. David, I leave you in the capable hands of Trudy." She then placed her hand beside the door box and it opened letting her and Judith out.

I was about to walk over to re-open it with my own hand but Trudy touched my shoulder to get my attention and whispered quietly and tersely in my ear.

"David. If you hadn't already guessed, this isn't your normal house. You're here for a reason. We all are."

"What ?" I spoke back fearfully. "I thought I was just getting married to Tricia to - help me with - with !" and honestly I guess I didn't know any more.

Trudy shook her head, "David. Few things happen in the world without a reason. If something does, there's usually a reason for it. I don't want you to worry, but I =DO= want you to be aware of this. Sure, I know you won a million or so for damages. But perhaps there's a bigger picture here you can't see ?"

I nodded to her wisdom.

"Say !" she said changing the subject, "Let's see what you all have packed away, hmm ??"

I nodded. I had too many questions, but they could definitely all wait. We started into the boxes and I got to speaking with Trudy.

"So how long have you known Tricia ?" I asked.

"Oh, many years now."

"Have you always worked together ?"

"Yes, we have. She's my - bigger sister if you didn't know that yet."

"So you're related to each other ?"

"Yes, except that I was married and divorced, never had a child, and now I'm - single again, still looking." she greeted me with her dazzling eyes. Man she was sure was a knockout in that cute maid outfit. I coughed uncomfortably and she giggled.

I forced myself to look away, "How about Tricia ? Was she ever married before ?"


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I like the story so far, can't wait to read more. :-)


Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

This is a difficult book for me to write, Kaze. While I have a clear idea of where the plot is going.. read more

5 Years Ago

Oh ok, seems like it's going to be an interesting book.

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